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Satan's Playgrounds...

I was watching a segment on CNN Headline News (not my usual stomping grounds...but I really like Glenn Beck!) and it was a piece about the XXXChurch. I wanted to ask my fellow Christian bloggers if they know anything about it? Apparently, there are Christian men who go to porn conventions and witness for Jesus there. They hand out Bibles with covers that say "Jesus loves porn stars" on them.

What are your thoughts about this?

Sometimes we do need to enter the "lions den" to reach people for Christ. I just pray that these Christians are strong enough not to get led back into the sin of pornography.

Many Christians are caught up in, and addicted to, this sin. It appears (from what I saw via the program) that the believers are attracting people to the Bible using non-judgmental methods. This looks like a good approach on the surface. However, eventually, the "curious" seekers will need to be led to repentance for what they are involved in. I wonder how successful this is?

People who think that porn is "normal" or "natural" or the "greatest thing," are not likely to want to hear the truth. It could be considered like throwing "pearls before swine."

In the porn convention video clips on the CNN broadcast, I did notice some people who put their hand up against receiving a free Bible from the XXXChurch members. Perhaps they had already been witnessed to and already rejected the message? Or, maybe their guilt for being there and seeing Jesus' name on the Bible cover convicted them for their presence there?

It must be a very difficult ministry. As a new member at my message board recently stated, it is like going into "Satan's playground." What a great description!

It would absolutely creep me out to be at such a place! I can't even allow myself to look at porn; no less go to a convention about it! It would make me sick to my stomach.

But God does equip certain members of the Body of Christ to minister to those that others either can't or won't minister to. It's just not the kind of "playing field" that I would ever put myself in!

Ephesians 4 (especially vs. 11 & 12) is a great chapter that helps to lead me to be a "Christian culture warrior" in certain moral causes; while at the same time, not feel guilty when I know that I'm not "equipped" to work in a certain area.

Eph 4:11 And He Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers,

Eph 4:12 for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ,

I realize that no one is beyond the reach of Jesus. It just looks like a very difficult ministry in which to find successful conversions. Secular Progressives don't like anyone messing with their Satan's Playgrounds!

Ha! S-P's = S atan's P layground!

Personally, I see this as similar to the difficulty surrounding current homosexual controversies. There are those "gay Christians" who think that God either "made them gay" or that homosexual sex is not a sin. I have shared some of the best information from the Bible and other Christian authors to counter such beliefs. Yet, I have found that many still refuse to repent or even recognize such sexual acts as sin.

I also know that when God gets ahold of someone who was once involved in homosexual sin and frees them from it (as many exgay Christians can attest to), they are given a powerful, (yet oftentimes very difficult) ministry to spread the Good News of the Gospel to the homosexual community.

But, as is true in most ministry efforts, being a born-again, formerly homosexual Christian is one of the most hated and vilified groups. Gay activists do all that they can to viciously attack and counter any effort done by those with the heart to reach hurting men and women in the gay community. It is as if everything else is acceptable except being a successful convert from homosexual activity and identity. And, if it's done because of a genuine faith conversion to Jesus Christ, you are then a prime target for attack.

Why are ex-gays rejected from the Secular Progressive list of people who label themselves according to their sexual preference (GLBTQ...etc.)?

Gays are accepted by S-P's.

Lesbians are accepted by S-P's.

Bi-sexuals are accepted by S-P's.

Transgendered are accepted by S-P's.

Questioning sex preference is accepted by S-P's.

(Forgive me if I left any group out...they are always adding initials these days.)

Recently, there was another example of how homosexual activism and so-called "tolerance" often goes too far in the states that give homosexuals anything close to what could be deemed "marriage" or even just "civil union" rights. The school teachers and powerful administrators are usually on the side of liberalism and the secular progressive worldview. When you think about it, it is almost like a religious position. The greatest "virtue" is "tolerance." But that word has been re-defined to mean acceptance for anything and everything that the S-P's deem "right." We are to be "obedient" to what they preach...even if it goes against our own sensibilities, morals, values, and religious convictions.

Yep...sounds like a religion to me!

We have become so super-sensitive to gay issues that even a Snickers Super-bowl commercial has now been pulled from the air because someone complained that it was "homophobic?" Does this mean that Jim Carrey's reaction (to finding out that when he kissed a "woman" in "Ace Ventura: Pet Detective," where he filled his mouth with and entire tube of toothpaste and spit it out; then placed a plunger over his lips to extract the "trace of kiss," then, chewed huge wads of gum because Lt. Einhorn was really a man) needs to be stricken from the movie?

C'mon...don't homosexuals have a sense of humor anymore??

But this, however can be a very serious subject...especially when it comes to "picking and choosing what is "moral" while teaching young children in public schools.

No wonder author Bruce Shortt wrote a book called, "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools."

Here's an excerpt from a WorldNetDaily article about the book:

In "The Harsh Truth About Public Schools," Shortt, writing from a biblical perspective, presents rigorous research about the agenda and effect of government schooling on the nation's young people.

Shortt especially wants to educate Christian parents, millions of whom send their kids off to public school every day.

"Contrary to what many Christians have been led to believe, there is no such thing as a 'neutral' education," Shortt writes. "All education is religious and conveys a worldview, and there is no more important decision that we make as parents than how we educate our children."

Continues Shortt: "Unfortunately, Christian parents allow an aggressively anti-Christian institution to form the minds of their children, and the fruit of that choice is bitter. The overwhelming majority of children from evangelical families leave the church within two years after they graduate from high school; only 9 percent of evangelical teens believe that there is any such thing as absolute moral truth; and, our children are being forcibly indoctrinated to believe that homosexual behavior is acceptable."

While Shortt wants Christian parents who use the government schools to read the book, he also encourages homeschooling parents to read it.

"Homeschool parents must have this book to minister to their Christian friends and neighbors, pastors and skeptical relatives. Our government-school habit is sowing the wind, and unless Christians turn from this gross sin we will reap a whirlwind that is unimaginable," Shortt says.

In the book, Shortt documents the pitfalls of public schools, saying the anti-Christian thrust of the governmental school system produces inevitable results: "moral relativism (no fixed standards), academic dumbing down, far-left programs, near absence of discipline and the persistent but pitiable rationalizations offered by government education professionals."

Shortt also urges pastors to read the book so they might "understand why the church can no longer abdicate its historic role in the education of our children."

Says Short: "'The Harsh Truth About Public Schools' makes it clear why no Christian child should be left behind in government schools. Our Christian children are perishing because parents and pastors lack knowledge. The information in this book exposes the 'salt and light' and the 'our schools are different' rationalizations for educating Christian children in pagan schools for the contemptible falsehoods they are.

"Any parent or pastor who genuinely desires to be faithful in the education of Christian children needs to find out what the public schools are actually doing, rather than relying on what they are saying they are doing or on memories of the public schools as they may have existed 10, 20 or 30 years ago."

Yesterday, on O'Reilly, a letter writer who agreed that a controversial video shouldn't be shown to third graders without parental permission had a great point. She said (paraphrased here) that the tolerance toward promotion of the homosexual agenda in public schools actually results in intolerance of those who hold the view that homosexuality is sinful and an undesireable lifestyle to teach to any school children, not just the 8 year olds who were targeted with this propaganda video.

I wholeheartedly agree.

Tolerance for the sake of reducing bullying is one thing.

Promotion of such an agenda against the parent's wishes (and even worse, without their knowledge or consent!) is a form of child indoctrination, harassment, and even mind, body, soul and spiritual abuse because the ungodly religious convictions of the secular progressive mindset and worldview are being forced upon them!

Yep...public schools have become just another example of the lure of Satan's playground...

Hat Tips:

Matt Kaufman of Boundless.org





News Roundup 2/6/07

This is related to my blogpost here. It undeniably shows how allowing homosexual "marriage" to exist in the state of Massachusetts has set the Secular Progressives up to bully and trample upon parent's rights when it comes to whether or not their young children should be blatantly exposed (WITHOUT THE PARENT'S PERMISSION!) to the homosexual agenda being promoted in public schools there.

The David Parker story demonstrates what parents in all states would face if "gay" marriage ever becomes legal in other states. Traditional parents would have a difficult time seeing that their children are brought up the way that they see fit...not the way that the S-P's want to teach them.

David Parker and his family are currently in the pit of Satan's playground. Please keep them, and this volatile matter in your prayers! I suggest that every concerned parent watch the progress of this lawsuit. It could have dire consequences (but I hope & pray for a HUGE VICTORY) for parent's rights!



David Parker federal civil rights lawsuit begins Wednesday - hearing on motion to dismiss filed by Lexington school officials. Federal district court in Boston, 2 pm.

This could be the case that shakes up public education across the country.The first big showdown in David Parker's federal civil rights lawsuit against the Lexington school officials is on Wednesday, February 7, at 2:00 pm at the US District Courthouse in South Boston.

It's a hearing before Federal Judge Mark L. Wolf over the school officials' Motion to Dismiss the case without a trial. The school officials do not want this case to be allowed to continue, so they're trying to kill it with a Motion to Dismiss. They've already submitted legal briefs, and national pro-homosexual groups have also submitted a brief to support their motion. And the Parkers' lawyers have also submitted their own hard-hitting brief (all are available on our website; see below).

Anything can happen on Wednesday, but it's most likely that Judge Wolf will allow oral arguments from each side. It could last several hours, or be cut off quickly, depending on what the judge decides to do. But this is the crucial step. The school (and national homosexual groups) absolutely do not this case to proceed to a trial!Many of David Parker's friends, as well as people who care deeply about parents rights, will be down there to support him, and even hold signs.

Homosexual activists are also planning to be there, according to at least one homosexual website, and they are actively organizing their people to intimidate parents and citizens supporting the Parkers.

In April, 2005, David Parker was arrested and spent the night in jail over the Lexington school system's refusal to inform him when adults discuss homosexuality or transgenderism with his 6-year-old son. Later, when Rob and Robin Wirthlin found out that the schools had read the homosexual "romance" book King and King to their second-grade son, the Wirthlins were also told that they had no power to interfere. The Parkers and Wirthlins are now taking this to federal court in a civil rights lawsuit.

Here's the information on the Parker Incident.

Read the latest 22-page legal salvo from Lexington school officials defending their Motion to Dismiss the David Parker case. They say: it's not 'indoctrination' and parents have don't have the rights they think they have.

Back in early October, various national and local pro-homosexual groups, including the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders, and others submitted an amicus brief to the court attacking David Parker's position that he has a right to control what his 6-year-old is taught about homosexuality.

The latest legal salvo.

Soon after that the law firm representing the Lexington school officials submitted their own 22-page document further defending their Motion to Dismiss the case. This one attempts to make two "legal" points:

(1) that normalizing homosexuality to elementary school children is not "indoctrination", and

(2) that parents do not have the legal rights they think they have, over what is told to their children in the schools.

This is very frightening, and it really reveals the mindset of the education establishment toward you and your children.

Read the school official's 22-page legal brief attacking the Parkers' position here: Parker Lawsuit Attacked
Here is the complete David Parker page, including all the legal motions: David Parker page


Faultline USA said...

Excellent article! This kind of porn ministry is literally going into the Lion’s den. It takes someone who truly knows who they are and someone who is not deluding themselves if they have personal weaknesses.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks Faultline!

I think that Matt Kaufman's essay is right on the money!

Speaking of money, I forgot to mention in my original blogpost how much money is made by individuals involved in the porn industry. Anyone have the latest statistics? Must be billions...

Jesus told us that man cannot serve God and "mammon" (often refers to money) too. One will choke out the other.

I think that this is another strong reason why the porn industry is so hard for people to leave. They enjoy the perversion of it all and benefit financially, too. Truly a Satan's playground scenario if there ever was one!

Christinewjc said...

4:15 p.m. PT:

Just added an update. Please see original blogpost!

Anna said...

Hi Christine -

I agree the public school system has deteriorated and is not a good place for Christian youth. Unfortunately, few Christian families can afford or have access to quality Christian education. Home schooling is not always an option, especially if both parents must work or it is a single-parent family.

There are many sides to this issue and no easy answers.


Christinewjc said...

Hi Anna,

Nice to see you back here!

What you stated is very true. Thanks for pointing that out. The reasons you stated for why kids get stuck in public schools are exactly why I think that charter schools are the logical choice these days. The trouble is, school "choice" is often blocked by liberal Democrats who want the indoctrination (and money from the government!)to continue in the public schools. I think that it is imperative that parents be made aware of the facts.

My own daughter, a strong Christian young lady got sick and tired of all the creepy stuff happening at her high school. The stories I could share!

She opted to go into the independent learning program of a charter school in a nearby town. There was no additional cost to attend this charter school.

There were many reasons for her decision to switch to the charter school. One reason (for her, personally) was to have the freedom to go on castings for commercial and print ad work. She loved the freedom of this! She only needed to attend two hours twice a week at the school and the rest was done through homework packets at home.

The charter school also offered the option of attending as a full time student. This is a better option for students who prefer more structure and/or are not inclined to be successful at working independently.

What I really liked about it was that she was no longer subjected to liberal left indoctrination agendas. It was a great relief for both of us.

Now that she is older and wiser, her presence in a liberal state college has taught her how huge the political divide really is. She recognizes the difference between the traditional morals and values worldview and the liberal left secular progressive agenda.

The difference at the college level is that she is no longer forced to attend assemblies for "tolerance" and liberal left brainwashing on issues and agendas that we don't agree with.

I have had at least 4 moms ask my opinion about the charter school system and what my daughter's experience in the program was like. It was their teen who requested getting out of the public school they were in!

Many parents are searching for alternatives these days and I wholeheartedly promote the charter school system. What they offer is definitely leaps and bounds above what goes on in the public schools!

Jaded said...

I had always planned to send my child to the charter school in my area because of the small class size and attention to each child. The problem is, Jadette is a special needs child and the charter school can't accommodate her needs. The local Christian school isn't very good, academics-wise, and I don't feel comfortable with Catholic schools since I'm not Catholic. They'd have nothing to offer her either.

I'd harbored the thought of home schooling her, because I do have a master's degree in special education, but her disability is so specific that she needs a carefully designed program. We fought the school district and spent more than 20K to force them to comply with the law, and now her program is perfect for her. She's making enormous progress, and the socialization is good for her since she's an only child. A private school can't afford to provide her with enough speech therapy, OT and PT. The public school is best able to meet her needs, even if it took such a long, expensive fight to force them to do it.

I've taught in both public and private schools. In all honesty, I didn't see much difference in them. The bottom line for both is the money, period. In the private setting, kids got away with more behavioral issues because the school was afraid to lose their tuition money.

I think that the biggest part of the problem is that many parents rely on the schools to actually parent their children. Schools have taken this to mean that they should teach the sorts of things that should be taught in the home or in church. I want my child's religious upbringing to come from me, and from our church, not the school. I want her sense of morality to come from home, not school. I don't want to think that at 8 years of age, the school will be teaching ANY child about sexuality and gender issues. They are taught things that are too mature for their ages, which cuts their childhoods short. When I was in 3rd grade, I still played Barbies with my friends. I had no idea about sex, sexuality, pornography, adultery, etc. We were kids, not mini-adults, and the important "talks" come from our parents.

Christinewjc said...

I'm so glad to read that the public school near you finally provided accommodations for your daughter.

Many times, unfortunately, the results do not work out in favor of the parents who are raising special needs children. It's good to hear a positive ending to the situation you faced.

It just goes to show that when parents speak up and and not give up in their efforts (as you bravely did, Jaded) to get the education needs of their children fulfilled, persistence definitely pays off!

Jaded said, "I want my child's religious upbringing to come from me, and from our church, not the school. I want her sense of morality to come from home, not school. I don't want to think that at 8 years of age, the school will be teaching ANY child about sexuality and gender issues. They are taught things that are too mature for their ages, which cuts their childhoods short. When I was in 3rd grade, I still played Barbies with my friends. I had no idea about sex, sexuality, pornography, adultery, etc. We were kids, not mini-adults, and the important "talks" come from our parents."

Well said and I totally agree!!