Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jesus' Sacrifice Has Spoken...

Take a moment to view this awesome video created to go along with Downhere's new song "A Better Way."

...Prepare yourself for this video...


Jesus sacrifice has spoken...

Who could not tear up while listening to this heartfelt song of love and viewing this gripping video? Stinging tears of pain and sorrow flowed from my eyes in remembrance for Jesus' terrible suffering, yet, they are replaced by soothing tears of joy for the realization of his unfathomable love, forgiveness, mercy and grace...all captured through his awesome resurrection to life...for our sakes.

A quote from David Jeremiah's book, "Captured By Grace" comes to mind:

"Grace is shocking - something like the heavenly converse of a traffic accident. When love is returned for evil, we can't help stopping to rubberneck. Grace is the delivery of a jewel that nobody ordered, a burst of light in a room where everyone forgot it was dark.

Grace turns human politics on its head, right before our eyes. It renounced the entire conventional wisdom of social behavior. Grace suggests that human beings may be something more than honor graduates of the animal kingdom after all, that the rumors may be true that purity and goodness are real and alive."

And "I love you" could not be said...

A better way.

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limpy99 said...

I am tickled pink that you left a comment on my blog. Mostly at the thought of some of my regulars clicking over here and going "What the..."

Christinewjc said...

Like I said at your blog...we are worlds apart when it comes to the issue of faith.

It's so ironic that you have said this, today, at my blog.

I was just reading an embellished account about the "Christian hunter" Saul in David Jeremiah's book.

He shared a story about a typical home invasion that Saul (later the converted apostle Paul) was known for doing to arrest and capture the Christian "infidels." The story shared how the people were met with condescencion, revulsion towards their "imbecile" faith and hatred for one woman's attempt to "patronize" Saul so that she could share the gospel with him.

The author writes:

"Saul replied, "I have mastered the Law of God, and there is nothing you can teach me. Save it for the rats who have the run of your prison cell."

The woman doesn't respond. Just exhibits a kind of resigned sadness...for him.

Saul examines a crude wooden cross at the front of the room. What manner of insane cult would select such an article of worship? The heritage of faith is purity, holiness - what could be more impure and polluted than an instrument of Roman torture for the dregs of society?

Their founder, the Nazarene, fully deserved His cross. But the Pharisee wonders why these eccentrics risk the arrests and beatings they will now receive, on behalf of an odd rabbi who has been dead for some time now (whatever wild claims they may make about his tomb).

But wait!

The author continues:

"Then the Pharisee stops and listens very carefully to the quiet night. What was that scurrying sound outside? A footstep? The others have been gone for several minutes, and no one else is in this area. He has checked it carefully.

Saul feels the beginning of a chill along his spine. This has happened before - more than once. He roots out the Christians; he does his job; he is reminded of their strange calmness, their- what is the word for it? Some kind of irrational mercy. And always, as Saul is reflecting over the oddity of it all, he hears - the footsteps.

In those moments, he experiences a strange inside-out feeling the he is the one who is pursued, and that someone or something else is doing the pursuing. It's irrational, of course. What possible sense could it make? He is God's champion, defender of the faith. All he can do is soldier on, keep doing his job, root out these infidels, capture them one by one. Capture their faith, capture their --yes that's the word--their grace."

But that's not the end of the story...according to the Bible we all know how that story turns don't we.

Christinewjc said...

A new member, Pastor Mike, over at my Talkwisdom message board had this to say about this blog over at the "Stop the ACLU Coalition" links page:

Talk Wisdom
If the Christian faith offends you, do not visit this wonderful and expressly Christian blog.

I'm truly humbled and thankful for the link and comment, Pastor Mike.

limpy99 said...

You got all that out of casserole?

Seriously, I hope you don't find my comments condescending to your faith. Your faith is your faith, I don't begrudge you at that at all. Where we clash is when faith intersects with politics and other people's right to pursue a different way of life. I usually don't comment at all when you're talking about faith as faith.

Oh, and I indeed know that Saul gets struck down and blinded on the road to Damascus. then he becomes Paul and writes lots of letters to people.