Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The REAL Reason CA Ct. Ruled As It Did

In an email that I received from Save California.com we find out the REAL reason why the CA Extreme Court ruled the way that it did.

Why did this happen? There were more judges who believe in "legislating from the bench" than judges who believe in upholding the law and constitutional boundaries. Look who appointed the four judges who invented homosexual "marriages" out of thin air:

1. Ron George, nominated to the California Supreme Court in 1991 by Republican Governor Pete Wilson. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Times published a very revealing post-ruling interview with Ron George. George talked about visiting the segregated South as a child and seeing "No Negro" and "No colored" signs. Unfortunately, the Chief Justice's childhood feelings illogically led him to do what no other state supreme court has done -- equate changeable homosexuality with unchangeable race, and throw out the people's vote on marriage in the process. "Asked whether he thought most Californians would accept the marriage ruling, George said flatly: 'I really don't know.'" Obviously, Californians should NOT accept this tyrannical ruling and must resist it beginning right now.

2.Kathryn Werdegar, nominated by Republican Governor Pete Wilson in 1994.

3. Joyce Kennard, nominated by Republican Governor George Deukmejian in 1989.

4. Carlos Moreno, nominated by Democrat Governor Gray Davis in 2001.

After the ruling, a man identifying himself as Pete Wilson's former press secretary, Bob Hudson, responded to a blog in the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Having worked for Pete Wilson when he was a Senator and Governor I can tell you he was not at all a conservative and the folks who did his judicial selections when he was Gov. were way to the left of center and much of his senior staff were gay - not being judgmental there, just pointing out his appointees' votes are no surprise.

This is the consequence of pro-family citizens electing "moderate" Republican governors like Pete Wilson (1991-1998). It's also the result of not holding pro-family Republican governors like George Deukmejian (1983-1991) accountable to consistent pro-family standards.

Elevating Joyce Kennard to the high court was the Duke's worst public mistake. Today, Kennard is the most anti-family judge on the bench. From his official biography: "Asked why he ran for the office of Governor, Deukmejian replied, 'Attorneys General don't appoint judges - Governors do.' During his eight-year term, Deukmejian appointed 1,000 judges, and by the time he left office, he had appointed the majority of California State Supreme Court Justices then serving on the bench.

Despite the disastrous ruling and the strong likelihood of homosexual "marriages" barnstorming through California for every child to see, we must focus on pursuing righteousness and victory. With God's help and each one of us doing our parts, the false marriages scheduled to occur between mid-June and the November election can be blocked.

Campaign for Children and Families
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CCF President Randy Thomasson: "The California Supreme Court has exchanged the rule of law for the rule of unbridled power to destroy all that is good and sacred."

HT: Save California.com

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