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Big Data and Big Brother - Shadow Government by Grant Jeffrey

Grant Jeffrey - now home with the Lord.

Long before we learned of Edward Snowden as the whistleblower exposing the NSA spying scandal, Christian prophecy expert Grant Jeffrey shared his knowledge about how "big data and big brother" (as shown in his book and film named Shadow Government) would be purposed in a global elite plan to destroy our Constitutional Republic and our freedoms.

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Back to Grant Jeffrey.

I have been a fan of Jeffrey for years.  I have read several of his books on Christian end times prophecy.  He was an expert in the field of Christian apologetics, specializing in the relationship of end times prophecy and the topic of the existence of a shadow government.  As stated previously, he wrote a book about it and collaborated with Andre' Van Heerden to create and produce the film Shadow Government.

In an interview with Alex Jones* in 2010, both Grant Jeffrey and Andre' Van Heerden share prophetic information regarding the "secret" surveillance of the American people [which now has been exposed via the NSA spying scandal as well as other scandals in the Obama BADministration] and what the ultimate purpose and goal of this is - namely - Global Governance.

You can view the movie in it's entirety here:

BIG DATA and BIG Brother - Shadow Government by Grant Jeffrey Grant Jeffrey - a great Prophet and Minister of the Gospel presents this amazing explanation of technology and its "purpose" in the current world condition

Apparently, some people are suspicious of Jeffrey's death at the age of 63.  Maybe it has something to do with what Jeffrey was saying at a prophecy conference:

Obama & Interpol - Grant Jeffrey & Perry Stone This was from a Prophecy Conference in early 2010. Grant Jeffrey and Perry Stone are speaking of Obama's Executive Order signed in on December 17th, 2009

Hmmm...sounds familiar.  Recall that Andrew Breitbart died of a sudden heart attack soon after his speech at CPAC in 2011 - where he stated that Obama would be totally vetted prior to the 2012 election?

Also, there is much suspicion surrounding the death of Tom Clancy!

Now we find out that Grant Jeffrey, who has spoken at prophecy conferences about Obama and Interpol, and wrote books on Shadow Government:  How the Global Elite Plan to Destroy Democracy and Your Freedom (made into a film) and Final Warning:  Economic Collapse and the Coming World Government; had also suddenly died of a seizure.

Can't prove anything, but I must agree that these deaths are eerily suspicious.

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*Note:  Talk Wisdom's author does not agree with all of Alex Jones' views.

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