Friday, February 12, 2010

Funniest Quote of the Day!

While watching "The O'Reilly Factor" today, there was a segment on NOW (National Organization for Women) and their silly claim that the Tim Tebow pro-life ad that was broadcast on Superbowl Sunday promoted "violence against women."

One of the two guests who appeared to answer questions during the segment, Greg Gutfeld, had the funniest quote!

He said:

NOW (National Organization for Women)* should change their name to SHRILL and have Joy Behar as their mascot!

Ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa!!! So true!

NOW's bogus claims about the ad promoting "violence against women" would be comical if the subject being discussed were not so serious an issue. Here comes the sobering part of this post.

*I would say that NOW stands more accurately for "National Organization for Womb-baby-killers."

What could be more violent than the deliberate induced death of an unborn baby in a woman's womb and the terrible physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual effects such an act has on the woman who goes through such a procedure and woefully regrets it for the rest of her life?


Anonymous said...

They are indeed shrill. Hard to believe they'd compound their foolishness by going down the the "violence against women" path.

Re. NOW: I prefer "National Organization [of unaborted] Women.

Christinewjc said...

Yes Neil! What a great point! It goes in line with "Choose Life - Your Mother Did!"