Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Willfully Blind to the Jihad

A friend (thank you Donna) sent the following video link to me via email today. I recall seeing this video during the 2008 Presidential campaign. It concerned me greatly back then - and still highly concerns me now.

Muslim Connections of Obama

When you watch the video, tell me what kind of look you perceive Obama as showing on his face while looking around the mosque. It reminded me of someone looking around a cathedral - all in worshipful, religious awe of one's surroundings.

What do you think?

Later today, I read Pam Geller's essay over at Big Government - The U.S. Government: Willfully Blind to the Jihad It sent shivers up and down my spine!

Recall that Obama has stated that "he would side with the Muslims?" IMO, that's going way beyond the call of duty for "tolerance." That statement made LOTS of Americans very uneasy.

Maybe it is we Americans - distracted by so many things these days - who are willfully blind to the under-the-radar hidden agenda that threatens our way of life and our nation? Just thinking out loud...

Hat tips to both links.

How many of these kinds of photos do we need to see to question where Obama's loyalties live?

Israpundit: What a smuck


Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
Have you ever seen the inside of any mosque? Some of them are incredibly beautiful. Just because Obama was looking at it in a certain way doesn't make him a Muslim--any more than I am a Muslim when I admire a beautiful mosque or a Christian when I admire Christian artwork/cathedrals.

Anonymous said...

1987 Khalid Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour a.k.a. Donald Warden was solicited to raise money for Obama’s Harvard Law School education. The solicitation is likely to have come from 1960s Weathermen Underground domestic terrorist Bill Ayers who was finishing his Masters in Education at Bank Street College in NYC at the time. al-Mansour is an orthodox Muslim, a black nationalist, an outspoken enemy of Israel, and mentor to Black Panther Party founder Huey Newton and his cohort, Bobby Seale. At the time al-Mansour associate Percy Sutton was raising money for Obama’s education, al-Mansour was the top financial advisor to mega-billionaire Prince Al-Waleed (Al-Walid) bin Talal of the Saudi royal family.

As of August 2009, Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s net worth is estimated at US$16.3 billion, down from $21 billion. He is ranked by Forbes as the 22nd richest person in the world. He has been nicknamed by Time magazine as the Arabian Warren Buffett.

Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal is in the same Saudi Royal family as Osama bin Mohammed bin Awad bin Laden. Obama comes from (in his own words) generation upon generation upon generation of muslims” (Arabian muslins).

This is why our government seems to be coddling the muslim terrorists its intercepts and it wants to try muslim terrorists that are caught in civilian courts and it wants to pull out of Iraq and it wants to negotiate with Iran and it is only begrudgingly supportive of Israel (Obama has been a Palestine supporter for years just like Osama bin Laden).

Wake up America. The Enemy is in your midst and he has one-third of the nation’s power and is chiping away at usurping the other two-thirds.

Percy Sutton connection to Harvard tuition paid for Obama Ug&eurl=

Al Mansour connection to Harvard tuition paid for Obama: the video proof

Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age,
Wednesday, 03 Sep 2008 05:58 PM

Percy Sutton was Malcolm X's attorney and a New York (Manhattan) Assemblyman. Percy Sutton was quite proud of Bin Talal’s involvement and said in a television interview still on YouTube that Mansour (Don Warden, a black panther founder) had been a patron of Obama’s for years, and that Mansour had contacted him to help get Barry [Obama] into Harvard.

Mansour can be found on YouTube acknowledging the long relationship with Obama. It is believed that Obama became known to Mansour during Obama’s Occidental College days in LA, California. Don Warden (Mansour) has been a paid recruiter for black nationalists since his Berkeley days. Mansour (Warden) had a radio show on California radio station KPFA. He's done quite well financially working for Bin Talal, who completed his undergraduate degree at Menlo College in CA and a master’s degree at the University of Syracuse in NY.

Christinewjc said...


Did you just choose to ignore the rest of the video or what?

Take a look at what "Anonymous" has written. Even more chilling facts!

I agree with what he/she wrote here:

"Wake up America. The Enemy is in your midst and he has one-third of the nation’s power and is chipping away at usurping the other two-thirds."


Christinewjc said...

Thank you, Anonymous! I have heard of Obama's connections to Muslim radicals before. Too many people have turned a blind eye to his past...what is known of it. The rest is being hidden - like his COLB which would reveal something that he doesn't want the public to know. Otherwise, why would he spend close to 2 million dollars on lawyers to prevent the lawsuits from getting a hearing in court?

We KNOW he isn't eligible because his father was never a U.S. Citizen. Article II Section 1 clause 5 of the United States Constitution tells us that only natural born citizens (NBC) are eligible for POTUS. NBC means the child of TWO U.S. Citizens and born on U.S. soil. Just because the Dems want to ignore our Constitution about this subject doesn't mean that WE THE PEOPLE will ignore it!

Thanks for your very informative comment.

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
No, I just looked at the facts on that video. Remember that picture you put up of Obama standing in front of that Cadet who was reading that book? Remember, that was a fake. I'm not saying this is a fake, but I am saying that there are many ways of looking at things.
And who is anonymous? How do you know I didn't write this from another computer just to stir you up? Why are they afraid to print their name? Christine--how do you know who this person is that you are totally believing?

So this person is telling me that in 1987 someone knew that Obama was going to be president (or someone very important) so they got some terrorists to fund his education? And you have Bill Ayers, who is still in school (according to the anonymous source) soliciting funds for Obama? You also have Percy Sutton raising money for Obama's education? Wow, Obama had quite the fan club when he was just a lowly student! This just doesn't add up. At all. As well as being 'terrorists,' they seem to be fortune tellers as well...Anonymous needs to wake up and see that Obama was elected by a majority of Americans because he was the best candidate.