Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Beck's Documentary - Exposes What Libs Don't Teach in Schools

On January 22, 2010, I spent the night in a hotel room that didn't offer the Fox News Channel for viewing on the room's T.V. screens. Thought that was strange, but I guess when you are staying so close to Los Angeles, the progressive liberal leftists take control of what guests can watch. Ah well...

After a busy day with my daughter, I thought that I could catch the re-broadcast of Glenn Beck's documentary, The Revolutionary Holocaust: Live Free or Die. Since Fox News wasn't available, it turned out to be a fortunate thing that I had borrowed my husband's laptop computer and was able to see the video segments online.

I was SO TIRED and therefore, didn't really comprehend a lot of what I was watching. When I got home a few days later, I watched the DVR of the original show. The second viewing was key in my understanding of what liberals have done via the school system to gloss over and hide the horrors of what really happened in the Communist and Nazi regimes of the past.

This past weekend, my daughter was visiting and I asked her to watch the documentary with me and give me her thoughts and opinions about it. It was my third viewing. This is the kind of documentary that you need to watch several times. You will glean more and more information from it each time you see it!

The following outline shares some of what she told me during the broadcast:

1. She heard of both books that Glenn mentioned - "Mein Kampf" and "The Communist Manifesto" in school.

2. She had no idea that the two ideologies - of Marx and Hitler - had a connection. She just knew that Hitler hated and killed Jews.

3. She was utterly disgusted to learn about George Bernard Shaw. She previously didn't know who he was. She just knew that Stalin was a bad guy, too.

4. She also knew about Ukraine's individualism and that Stalin "crushed them." But she didn't remember learning about The Holodomor. She caught her breath in disgust when she learned about the deliberate acts of starvation of the people. She could not believe that 7-10 million people starved to death in the Ukraine, all in one year!!

5. She questioned, why didn't anyone do anything??? Then she saw why. The press in America pooh-poohed the claims of starvation as "propaganda." [Yeah...right. The ones guilty of propaganda in this case were the liberal idiots at the New York Times (or whatever the paper was called back then)!]

Glenn Beck exposed just who the propagandists really were in this case when he showed proof that 12 million pounds of grain were exported that same year for profit while 10 million pounds of it would have avoided the starvation of 7-10 million people in the Ukraine.

Glenn pointed out that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust in Hitler's Germany over the course of several years. We need to remember both horrors so that history will not repeat itself ever again. The people of the Ukraine remember the victims of the Holodomor by lighting candles each year. I forget the exact total but something like 19,000(?) are lit to represent how many were starved to death every day in the Ukraine during the year of the Holodomor. The absolute and terrible evil of those Communists knew no bounds...

My daughter was shocked to learn about all of this. She wondered why it wasn't covered in her high school or college history classes.

6. Before my daughter and I viewed the documentary, I asked her boyfriend if he has ever heard of Che Guevara or if he has ever seen people his age wearing the t-shirts with his likeness. He said, "is that the guy who is Hispanic looking and wears a hat with a star in the middle of it?" I said yes. He said that he has seen people wearing that shirt, but he didn't know anything about who he was. He didn't stay to watch the documentary because he had plans with my son. But when my daughter saw the Che segment, she could not believe that all of those people would be stupid enough to wear a shirt with the likeness of a cold-blooded murderer on it!! She questioned, "Aren't these people smart enough to do the research before they would do such a thing?" I told her that during the campaign, some of the Obama 2008 campaign headquarters locations had Che posters plastered on the walls! Big Red (pun intended!) flag anyone?

To briefly sum up who Che was: he was responsible for the execution of 14,000 men and boys. As one woman whose husband was shot execution style (shown in video) said, "Che was clinically a sadist." Another commentator said, "Che was the Caribbean equivalent of the Taliban."

7. For the first time, my daughter found out that 15 million Chinese died under Mao Tse Tung. She said, "I can't believe that I didn't know this!! I took eight years of history in K-12, and one college history class. In 11th grade, my Advanced Placement European History class covered early European History."

She knew about the horror of the Black Plague, but was never taught about the horrible things that happened except for the Holocaust. She recalls viewing the movie "Life is Beautiful" which was about the Holocaust.

When she was taught about Stalin, the discussion didn't revolve around what he believed. Communism came up, but not much and not any interesting information. Only timeline information was shared. It only covered what he did - his actions - like signing documents and when wars would happen. She knew that the Polish were taken captive by the Soviets. She never knew anything about the Holodomor.

As far as Hitler was concerned, she knew that he didn't like Jews or blacks. The "Life is Beautiful" film showed her the horrors of the Holocaust.

When she saw the segment where Anita Dunn, one of Obama's staff members said that "two of the people that I admire most are Mao Tse Tung and Mother Teresa" she could NOT BELIEVE that such a person could EVER be involved in the Obama Administration! How scary is that??? I also told her that the White House Christmas tree was adorned with a bulb that had Mao's likeness on it.

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Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
Where did your daughter go to college? What is at a liberal university or a Christian university? I don't know if just asking your daughter can give you an idea of what the rest of high school and college students are learning throughout the country. I teach history, and I teach about these things--so it isn't a liberal conspiracy to not inform students about history (besides, why would liberals not want to talk about all of this???).

Christinewjc said...

Hi Kevin,

She graduated from Cal. State Long Beach. She majored in Communications. I explained to her that perhaps a history major may have been taught more extensively about such events. She was just surprised that it wasn't covered in her years of public school education.

I can recall seeing a film about the Holocaust in my own high school history class back east. I will never forget seeing all the bodies of Jewish people being dumped in mass graves and skulls being taken out of the ovens during the Holocaust.

Of course, education was different back when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's.

I'm not quite sure why history has been watered down as it has. Do you have an explanation? I'd like to hear it.

I don't think that it's the liberals who don't want to talk about the horrors mentioned in the documentary. I agree with Beck that it is the far left progressives who want to hide the history of socialism turned communism (and nazism) because their current agenda appears to be heading back in that direction. They are anti-capitalism, so where is the logical alternative? Answer: socialism/Marxism/Communism.

Gary Baker said...


"(besides, why would liberals not want to talk about all of this???)"

One reason is to make parties or ideas they oppose look worse by presenting its actions without context. For example, a lot of liberals like to make Christians appear bad, at least from a historical standpoint, by bringing up that some Christians owned slaves and used the Bible to justify slavery. This is true, and lacking context makes Christianity sound terrible. What they omit is that it was the dedicated actions of Christians that was the major force behind the abolition of slavery in the western world and that slavery is still legal in some African nations. That context would make Christianity look "good" in the eyes of many people, a view a lot of secular liberals do not want to advance.

In a similar vein, liberals out in California denounce Christians and Mormons for opposing gay marriage because that makes them look intolerant. They seldom if every bother to mention that in a great many non-Christian countries that gays are imprisoned, tortured, and executed. They seem especially eager to avoid mentioning this of socialist or Muslim countries, though I wonder if the avoidance of mention about Muslim countries is due to a genuine wish to avoid offense or the knowledge that Muslims are the most likely religious group to instigate violence in response. And yes, I know that some nominally Christian countries also have instituted bonafide persecution of gays. These policies, however, are the exception rather than the rule and are strictly against the teachings of Christ. Kind of like all of the gay supporters in California who claimed that they were against hate and intolerance and then invaded people's churches.

Now, I fully support teaching a true and accurate picture of history, but in order to be accurate it also has to be given a proper context. If you simply relate all of the negative facts regarding a group or movement without showing how it compared to other groups of the day, you get a very distorted picture. The same thing occurs if you relay only the good, which is why so many people seem to think that mass murderers like Che and Mao are heroes. And, with global warming politicized, the modern environmental movement has shown that it's just as willing to distort and lie with regard to science as it is with history.

Dan said...

This is an exelent post. I get so tird of this:

If you simply relate all of the negative facts regarding a group or movement without showing how it compared to other groups of the day, you get a very distorted picture.

This is the M.O. and so dectectable by those who's thinking has not already been shaped and molded by the distorted messages.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the compliment.

Right you are about the sneaky M.O. going on out there to lure young adults into Obama's terrible agenda!

My daughter has seen how so many young people in her generation have been duped because they follow people like Pied Piper Obama right smack into the wrong path for themselves and thus the wrong direction for America.

As Gary stated, and you reiterated, such people (knowingly, or unknowingly) "hav[e] already been shaped and molded by the distorted messages" that people like Obama spew.

It's really so sad. Perhaps they will have learned their lesson as a result of this terrible Obama experiment that is a Marxist/tyrannical rule trap; disguised through a "nice" sounding title that is called "progressivism."

I'm so glad that both of my college graduate young adult children didn't fall for the hype and slide into the progressive abyss!

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
I left a comment here but I don't see it. Did you delete it or did it not show up? It was an answer to Gary about the importance to teaching about the context.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Kevin

No, I didn't delete any of your posts. I only deleted some recent spam posts, but none written by you. I guess it didn't show up. I hate when that happens. It has happened to me on occasion - at my own blog! I will check my email to see if it's in my inbox or spam box.

Sorry about that! Did you save it? Hope you can repost it.

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
Thanks for that. No, I didn't save it. I didn't think you would delete a post without letting me know. Oh well. It happens! It was mostly how I try to be fair when I teach about topics of a religious nature.