Sunday, April 22, 2007

Countering a Murderer's False Analogy

Kingdom Advancer has done it again! I was hoping to find an essay on one or more Christian blogs countering what the murderer, Cho Seung-Hui, said about Jesus Christ.

People who do not know Christ as Savior often have the habit of using the name of Jesus Christ as a swear word. Cho made the choice to go even further with his blasphemy...claiming that he "died" like Jesus did.

KA's excellent, biblical analysis exposes Cho's ignorant and false claim.

This reminds me of when Jesus stood before Pilot and Pilot asked, "What is truth?" Jesus didn't answer him. How ironic it was that Truth was standing right in front of him and Pilot missed seeing, seeking and thus knowing the Truth. Jesus' forgiveness, mercy and saving grace was available to him; yet he (Pilot) chose to ignore this fact.

Pilot was a leader in the Roman empire. He experienced all the pride, recognition, wealth, attention, and fulfillment of fleshly desires that a person of "privilege" could have. Yet, we know that he missed the huge significance of the most important Person to ever walk the earth.

On the other hand, a simple thief on the cross next to Jesus came to his senses, realized that he was condemned already because of his sinful deeds, and simply asked Jesus to "remember him when He enters His Kingdom." That simple, but profound, act of repentance, belief, and faith in Jesus while he was suffering and sprawled out on a cross next to our Lord allowed him entrance into Jesus' Kingdom. Jesus responded, "This day, you will be with me in paradise."

Cho, unfortunately, was similar to the other thief on the cross next to Jesus. That thief mocked our Lord and disparaged Him for not "saving Himself and us too" from the cross. Little did that thief know that Jesus could have called down legions of angels to "save" Him from dying on the cross that day. But if He did, Jesus would have returned to heaven, alone and we would not have the hope of heaven through our Savior.

Not knowing God's Word can cause anyone to miss the real purpose of, and in, this life. We are each like those two thieves on the crosses next to Jesus. We can either confess and repent of our sins, and believe upon the Lord Jesus Christ, or, like the mocker (and Cho), go to our physical deaths with our own sins upon our own souls. This results in spiritual death; being separated from our God, our Creator, for all eternity. That's a long time...

I pray that this terrible tragedy makes people sit up and take notice that our only hope is in Jesus Christ. We each need to answer Jesus' question, "Who do you say that I am?"

Pilot, the second thief on the cross next to Jesus, Cho, and millions of people who have already died ignoring the salvation offered through Christ each got the answer to that question wrong. Dear readers, don't be one of them.

Update @ 1:04 p.m. PT

Be sure to visit Charlie's blog at Another Think and read his very insightful post called, Uncomfortable With Evil.


Doug said...

Great post Christine!

I'd say that old teacher who gave his life while trying to protect his students died more like Jesus than that POS murderer did, but delusion knows no bounds.

Christinewjc said...

Have you heard all of the reports about what a hero that professor was?

He was a Holocaust survivor. He reacted instinctively (and instantly) to save the lives of the students that he obviously loved and cared about.

The fact that liberalism generally teaches, "no matter what," led to unpreparedness in this emergency situation.

Did you hear about the professor who was fired because he created an object lesson (with a magic marker!!) about how many lives could possibly have been saved if students (and professors) who legally owned guns could have carried and used their concealed weapon(s) to take down this murderer?

This world is crazy, convoluted and upside crazy with liberal left LUNATIC minds!!

Speaking of about that idiotic, no-brained Senator Harry Reid's stupid rant?? Sean Hannity is calling for Harry Reid's resignation. IT'S ABOUT TIME! Furthermore, why not have Nancy Pelosi and John Murtha ousted too! My dream....