Tuesday, April 17, 2007

In the Face of Evil

On this day of mourning a terrible tragedy, I haven't been in the mood for blogging. However, when I heard on the news (earlier this morning) that the killer's actions didn't "appear to be terrorism related," I became curious to see what the blogs have uncovered. As usual, they are WAY ahead of the MSM.

You can go to the various links below and judge for yourself whether or not this vicious and despicable evil act was a result of the influence of radical Islam. As the days go forward, I would not be a bit surprised to find that the "evil ties that bind" will likely be discovered about this cold blooded killer and radical Islamic terrorism.

Atlas Shrugs is where I first learned about the Ismail Ax signature on the killer's arm and signed on the note he left.

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The Smoking Gun has a copy of the killer's very disturbing play that he previously wrote. Apparently, the creative writing instructor encouraged him to get counseling after reading it. Warning: VERY graphic and awful!!!

New York Post article reveals significance of "Ismail Ax" signature on killer's arm and in note.


The reference may be to the Islamic account of the Biblical sacrifice of Abraham, where God commands the patriarch to sacrifice his own son. Abraham begins to comply, but God intervenes at the last moment to save the boy.

In the Jewish and Christian traditions, the son is Isaac, father of the Jewish people; in Islam, it is his brother, Ismail (Ishmael in Hebrew).

Abraham uses a knife in most versions of the story, but some accounts have him wielding an ax.

A more obscure reference may be to a passage in the Koran referring to Abraham's destruction of pagan idols; in some accounts, he uses an ax to do so.

4/18/07 Update:

Take a look at this blogsearch about the words, Ismail Ax

CrimeBlog.US has some very intriguing information; but near the end of the post concludes that it might all be just a hoax. Or, was there an attempt at cover-up? More research definitely needs to be done.


Update @ 7:38 a.m. PT

Right Truth is asking the question on why the MSM is not discussing the implications of "Ismail Ax." The only time I heard it mentioned was on the Nancy Grace show at CNN Headline News. But NO ONE MENTIONED that it COULD have radical Islamic ties. Hmmmm...

Right truth links to The Cassandra Page which discusses the news coverage (and lack of detail compared to the blogs!) on the still unfolding story of the Virginia Tech murders. Note this excerpt:

Today also we learned that the killer had the words "Ismail ax" written on his body. This phrase has (among other explanations) Islamic implications, which means that the MSM/DNC will never investigate its meaning.

Aside from the usual MSM/DNC propaganda, the things we learn about the shootings in the next few days will make the posts of the last few days appear to be a strange time capsule.

Right Truth laments:

No one is talking about the "Ismail Ax" fact.. I mean no one. No TV, little print. I just watched the whole press conference and not one, not one, reporter asked about it. They asked about everything from soup to nuts (down to the class scheduling going forward) but not one query about Ismail AX. Am I nuts? The man had Ismail Ax written in red on his arm. Is that not deserving of some investigation or question?


Jaded said...

I can't even begin to process the horror.

This is the true personification of evil.

ebsfwan said...

Why bring religion into it? I'm sure more people are killed in America by Christians than Muslims.

Christinewjc said...

I agree Jaded. Evil is horrible. Those who live under the grip of it do horrendous things.

Christinewjc said...


I think that it is less about "religion" and more about a dangerous, evil ideology that loves sin and death.

We saw the similarities of Nazism in Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris (Columbine massacre killers) and as I have just pointed out, it appears that Cho Seung-Hui may have left some clues (like the Ismail Ax painted in read on his arm) that he was possibly involved in Islamic terrorism. It remains to be seen, but the clue cannot be denied.

Making a statement like, "I'm sure more people are killed in America by Christians than Muslims" is just an arrogant, unsubstantiated and "politically correct" leftist type of propaganda. Where are your statistics?

On the other hand, I can show you TONS of statistics of killings done by radical Islamic terrorists. Just go to these websites:

The Religion of Peace

Jihad Watch

War on Jihad