Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Attacking the Truth About Jesus

It would take someone like James Cameron, who fashioned himself as the "king of the world" a few years back when his film "Titanic" won best picture to make an attack against the truth of God. But the guy is showing himself to be a hopelessly daft lunatic when he makes such a stupid claim as this.

Over the course of history, time and time again scholars have disproved wild claims like Cameron's. Today, scholars have immediately come out and criticized the false assumptions made in this inaccurate and anti-Christian, anti-faith documentary.

Of course, we have the typical MSM secular-progressive attack machine ready, willing, and able to tout a ridiculous story and pass it off as fact.

The fact of the matter is, the Resurrection is a proven fact of history. Simon Greenleaf has already shown that the evidence FOR the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is so strong that it would certainly pass a cursory legal inspection; even in a courtroom today.

Greenleaf, one of the principle founders of the Harvard Law School, originally set out to disprove the biblical testimony concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ. He was certain that a careful examination of the internal witness of the Gospels would dispel all the myths at the heart of Christianity. But this legal scholar came to the conclusion that the witnesses were reliable, and that the resurrection did in fact happen.

In a Faith Under Fire commentary, World Net Daily labels it as a 'Titanic' attack on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christian believers everywhere know what hogwash such attempts truly are! We are not easily fooled! Attempts to discredit the Gospel of Jesus Christ have been around ever since the day after the Resurrection happened.

More recently, we've been through the stupid Da Vinci Code abomination. We've seen the idiots of the infamous "Jesus Seminar" make absolute fools of themselves putting "beads into jars" to register their vote on whether or not Jesus said certain phrases in the gospel accounts. And now we have James Cameron and his ilk trying, once again, UNSUCCESSFULLY to diminish, debase, and squelch, the Truth about the Person of Jesus Christ and His Word, the Bible.

When will they ever learn?

The more important question is why are such attacks more prevalent these days? Jesus warned that "hearts would grow cold" and false claims about Him would arise.

Fortunately, the public (especially the faithful) are not so easily fooled by heretical claims and apostasies such as these. In a World Net Daily Poll taken yesterday, the following question was asked and answered:

What do you think of claim that burial place of Jesus' family has been found?

It's part of the continuing attack on everything that stands for the truth of God 74.20% (3830)

Jesus took his body with him when he rose from the dead, so this is a bunch of silliness 10.17% (525)

The man involved already was proven to be a shill with the James ossuary, so this is par for the course 4.71% (243)

I think the find is interesting, and it deserves further study 3.02% (156)

I need more information, but I doubt the claim 2.58% (133)

Jesus was not married and did not have children, so this has to be a hoax 2.23%

Other 1.41% (73)

I believe it, and it shatters the myth that is Christianity 0.89% (46)

I believe it, but it does not destroy the main tenets of the Christian faith
0.46% (24)

I've been awakened to startling truths about the Bible, and this could be one of
them 0.33% (17)



The Lord must truly be amused by the silly antics of men such as this who would attempt to challenge the truth of God, His Word and His authority. God has graciously given men the freedom to act as free agents. The greatness of God is that despite what men do, the ultimate goal within the universe has been preset to accomplish His final purposes.

Ten Reasons Why the Jesus "Tomb" Claim is Bogus
Leading Scholars Say Discovery Channel 'Documentary' Makes for Good TV, Bad History and Bad Science.

To encourage you and stimulate your thinking, here are five reasons why you can believe that Jesus was bodily raised from the dead, written by Kenneth Richard Samples of Reasons to Believe.


Update @ 2:42 p.m. P.T.:

Critic: Movie maker 'least qualified to render determination of biblical truth'

You got that right! Look at the idiotic statment Cameron makes in the article:

"Cameron, on a movie information website, expressed a little of his own theology, which won't be familiar to those who study the Bible.

"Well, I see our potential destruction and the potential salvation as human beings coming from technology and how we use it, how we master it and how we prevent it from mastering us," he said."

Ha ha ha ha haaaa!

Had a great laugh over that moronic "theology."

I agree with what Schenck said here:

"Schenck said the whole publicity stunt may backfire on Cameron, and encourage people to dig deeper into the reasons they believe the way they do. "In the end ... the truth will be told," he said.

He cited a favorite Bible verse: "What the devil means for destruction God will turn for good."
Romans 8:28 - And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.


limpy99 said...

I'm a sucker for a good archeaology story, so I'll probably watch this. I did see a story on it today in my -gasp- secular newspaper. One authority suggested that the ossuaries in question, even with the names Jesus, Mary and Judah on them, really meant nothing, since those names were very common at that time and in that area. really, short of DNA evidence you're never going to link anyone to anything anyway, so it seems like just a good story with maybe some interesting items about digging up ancient towns.

Kingdom Advancer said...

Well, Limpy, the problem is that it is not a "good archaeology story." Unless, of course, by story you mean "science fiction."

Hi, Christine. I was actually stopping by to tell you I wrote the first of two planned articles about this issue at my blog. What a coincidence! ;)

Jaded said...

The thing that I find the most ridiculous about this "discovery" is that they found a box with the words "Judah, son of Jesus" and automatically assumed it was THAT Jesus. As if no other man in history has shared that name. And apparently, all the names found in that particular burrial site were among the most common of the time.

Talk about someone with an inflated sense of self-importance!