Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pro-Life Memorial Desecrated

I would not have believed that this was allowed to happen unless I had seen it with my own eyes via this video! As if this terrible act of desecration to the memorial isn't enough to anger you, there appears to be a campus patrolman (who does nothing!) standing by, arguing with the man who is tearing up dozens of the white wooden crosses which had been placed there in remembrance for the precious lives that have been lost through the scourge of abortion. The exhibit was LEGALLY placed there WITH PERMISSION from the college!

Why did this man go unpunished for this awful deed?

Liberal intolerance and fanaticism at its best...

From Michele Malkin's blog:

Video: Another campus pro-life memorial vandalized

By Michelle Malkin • May 7, 2008 09:45 AM

It has happened again. In January 2006, pro-abortion thugs destroyed a pro-life memorial of wooden crosses at Louisiana State University. In April 2006, a nutball feminist professor at Northern Kentucky University led another destructive raid on a pro-life Cementery of Innocents. And this week, at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, pro-abortion vandals struck–pulling up hundreds of crosses from a display sponsored by Pointers for Life. College Republican Ryan Wrasse sent me a video of one of the pro-abortion thugs gone wild– a student government senator named Roderick King.

News coverage here and here.
Caution: Liberal tolerance at work.

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Matt W. said...

Wow, too bad we didn't know we could do anything we wanted, as long as we could convince the cops that they should let us get away with it... oh yeah, that's right, we can't.

What a disgusting display... I don't mean the display... you know what I mean. Amazing how they are the ones that favor the indiscriminate killing of babies and yet they are the ones who feel threatened by a simple memorial.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

It's the guilt factor at work.

Lots of really good comments about this man's disgusting display of anger over at the Digg site.

I particularly appreciated these:

MarilynBr 15 hours ago
The response of this young man shows the power of seeing aborted babies represented as white crosses. I just pray that pro-lifers will keep it up until either the law of the land or the law in the hearts of people stop this slaughter of children.

michael4lsu 7 hours ago
This is the mindset of a typical pro-abortionist (and most homosexuals and atheists for that matter). Completely devoid of reason and logic. They are driven by emotion instead of truth. Their emotion is driven by guilty consciences and insecurity about their lack of moral responsibility.

There IS a right to freedom of speech in the Constitution, but no right to slaughter your own baby. Baby-killing is allowed thanks to a rogue court ruling, but court rulings are challenged and overturned all the time. That's the way our system is set up. Baby-slaughter, infanticide, abortion, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely indefensible when truth is valued.

LifeguardMom 6 hours ago
It's obvious that Mr. King does not understand 2 very important issues:

1. The Constitution. He knows nothing of the First Amendment and free speech rights.

2. The truth behind abortion. Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, hated blacks, Latinos and Jews and wanted their population drastically reduced by abortion.

If Mr. King knew the truth, he'd be singing a different tune.

This is our institutes of higher learning at work - teaching students that only certain people in this country have rights.

God help our country.

G3eeze 5 hours ago
This guy (King) reminds me of Islamo facism at its best. He forgets that at one point in time it was a RIGHT to own slaves too. Had it not been for others unlike him standing their ground and demonstrating against slavery, he might be a slave today. It was the first amendment that made his freedom possible. During the time of slavery, there were many Mr. Kings that were doing the very same kind of vandalism he has done attempting to silence the anti slavery folks. I wonder how he would react to them?!!!!

DWposts 24 minutes ago
What’s up with this police officer? Why did he let this raving lunatic flamer continue to commit vandalism in front of him and then walk away? Verbal arguments, signs or displays are free speech, acts of property destruction are not. It’s no wonder that liberals think they can get away with anything.

Christinewjc said...

Here's a great letter about this incident over at WorldNetDaily:

Where do I even start? I have seen and heard a lot in my day, so I'm pretty thick-skinned. But something about this article ["'You don't have the right to speak'"] and video just made my blood boil. Yes, in comparison to the vast problems facing us all in this world today, this is just a very minor and momentary aggravation, but this episode clearly points to the profound degree of lack of respect, or even simple tolerance, of another viewpoint. That situation is, unfortunately, so destructive and so prevalent among a large part of our society today.

This is not a question of free speech on Mr. King's part; this is simply an act of wanton and willful destruction of someone else's work. Will Mr. King next be allowed to destroy a student's literature research paper because he doesn't approve of the subject matter, or another student's history thesis because he doesn't like the end result?

Mr. King and the other destroyers may be wonderful citizens who just had a moment of collective poor judgment. But how much longer must our society be forced to tolerate these acts of violence with no consequences for the perpetrators?

If people will not take responsibility for their actions, then it is up to the authorities in place to force that responsibility upon them. In that light, here is a very easy solution I would like to offer to the dean at UWSP: Simply inform Mr. King, along with anyone else who can be identified as having taken part in the destruction of the exhibit, that they are no longer enrolled at this university.

There – problem solved. What's next on the list?

Brian Skinner