Wednesday, October 02, 2013

WWII Vets Won't Back Down!

These are the two stories of the day!


VIDEO: WWII Vets Symbolically Seize Control of the WWII Memorial (Pictures)

October 01, 2013 By Shaun

Feds Threaten WWII Vets With Arrest… The Vets WON’T Back Down

October 02, 2013 By Shaun Connell


Remember the WWII vets who symbolically seized control of the WWII memorial in DC? The feds tried to block them out of the outdoor memorial to play games about the shutdown. They actually spent money to make it look like they didn’t have enough money to keep the memorial “open”… even though it’s outdoor.

Well, now the feds are threatening to arrest the vets if they try it again. Of course, we know how the vets are going to respond. As they’ve said, they fought Hitler… they can handle Obama and his men.
Quite frankly, this is the story of the shutdown. When the government goes out of its way to hurt us in a manner that is unnecessary, they’re usually doing it just to seize more control. The proper response is to ignore them and remind them who they’re theoretically supposed to work for.

The egregious disrespect that the Obama bullies have for our WWII Veterans - brave men and women from The Greatest Generation - is unconscionable!!  I sincerely hope that Americans who haven't awoken yet from the ObamaBorgBot Kool-Aid stupor will FINALLY see this corrupt, wannabe dictator and criminal, (not to mention his Commie roots, crushing of our U.S. Constitution, and his horrid support and attitude of defiance for Muslim jihadists) for the horrible creep that he really is!!!

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Now we are finding out why Harry ReiDUNCE actually WANTED  a government shutdown!

Undeniable proof that Senator Harry Reid, fearing he would lose his Senate Majority Leader position after the 2014 Midterm Elections, has orchestrated and pushed for the current government shutdown.  The proof is in his refusal to follow standard Congressional procedures.
While I am no expert when it comes to legislative process, this is what a Republican Party operative had to say this morning regarding Reid’s direct complicity in manufacturing the shut down scenario:

“Normally there are conference reps appointed by the House and Senate leaders to forge compromise bills when two or more related legislative docs are entered for consideration by both Houses of Congress.  This is standard operating procedure, especially when we are working up against a hard deadline.  To be a conference rep during one of those moments is a sign of influence and trust within your own party as well as the other party.  Basically, it’s an assignment a Senator or Congressperson wants to have.

Senator Harry Reid never assigned any conference reps.  He refused.  And this was days before the shutdown deadline.  Senator Reid wanted this shutdown.  He had his entire premise set up and planned for months ago.  He knows that the Senate is up for grabs in 2014, and he is dealing with a at best moderately popular president in a second term with an Obamacare bill that could be a huge and negative factor for Democrats.  Reid wants to remain Senate Majority Leader very badly.  So, he thinks this manufactured crisis and blame of Republicans for the shutdown will help him remain in power.  He might be able to influence election outcomes in Nevada, but he can’t control Senate elections throughout the country, and so this shutdown is an attempt to do just that.

Now here is where I and some others stand on the issue.  We know what Reid has done.  We also think he has just placed his own political head in a guillotine of his own making.  There will be a short term bump for Democrats for a few weeks, maybe even months, but soon after, the reality of the Obamacare nightmare will come home to roost.  And thanks to people like Senator Ted Cruz, the Republican Party will benefit greatly from that inevitable future.  I say that knowing that not all Republicans deserve that benefit, because they fought and demeaned Senator Cruz and other Tea Party conservatives here on the Hill, but that is for voters in their own states to make them be held accountable for.

Ha!  A comment from Legal Insurrection to share:

Not A Member of Any Organized Political | October 2, 2013 at 3:24 pm
Too good not to pass on (from comment stream on an article below this).

“Our borders aren’t as well guarded as our monuments….
against octogenarians who EARNED the right to be there. What has the administration earned other than eternal contempt.

“MAB | October 2, 2013 at 1:45 pm


GMpilot said...

Quoted by Christine:

”Quite frankly, this is the story of the shutdown. When the government goes out of its way to hurt us in a manner that is unnecessary, they’re usually doing it just to seize more control. The proper response is to ignore them and remind them who they’re theoretically supposed to work for.”

So, closing down a public facility 'hurts us in a manner that is unnecessary', but denying health care to twenty million citizens who otherwise wouldn't have any doesn't hurt us in any way. Is that it? Have I got that right?

Once again, those who scream the loudest about the shutdown betray themselves.
Just who is trying to 'seize more control'? The GOP, especially the ones in the House, have voted over 40 times to kill the ACA without success; they've tried to claim it's unconstitutional, without success; it was a major plank of the 2012 election, which was run without success. Having failed at all the proper efforts, they are now holding the government hostage—a government many of them don't seem to believe in, BTW. Already the public seems to have made up its mind about who's really responsible for this, just as they did in '96...and it'll only get worse as the days go by. The self-proclaimed party of small government has become, again, the party of NO government.
When the midterms come--and they're only a year away—the public will remember.

If anything, Harry Reid is guilty of giving Ted Cruz all the rope he wanted to hang himself with. Will Cruz now declare victory and go back to Texas? He may as well; there's nothing more for him to do in Washington. Let him go home and explain to his fellow Texans how he helped bring them to this, especially after the 17th, when we're in danger of default as well as a nonfunctional government.

Christinewjc said...

Wow. I really thought that this might be a situation that we could both agree on GM, but was not to be.

GMpilot said...

That depends on what 'situation' you mean.
Obama being [a]“corrupt, wannabe dictator and criminal, (not to mention his Commie roots, crushing of our U.S. Constitution, and his horrid support and attitude of defiance for Muslim jihadists)” and a “horrible creep” as well? I'm not going to agree with that situation. You've had five years to provide proof of that vapor, and you still haven't done it.

I've nothing against the vets. They gave so much of themselves when their government needed them, but that government is using them now, just as surely as it did seventy years ago, and not necessarily for the right reasons. There were a great many veterans in the Bonus Army too, and they got even less respect. I don't suppose Cruz and the Teabaggers considered this either. Shutting down government agencies does more than just keep sick people sick; it inconveniences visitors to historic sites. So no, we're not going to agree on this one.

John said...

Actually not too many people do agree with you!

The Republicans/Teabaggers lost in Congress on Obamacare, they lost with the conservative Supreme Court, they lost with the American voters in a national election, they’re losing the PR battle in their own government shutdown, and so now they are reduced...a once-mighty mocking a software clitch.

But there is something more here. How does one party that has lost two presidential elections and a Supreme Court case, as well as two Senate elections, think it has the right to shut down the entire government and destroy the full faith and credit of the United States Treasury to get its way on universal healthcare now? This is just pure blackmail, resting on understandable and predictable public concern whenever a major reform is enacted.

When ideologies become as extremist as those galvanizing the GOP, the American system of government cannot work. This nullification of the last two elections is a deliberate attempt to ensure that the American system of government as we have known it cannot work. It cannot, must not work, in the mindset of these radicals, because they simply do not accept the legitimacy of a President and Congress of the opposing party. The GOP does not regard the president as merely wrong...but as illegitimate. Not misguided... illegitimate. This is not about ending Obamacare as such; it is about nullifying this presidency, the way the GOP attempted to nullify the last Democratic presidency by impeachment.

I think this development is one of the more insidious and anti-constitutional acts of racist vandalism against the American republic in my adult lifetime. Those who keep talking as if there are two sides to this, when there are not, are as much a part of the vandalism as Ted Cruz. Obama has played correctly by the constitutional rules – two elections, one court case – while the GOP has decided that the rules are for dummies and suckers, and throws over the board game as soon as it looks as if it is going to lose by the rules as they have always applied.

And there it is.


They couldn’t win legally in the courts.

They couldn’t win politically at the polls.

They couldn’t win constitutionally in the legislature.

They couldn’t win the hearts and minds of the public despite their claims of “we the people.”

So they’ve decided on overthrow of the government.

I forget, who are the criminals again? Who was it that believes in the Constitution?

Christinewjc said...


There was a huge turnover in the House towards Republicans during the 2010 Election. Remember that? The People made their point. They wanted the Republicans to control the purse - which is what the Constitution says is the duty of the House of Representatives.

Obamacare is very unpopular with the people of America. The start of the exchanges was a disaster (Obama called it just a "glitch," but the online access failure was huge). Thirty-Two states rejected it. Obama changed it so many times (illegally, I might add) that it would make your head spin. He gave breaks to his cronies, and Congress members get a 72% subsidy which the ordinary American does not get.

The truth about this disastrous legislation is getting to the people. Ted Cruz helped tremendously in this effort through his 21 hour filibuster-like speech on the Senate floor. People learned even more about the flaws of the legislation the next day when all the news programs covered it. People went online to view what was said via the C-Span video site. Hundreds of thousands more heard about the speech and viewed segments of it at blogs and online forums. Cruz did a great service to the American people.

Bottom line, most Americans do not want socialized medicine; especially when a criminal and untrustworthy enterprise like the IRS (who targeted conservative groups applying for tax-exemption status) is supposed to run the program.

Well, I could go on and on explaining to you the other side of the issue. But it is probably to avail. You have obviously made up your own mind and decided to believe the propaganda being spewed from the media of mass deception; which is under orders from the ObaMARXIST BADministration.

GMpilot said...

Well yes, you could go on and on explaining the other side of the issue. But you'd likely still be wrong. Since you can never refer to the current government without declaring it 'the ObaMARXIST BADministration', you don't exactly have a fair and balanced view of the ACA, and it clouds your thinking.

Sen. Cruz did do the nation a service: he gave people the motivation to compare what he said to what's actually being done, and the public now knows who's lying. Yes, the sites were snarled quite a lot on that first day, but it meant that people were actually going there: your fellow Californians really seemed to want what the ACA had to offer. They weren't the only ones, either.

I see you also still believe that lie about what the IRS did—or rather, didn't. The New York Times reporrted that back in June, but since you don't trust the Media of Mass Deception (except when it says something you like), you obviously didn't read it.

This story has a longer half-life than Obama's secret Muslim decoder ring, or the story of his “breakdown” that you posted and then yanked...but it's just as false. Still, hope springs eternal. I know you'll find some new falsehoods to spread.