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Summit Aftermath [Added links& photos]

Differing opinions abound about what the Health Care Summit accomplished. And, more importantly, what it didn't. I came away from viewing most of the back and forth between Obama, Republican leaders, and Democrat leaders thinking that the Republicans FINALLY were able to get their message across - loud and clear - to the American people. It appears that David Gergen agrees with my assessment:

Gergen at CNN: Republicans Just Had Their Best Day in Years (Video)
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 2 hours ago
The Party of No – No More
Republicans finally got to present their plan to America and America liked what they saw. This dog and pony show was a huge mistake for Obama and his cronies. Republicans came to ...

How gratifying it is to learn that others see yesterday's "dog and pony" show as a huge mistake for Obama and his progressive cronies!

What's even more damaging to the debate is that Obama & cohorts will most likely choose to use the reconciliation method of ramming through ObamaSCARE HELLcare with only 51 votes in the Senate. This is an even bigger indication that the progressives are deliberately tone-deaf to what the majority of Americans DON'T WANT!

GOOD! Let them all die and bury themselves in their own political graves! They will be voted out of office soon enough. And, since the HELLcare benefits would not even start until 4 or 5 years down the road, I am hopeful that this disastrous bill could be repealed when the Conservative adults take over Washington D.C. in both 2010 and 2012.

The American people HAVE HAD ENOUGH of the terrible and obstinate ways of Obama's progressive Marxism!

What's more, Obama ruined any sense of bipartisanship when he lectured Republicans (and took WAY too much time from the forum attendees) after almost every one of their well thought out objections to HELLcare. The fact that when Rep. Cantor brought the mammoth paged HELLcare bill to the event - it irritated Obama - makes Barack seem quite childish.

Thoughts Of A Conservative Christian
Obama scolds Rep. Cantor at summit for paper prop - Obama scolds Rep. Cantor at summit for paper prop Feb 25 02:18 PM US/Eastern WASHINGTON (AP) – President Barack Obama scolded Virgina Republican Rep. Eric ...
45 minutes ago

How much more controlling can this idiot Obama get?

I wanted to be able to write:

"Today, for the first time in my adult life I am proud of Obama."

But I can't write that...and mean it! Why? Because Obama himself RUINED any chance of being bipartisan towards the Republicans. As I had feared (and many others felt the same way), Obama was trying to use the forum to persuade some Republicans - any Republican - to vote for the HELLcare bill. Then, he could claim - see? This is a bipartisan bill!

I REALLY hope that the Summit had the opposite effect on some of the DEMOCRAT leaders who were considering voting "yes" for the nuclear option . I hope that they now see how destructive it would be to their careers. I hope that they now see how many people IN THEIR OWN PARTY don't want this government takeover of health care!

Hat Tips to all links.

Paul Ryan: Health Care Gimmicks Smoke Mirrors Ponzi Scheme (Video Transcript)
posted by (Maggie Thornton) at Maggie's Notebook - 1 hour ago
Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) used Obama's own stats to show the deception, gimmicks, smoke and mirrors, and a Ponzi Scheme in the Democrat health care bill. Video and transcript below. Paul Ryan Gimmicks, s...

Five Biggest Liberal Lies from Yesterday's Healthcare Summit
posted by (Evil Conservative) at Evil Conservative Radio - 1 hour ago
Yesterday's Democrat drone-fest was, thankfully, punctuated by some of the most cogent Republican arguments on healthcare that have yet been aired. Now we're finding that, in addition to being ceaselessly ...

David Axelrod Says The American People Want Dems To Invoke Reconciliation; The American People Say, ” No We Don’t”
posted by nicedeb at Nice Deb - 30 minutes ago
Who does Axelrod think he is, speaking for the American people? Especially on a day when a poll comes out, showing a clear majority of us sees the government as a threat to our rights? This Frank Luntz foc...

[I don't know who is more arrogant and out of touch with the American people. Axelrod or Obama??]

Change!… Majority of Americans Say Current Government Is a Threat to Citizen’s Rights
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 1 hour ago
A majority of Americans say the current government is a threat to citizens’ rights. CNN Politics reported A majority of Americans think the federal government poses a threat to rights of Americans, accordi...

[Ya got that right!! Just goes to show that Progressivism isn't about freedom, liberty or citizens' rights - it's more about control.]

Video: Boehner Confronts Obama On Abortion Funding In Health Care Proposal
posted by nicedeb at Nice Deb - 2 hours ago
At the health care summit, yesterday, Rep. John Boehner told Obama to his face that his health care proposal uses taxpayer dollars to fund abortion. Note that Obama doesn’t deny that what Boehner says is t...

[My original reason for never being able to vote for Obama is highly evident in the lies and distortions that Obama is guilty of on the subject of abortion.]

HOPING we can CHANGE this Nation back to America
posted by (Evil Conservative) at Evil Conservative Radio - 3 hours ago
Well, here's some encouraging news - fully 56% of those polled by CNN think that the government is a threat to citizens' rights. In fact, the more I think of it, unless armed men just stormed your office, ...

Update 2/26/10 at 7:00 P.M. PT

Last, but certainly not least is this post over at Legal Insurrection. It wins for the "Best Blog Title" regarding the Health Care Summit:

Health Care in Spinsville

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