Monday, April 09, 2007

Alternative Search Engines

In the past, I have found that many people agree with the idea that google has a somewhat anti-conservative, sometimes hidden agenda when it comes to what pops up in their searches.

I recently found out that when I type "Talkwisdom" into a google search, a really old blogpost from a liberal left loonie blog (that was known for disparaging me and other Christians) comes up on the first page of the search. However, when I use a lesser known search engine (that doesn't include google's searches), that particular site is no where in the top 10-20 pages!

Isn't that odd?

I'm sure that many of you could cite additional examples.

Well, I decided to do a search for alternative search engines. Several pages into the search, I found this Top Ten Alternative Search Engines link. There are many there to experiment with, but the two most inventive (IMO) and that got my attention were these:

Kart00 (Puts up a fabulous display "map" of links to the site you type in. I found it quite refreshing and interesting!)


Ms. Dewey (She can be a bit annoying...though!)

I would probably use the Kart00 one. The Ms. Dewey one is entertaining at first, but then the search was limited.

Still investigating the rest at the first link.


ebsfwan said...

That's weird as when I do it the top 3 sites it shows are all yours.

If there is a liberal bias to Google search results it's the result of most of the www being liberal. Not everything is some liberal conspiracy.

ebsfwan said...

Shock horror! Are we censoring posts now?

Christinewjc said...


I started comment moderation because I had someone posting here who turned out to be a bit of a lunatic. Hopefully, I won't have to keep comment moderation as a permanent thing.

About the google search. I'm sure that you heard all about the search where a website that diparages President Bush comes up when "stupid" or "idiot" or something like that is typed in.

I just happened to notice that a blog that I posted comment in about 2 years ago still comes up on the first page. I'm sure that people aren't accessing that link in a record number, so why is it coming up on google and not on the other search engines? Hmmm...curious.

ebsfwan said...

Aah...fair enough. There are a lot of lunatics on the www.