Friday, May 30, 2008

McClellan book? 'Follow the money' to Soros

It seems the whole country is abuzz following the publication of former White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan's tell-all book: "What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception." Hal Lindsey hit the nail on the head. People asking why McClellan would "write" such a book should just "follow the money."

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Heartbroken? Watch this video and then you decide!

Soros linked to hate-Bush McClellan book
'Hi George,' says blogger who traced connection

The Soros-McClellan Connection


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GMpilot said...

Do we need Hal Lindsey to tell us this?! It's quite obvious to me.

It's not even about 'getting back' at the Bush administration. McClellan wants to make money off the government; if not by working for it, then by making money writing a tell-all book about it.

Since he helped perpetuate the lies that led us into the Iraq quagmire, he now seeks to be oh-so-virtuous by telling us "Bush believed this" and "Cheney said that" and "the White House advisors fudged the details". That's been apparent since at least late 2004, when the search for those Weapons of Mass Destruction was ended with little public fanfare (and right after the elections, too!).

McClellan is, in short, a typical Washington book whore, now saying nasty things about the same politicians who employed and supported him. He deserves no respect whatever, and certainly won't get it from me.

Christinewjc said...


Someone needed to write about it - why not Lindsey?

The liberals are celebrating what they perceive as another "defection" from the Bush Administration. These days, people will say, do, and write anything if it makes them millions - even if it means being untruthful and selling one's integrity and soul to the devil.

From what I have read, McClellan didn't have much say in the Iraq equation. Unlike you, I still see the Iraq war effort as a noble cause. It went through some tough times, but we pulled through and are on the way to victory.

Saddam was his own "WMD." I saw a documentary on the History Channel a week or two ago and learned even more about the brutality of his regime. The world, and especially the Iraqi people, are far better off without him!

Back to McClellan. He will get respect from the liberal left loonies - for a while. But I think he's in for a very rude awakening one of these days when he discovers that they are not his friends, afterall. Unfortunately for him, they will most likely turn on him like a pack of rabid wolves. Wait and see!

If they would do it to Hillary and Bill, they'll certainly do it to a former Bush Admin. employee.

GMpilot said...

"Someone needed to write about it - why not Lindsey?"

Well, maybe because (t)hese days, people will say, do, and write anything if it makes them millions - even if it means being untruthful and selling one's integrity and soul to the devil. Lindsey knows that better than most, I imagine.
Amazing how well you answered your own question!

McClellan didn't have to have much say in the Iraq equation; he knew a bit more than the public due to his position, and he didn't have the nads to speak out or resign at that time. I've read some excerpts as well, and hindsight is always 20/20--but it still makes him a backstabbing coward.

I saw very little in that History Channel broadcast I didn't already know. I suppose I should be happy that you're finally studying history, even if it IS fifteen years too late. But Saddam was not the WMD we supposedly went into Iraq to get. The only worthwhile thing to come of it so far is that he met the fate all tyrants deserve: to meet justice at the hands of the very people he terrorized.

Someone over at Faux News is already claiming that McClellan sounds more like a "left-wing blogger". In point of fact, ol' Scott deserves no respect from either end of the spectrum. The left will condemn him for moral cowardice and being a willing party to deception, while the right will condemn him for moral cowardice and treachery.
Finally--an issue both sides can agree on! In an election year, no less!

Christinewjc said...

I must apologize, GM. I made a mistake. The show that I recently viewed was on National Geographic! No wonder I couldn't find it at the History Channel site! Sorry about the error!

The short video clip at that site is very difficult to watch...