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Another Obamagate Moment [Update 2]

Just when you think that ObaMAO thuggery could not possibly get any worse, we find this gangster government sticking their lying, criminal noses in Israel's business by monitoring Jews on the Temple Mount.

Read all of the previous stories at the World Net Daily link above. You will be much more informed about the crucial steps that have led up to Obama's criminal treatment of Israel.

When I first heard the reports about Bully Biden's visit to Israel and how it ended up in U.S. Ties with Israel ending up in a 'Crisis of Historic Proportions,' what else do we need to know about ObaMAO'S OBVIOUS HOSTILITY towards the Jewish nation?

The following excerpt is just another chunk added to the iceberg being built by Obama's gangster government's TERRIBLE foreign "policy" regarding Israel:

A member of the U.S. government met with organizers of Tuesday's "International Temple Mount Awareness Day" to pepper the activists about their intentions regarding Jewish ascent to the holy site.

"It was obvious," one of the planners told WND, "the individual who met with us from the Obama government was concerned about the Jewish connection to the Temple Mount and what is being done to deepen it."

The organizer talked on condition of anonymity and also on condition that WND kept confidential the name of the U.S. official who met with the Temple event planners.

The International Temple Mount Awareness Day is being planned by a coalition of Jewish groups, including The Temple Institute, the Organization for the Renewal of the Temple (ORT), Women in Green, the Temple Mount Heritage Foundation and Israel National Radio.

"We call on Jews and Gentiles around the world to mark March 16th as a day of solidarity with the Temple Mount and the prophetic vision of 'a house of prayer for all nations,'" reads a statement from the organizers of the event.

In coordination with the Waqf, the Mount's Islamic custodians, police here ban all non-Muslims from praying on the Mount despite an Israeli Supreme Court decision requiring police to offer an arrangement that will enable public Jewish prayer on the site.

The Israeli police cite security concerns for their Jewish prayer restrictions, explaining they fear the outbreak of Muslim violence if non-Muslim prayer is allowed.

Continue reading here.

But that's not the whole story!

In an exclusive story, Lame Cherry blog spot reveals what Aaron Klein did not tell us!

I don't know exactly how the author of that blog gets his information, but he often backs it up with evidence! You will see the evidence within the article. Note the fact that what he reveals HAS BEEN SCRUBBED from the site!

You need to read the entire blog post!

Concluding excerpt:

Why on earth wipe from a site just as this Hillary tantrum over Jewish housing unless the Obama folks didn't want the world to know that James Jones was running the very crew which are George Mitchell's key associates.
That means Mitchell is not diplomacy, but this is an intelligence operation aimed at the Jews. It is salted with Dennis Ross who is supposed to be a friend of the Israeli state while the rest of this Mitchell Obama Reich is instigating a nuclear holocaust.

What Hillary Clinton was screeching about in Jewish housing was a set up from information leaked to Barack Obama in logical conclusion from his stooge Ehud Barak as Mitchell met with Barak first on returning to the Israeli state. The entire operation was designed to destabilize the Netanyahu government in order to coerce it into accepting Obama Warsaw Ghetto policy against the Jews.
This was run out of NSA by James Jones, Joe Biden was in on it as he arrived in Israel and started the bashing of Netanyahu immediately, and Hillary Clinton went on a tear hammering the Jews so bad the ADL even cringed.
What followed then was George Mitchell flying in and flying out to "restart talks" in his own blackmail in getting Jews and Philistines back at the table.

This is Barack Obama Inc. deliberately tampering with an allied government of these United States in running an intelligence operation out of NSA, with apparently no Congressional oversight, none from CIA and involving the sacred diplomatic corp as cover.

That is all quite illegal as it is an act of espionage, war without Congressional notification and using the State Department in the most duplicitous manner.

Once again, these are impeachable offenses for Barack Hussein Obama, Aaron Burr Biden and Hillary Clinton. Gen. Jones and George Mitchell at the very least should appear before Congress and at most this requires a Justice Department investigation as the American government can not be running Ehud Barak out of the White House and threatening Jews about building homes or threatening them about how they can pray.

This is one of the most explosive stories ever to be uncovered in the US government in it appears a quasi intelligence group reporting directly to Barack Hussein Obama is not just telling Jews where they can live and pray, but is exposing them to die in the fiery nuclear ovens of warfare.

Dwight David Eisenhower was filled with revulsion as were all Americans when this was being conducted against religious Jews in Europe during World War II, it is now apparent Obama policy.

Nazism under Hitler and National Socialism under Obama and Jews are having intelligence operations run against them.

This is a "never again moment". Come on Congress and the media, when is never again, never again in this Obamagate moment?

Yesterday, I saw a car with the following sign taped to the back of the window:

Meanwhile, I am PRAYING FOR ObamaSCARE HELLcare to fail!

I am PRAYING FOR GOD'S SOVEREIGN HAND to protect our nation from any terrible policies that ObamaFRAUD would inflict upon our nation (or Israel!!) until both 2010 (when he will be a lame duck) and 2013 when he is OUTTA HERE!



I must thank God that Netanyahu is back in power as Prime Minister in Israel. He will NOT BACK DOWN on his policies and will continue to be against the thuggery of ObaMAO. I'm sure that drives Resident Obama crazy! I have read elsewhere that Netanyahu has "something explosive" that he can some day reveal against Obama (eligibility issue??), so Netanyahu has the upper hand in this crisis of historic proportions.


God bless you Mr. Netanyahu! May God's hand of protection be over you, your government, your people, and your nation! Your nation is the Apple of God's Eye and we born-again Christians here in America support you and salute you for your ultimate steadfast governing for the sake of your nation!

Hat tips to all links above.

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The story gets more and more interesting!

Lame Cherry Blogspot: Obama Gang of Six

Concluding excerpt:

This is something the above [Mitchell Gang] should be ashamed of to their core, but as none are, the reality is this group conducted an act of war on the Israeli state in the Obama Kristallnacht.

This Mitchell Gang reporting directly to Barack Hussein Obama apparently did not inform the House or Senate Intelligence Committees of this operation of war and espionage. All of that is not only dangerous, but is criminally irresponsible in attacking a US ally and destabilizing a nuclear theater.

Now that the names and faces have been linked to deliberate Obama militantism against Jews, it is time that Congress and the Justice Department become involved in this. Barack Hussein Obama in national socialism has revisited the Nazi policy which was conducted against religious European Jews in the 1930's.
It is heinous. It is unAmerican and it is unlawful for this in crimes against humanity. One can not build a Philistine state by blackmailing, bashing and beating up Jews to give in.

That though should answer in the above deduction in who the Jews and Aaron Klein would not make note of in public. It is hoped that by the above revelations that Mr. Obama will be brought before Congress with this Gang of Six with their satellite operatives in James Jones, Samantha Power and Dennis Ross as this attack on the Jewish Government will only lead to wars and nuclear strikes by this weakening of the Jewish position as Obama has abandoned the Middle East to Brzezinski Muslim extremism.

nuff said.


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