Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day-Share Your Love!

Valentine's Day is a day where we are to show "something extra" towards the loved ones in our lives. Typically, we buy gifts, cards, flowers, chocolate candy etc. in order to show how much we care and love them.

My Valentine card to my husband:

Cover: For My Wonderful Husband

I don't always tell you

how much I appreciate you

or how much I love you

but I hope you know how much I do

And I hope you know

how proud I am

that you're my husband

Happy Valentine's Day!

Love Always,

P.S. You are my forever love...and always will be! Love you so much! XXXOOO

Here is an open thread to share your feelings about your loved one, or about this special day in general.

Speaking of showing love to our loved ones, are any American Idol fans reading this blog today? The elimination rounds were quite brutal last night. Some people were unfairly cut, IMO.

I wanted to discuss what each of you thought about the teenager "Matt" who made it through two rounds, but then was sent home by the third round last evening.

What struck me the most about this particular contestant was what he said about his mother. After the very first round, before heading to Hollywood, he shared some details about his visit back home. Just before the first Hollywood audition, he stated on camera that he had hugged his mom because she said she was proud of him. It may only be a teenager exaggerating, but it made me sad when he said that, "she usually never hugs me and she never says she's proud of me. After he passed the cuts in the first round in Hollywood, he called his mom on his cell phone and after hanging up, he shared that she said she loves him. He claimed that she never tells him that she loves him.

What kind of message is this woman sending to her son?? She's only proud of him when he gets on American Idol? She will only hug him when he accomplishes something big like this? She will only tell him she loves him because he was on national television?

Poor kid.

My husband thinks it was just his "gimmick" on the show.

Of course, I cannot know all the details about this teen boy and his relationship with his mother. But it really brought tears to my eyes when he shared what appears to be a very cold-hearted upbringing.

Isn't home where you are supposed to be loved the most?

I know. People and families have problems. There is no perfect family life. But there is forgiveness when bad times hit us.

Sharing love, hugs, kisses and expressing appreciation towards family members is a given in our household. My husband and I were raised that way and my family has always been that way. We tell each other "love you" after almost every phone call. It doesn't cheapen the sentiment (IMO), but strengthens it.

Our children are a gift from God. On "loan" to us from our Creator above. We need to get back to treating our children as what they are...God's Gracious Gift!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Father of lights...
James 1:17


Jaded said...

The card I got for my husband says:

I can't imagine a more wonderful husband and partner than you...

I love the way our friendship makes our romance even sweeter...

We know each other so well, and our connection is so deep...

I'm so lucky to be married to you, and I'll always love you more than I can say.

It's truly a perfect card for him.

I am a huge American Idol fan! I have to agree with your husband that it seemed like a gimmick to me. No parent goes from complete disinterest to yelling and screaming praise with something like an audition, especially since the kid said they didn't support him anyway.

I didn't think the cuts were harsh. The industry is harsh. Quite frankly, I heard much more harsh and biting comments while I was still performing for a living than anything Simon has said. (luckily, none were directed at me!) They're looking for something specific, and it's better to cut someone early than to give them false hope. First, they have to put together a group that people will identify with and watch every week. They also have to choose people that they'd want to actually produce, since Simon's company is the one who signs them to recording deals. It's not entirely about talent. If you have the most glorious voice ever heard, but you're absolutely boring to watch, no one will watch you on TV, buy a CD from you or go see you in concert.

Growing up, my family wasn't particularly affectionate. I come from a very difficult background where my mother is concerned. But Mr. Jaded and I are very affectionate, as is our daughter. We say "I love you" many times throughout the day because we mean it. I don't think it dilutes the meaning when you say it because it's exactly what you mean.

My daughter is truly a miracle. She's been through so much, and has long, hard road ahead of her. But, I know that God chose us as her parents because we can more than just handle it. There have been sacrifices we've had to make, but, you do what needs to be done for your child and don't complain about it. I am thankful for her, and I celebrate her. Mr. Jaded and I are very blessed, indeed.

Christinewjc said...

Beautiful words for your husband, Jaded!

Yep...the industry is very harsh. "Stars" never really know when their stardom will fade, or, for that matter, even go away for good.

I thought that the "group singing cut" was unfair. My husband and I felt so sad for the young blonde who sang so beautifully at the first audition, but was paired with those two...well...whatever you want to label them - "girls" who were difficult to work with.

It was so unfortunate that she forgot the words! Why didn't she get the lyrics online, print them off the computer and then memorize them??

I also felt bad for the African-American girl (I'm so bad with recalling names today!!) who sang a song to please her mom and aunt rather than the one that she really wanted to sing.

Ah...hindsight, as they always say, is 20/20.

I guess they did a "group singing challenge" this early in the competition because they need individuals who would be adaptable to singing together during the tour at the end of the show?

I was sorry to hear that you came from a family that lacked sharing affection. How strong you must be to be willing to lovingly handle the special needs that your daughter requires. It is obvious that you and your husband have created such a loving and nurturing environment for your daughter.

I love to hear people describe their children as little "miracles." That is truly what they are!

My family is my life and I couldn't imagine a more satisfying, fulfilling or more loving kind of life without them!

Anna said...

Hi Christine -

My sweetie gave me a beautiful Valentine's card and a book I've been wanting (Forgiven by Karen Kingsbury).

I gave him and card and a batch of homemade fudge. I'm so blessed to be married to my best friend.

We're also watching American Idol. The gal who sang the song for her Mom should try out next year. I was sorry to see Bayley (spelling)Brown cut because she couldn't remember the words to her song. I thought she had a really good voice. Maybe it was too reminiscent of Carrie Underwood, i.e., blond, country singer. BTW, the guys who wowed the judges and audience in the group event ought to go on the road even if they don't move ahead on AI.