Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Joyful Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all of my fellow moms out there in the blogosphere!

Many thanks to readers who have left very nice Mother's Day good wishes on the blog and via email. I really appreciate it!

Had an absolutely wonderful day with my family! The day started out at The Rock Church. What an awesome service! Each mom received a beautiful rose at the entrance of the church. I was handed a gorgeous red one.

We then enjoyed a wonderful buffet brunch! Ate too much!

This evening, we enjoyed some pizza. I opened my gifts and they were the best! My children always write such wonderful messages in their cards. I always tear up!

The Rock Church service today included video and information about the Miles Ahead Mission trip in Jamaica. Words cannot adequately describe everything that was shared during today's church message. Hopefully, the video will be up tomorrow and I can link to it for everyone to see. Don't miss it!


Good night & God bless!

Update on 5/12/08 @ 10:30 a.m.:

Here is a link to Miles Ahead T.V.. On the right side of the video box, you can click on various interviews that Pastor Miles did on Jamaican T.V. talk shows.

There are also several blogposts to read about the awesome accomplishments done by 280 mission volunteers during the visit!

Second Update!

YAY!! THE VIDEO IMBED WORKED! I just got finished watching Miles' speech at the Rethink Conference. IT'S FANTASTIC!! Lots more to view as well!

[Note: I have decided to move this video link to a new blogpost. matter which videos you choose to watch...YOU WILL BE IMMENSELY BLESSED BY WHAT YOU ARE SEEING!!]

See new blogpost called "Miles Ahead T.V."

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Carlotta Morrow said...

Happy Mother's day Christine!

Glad you enjoyed the Rock's service today. I'm enjoying my pretty red rose too!

That video about Jamaica shown during service did a world of good for me. I wasn't really "feelin'" this trip until Miles showed that video. All the work that was done by the volunteers was amazing! The souls saved and decisions made for Christ was truly a blessing! What a trip they made!

I've had a nice day with my two youngest (18yr old son, 21yr old dau) who are the last ones left at home of the five, treated me to a dinner at Denny's. I was full after the appetizer!

But here I am now at home, doing my favorite past time. Relaxing going through folks blogs! My kids just don't know what to do with their nerdy mom!

Well, you take care and let's keep the "momma" blogging going!