Sunday, April 29, 2007

Before It's Too Late

I was prepared to type out today's T.V. broadcast of the final sermon from Turning Point Ministries series called "Searching for Heaven on Earth." But I discovered that you can watch the entire broadcast online!

Every day, millions of people try to find meaning in their lives by chasing pleasure, working endlessly, or acquiring as much wealth as possible. Yet without God, these pursuits turn out to be meaningless and empty. In the series, Searching for Heaven on Earth, Dr. Jeremiah will take you on a life-changing journey through Solomon’s findings in the book of Ecclesiastes.

Watch today's entire broadcast online here! You also have the opportunity to purchase the entire series Searching for Heaven on Earth at that website.

Even if you haven't seen, heard or read each segment of this series in the book of Ecclesiastes, this final sermon can still stand on it's own to minister to you. It is truly, a great conclusion to a fabulous, encouraging, wisdom-filled Bible study series!

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