Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Four Concrete Reasons Ted Cruz's Fight Matters Very Much

I wholeheartedly applaud Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, and the other Republican Senators who stood up and supported the epic 21 hour filibuster-style effort to let THE AMERICAN PEOPLE KNOW that they HEAR THEM regarding the need to defund Obamacare!  The points made were truly awesome, and I think that many Americans now see THE TRUTH about the fact that the DC "elites" DON'T LISTEN to their constituents!  The tweets read by Cruz revealed the fact that DC NEEDS TO LISTEN TO WE THE PEOPLE!

I plan to collect and post links here as I find them throughout the day which tell Americans why Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee, the other Republicans in the Senate, and WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE have THE RIGHT TO FIGHT AGAINST THE WASHINGTON ESTABLISHMENT!!!

~  Christine

Best of Cain: Four concrete reasons Ted Cruz's fight matters very much.

What Herman Cain wrote is so good, it needs to be posted in it's entirety!

Copy of post:

The answer to those who say nothing is being achieved here.
At its most basic, Ted Cruz’s stand on the Senate floor against ObamaCare is a declaration that we have a right to fight.

He made a vow that he would speak in opposition to ObamaCare until he was no longer able to stand, and since yesterday afternoon, he has kept going and going and going. That alone is a victory.
But you know what? A lot of the naysayers, Democrats, liberals, people in the mainstream media ask and even many establishment Republicans ask: Why bother?

They insist nothing tangible or practical can be achieved by fighting, as Senator Cruz and a handful of courageous allies are, to defund ObamaCare. They say the quest is quixotic and it’s doomed to failure
They are wrong. I will tell you why this is worth doing. There are four crucial reasons:

  1. The people’s voice. Washington has gotten so bad that most of the time we don’t feel we have anybody speaking for us. Ted Cruz is speaking on behalf of the American people, representing the voice of we the people, and not just the political class in Washington D.C. Harry Reid and others don’t want to hear the people’s voice. But Sens. Cruz, Lee, Paul and Rubio are willing to take the sarcasm and the scorn. The American people are frustrated because they do not feel their voice is being heard. People go to Washington and they drink the water and they fall into Washington ways. Not these guys. That matters. A lot.
  2. Awareness. The mainstream media simply ignores the worst aspects of ObamaCare, or makes fun of those who are pointing them out. Because of that, some of the things we’ve been trying to say in the alternative media and on talk radio escape the attention of a large percentage of the American people. If they don’t want the American people to know something, they can just hold back and not tell them. Marco Rubio made a great point about this today: When people really understand ObamaCare, and really know how horrible it is, that will cause an uprising and that will lead to the repeal of this terrible law.
  3. Unexpected results. You don’t always know what you can achieve by trying. We now learn that House Republicans are considering attaching a one-year delay of the individual mandate to the Senate bill. Two weeks ago they wouldn’t even consider that. But because a few people decided to really fight, their leadership is gaining followers for the movement. This is also bringing attention to the fact that Obama, along with members of the House and Senate wanted to exempt themselves and their staffs – and the federal government is paying a special subsidy to cover the cost of themselves and their staffs singing up for the ObamaCare exchanges. Sen. David Vitter is proposing an amendment to the continuing resolution to end that special congressional subsidy. Without Sen. Cruz fighting as he is, that would not be happening.
  4. Sen. Cruz and his small band of allies are defying the Washington way. People say the right things in order to get elected, but once they get there, they go through a Washington indoctrination. Some old Washington hand takes them aside and says, “Young man, you want to be here a long time? Here’s how things get done in this here town!” And they listen to the lords of Washington instead of continuing to listen to the people.
Senator Ted Cruz didn’t listen. Senator Marco Rubio didn’t listen. Senator Rand Paul didn’t listen. Senator Mike Lee didn’t listen. They’re a defiant bunch of young senatorial whippersnappers! I love it! They’re my kind of elected leaders. Maybe this is the type of stirring up we have needed for a long time. And maybe this will underscore a brand new declaration.

We have a right to fight!

Hat tip:  Best of Cain: Four concrete reasons Ted Cruz's fight matters very much.


Cruz to Reporters Focusing Solely on Politics of Obamacare Debate: ‘You Are Taking Sides’ | CNS News

The ‘Life and Death’ of Obamacare – Ted Cruz Takes a Principled Stand
5 hours ago
BTW, the author in the above link shows a cute picture of Senator Cruz' daughters watching their dad read the story  "Green Eggs and Ham" to them while on the Senate floor last evening.
I would also like to share a different version of that classic poetic story:
H/T :  John H. - TEA Party Community
Here's another one:
H/T:  George P. - TEA Party Community


GMpilot said...

Well, one last desperate attempt to kill the ACA (Obamacare), by eithet defunding it, or shutting down the government. Gotta admre that Cruz—not many people try that hard to put themselves out of work.

The “Green Eggs and Ham” was an attention-grabber, but anyone who's actually read the story knows the truth: once the character actually tried the green eggs and ham, he liked them. And that, hostess, is the real lesson of Cruz's tirade. He, like the TEAbaggers who sent him, live in fear that if the ACA is actually allowed to take effect, it will work, and work so well that everyone will wonder what was so 'scary' about it in the first place.

That seems to be another part of the GOPlan: first it was “repeal and replace” but no one, not Cain nor McConnell nor Ryan, nor even Romney, came up with what the “replace” part would be. From 2009 on, the cry was repeal, repeal, repeal and the Republicans have tried to do it, again and again—41 times at last count. They demanded it be sent to the Supreme Court to judge its constitutionality, and the Justices sent it back saying, yes, it was.
All the while the public has been given horror stories about how the ACA won't work, mostly from people who haven't actually read it; from 'death panels' to tales of how it's not working already, because many states can't implement it. (Actually, some states, such as Florida and Virginia, refuse to implement it.) Indeed, less than two weeks ago, tales were being spread about how even Warren Buffet thought Obamacare should be scrapped—when in fact he never said that. Now there's a spate of ads trying to convince twentysomethings that they really don't need Obamacare.

The GOPpers can't vote away Obamacare, and they can’t stop it from taking effect, just as they haven’t been able to repeal or defund it in every federal budget fight since it passed in 2009—including their latest rants.

This Cruzade will not end well for Republicans.

steve said...

Hey Christine! I tried to comment the other day and your "robot proof" wasn't working. Anyway ...

For someone as well versed in "Green Eggs and Ham" as the previous commentor, I'm surprised he's not more knowledgable in the "Affordable Care Act"; they are about on the same level of reality as to how things work. Though I think the writer of Green Eggs was probably more honest.
I find it amazing how liberals continually point out how the Supreme Court deemed Obama-care "constitutional" ... yet cry and blow snot when the Supreme Court struck down part of an archaic law (Voting Act of 1965) claiming "voter suppression". Which by the way, team Obama isn't going to enforce the Supreme Court ruling on that, but are suing various states because they can't prevail without voter fraud.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Steve,

Sorry about the "robot proof" glitch. I don't know why that happened.

You make a good point about why the liberals are so upset that the Supreme Court decided to strike down that archaic law. Of course it is because they worry that they can't steal elections anymore without one of their pet projects of voter fraud intact!

I don't know what will ultimately happen regarding the looming "shutdown" of the government. But the hypocrisy of the Dems (Obama golfing again, Pelosi supposedly "celebrating" her 50th anniversary [which was 3 weeks ago] this past weekend, and Reid going to a gay "wedding" - one of the "men" is some big fund raiser of his or something); and their lack of "urgency" or even an appearance of being willing to negotiate is very telling.

I love the fact that the TEA Party is getting under their skin! They haven't seen ANYTHING yet!