Sunday, April 01, 2007

Pet Food Concerns

I'm sure that most pet owners are alarmed at all the new information that is gradually coming out regarding the pet food recall. I have found several links that might be helpful.

The first thing I did when I heard that "wheat gluten" was the culprit in many brands of wet food, was check the label of our dogs food. I saw that wheat gluten was in the brand I was using (although not recalled at the time) so I discontinued it. I bought Purina EN canned food (which is what I give them any time they get stomach upset) at the vet clinic and mixed that with their dry food instead.

Then, this morning while reading a message board on this topic I found out that sure enough, the wet canned dog food I used to use (Alpo) has been recalled (as a precaution at this point).

Aahhhh! What is a pet owner to do?!

I'm doing research and will post some really good website to visit. I haven't gotten through it all yet, but I am amazed at what I am reading. A lot of dog foods, unfortunately, contain a lot of junk!

This morning, I heard that some pet owners are making homemade dog and cat food for their pets. I was concerned that such a drastic change might give the dogs diarhea, so I haven't gotten to that point yet. One owner mentioned that he mixes frozen veggies with brown rice for his dogs. I knew that brown rice was good to feed them.

Here's the list of websites to visit:

Links everyone might want to read. Helps to know before you buy:

What's Really in Pet Food

Identifying better products

Ingredients to avoid

Dog Food Ingredients & Nutrition

I will add more links as I come across the good ones. Please feel free to add any helpful links in the comments section.

Update at 4:54 p.m. PT

More companies join pet food recall

Cats fare worse in pet food contamination