Monday, May 12, 2008

Miles Ahead: Save, Equip, Send

The Rock Church's mission trip to Jamaica can be seen at Miles Ahead T.V. The goal of this Christian evangelical non-denominational church, pastored by Miles McPherson, is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, save, equip, and send those who desire to reach a hurting world and minister to their needs. You will be blessed watching these videos!

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In my previous blogpost, I mentioned The Rock Church's mission trip to Jamaica. At Miles Ahead T.V., there are far more videos to watch.!

Here is a link to Miles Ahead T.V.. On the right side of the video box, you can click on various interviews that Pastor Miles did on Jamaican T.V. talk shows. You can also view videos of the history of Miles Ahead Ministry and the various events where thousands of decisions for Jesus Christ were made by people attending them.

There are also several blogposts to read about the awesome accomplishments done by 280 mission volunteers during the visit!

[Note: The embedded video is not working properly. Please go to link above to view. Apologies for the inconvenience.]

I just got finished watching Miles' speech at the Rethink Conference. IT'S FANTASTIC!! Lots more to view as well!

Here is an additional link to Jamaica update videos!

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