Tuesday, March 09, 2010

He Is

Mark Schultz is a great Christian recording artist. I just love listening to his song, "He Is" as I drive down the freeway in my car. The following video helps capture the fact that no matter what we face here on this earth, the truth is that He is with us through it all!

YouTube Video Link: He Is by Mark Schultz


Susan Smith said...

Christine said, "He is with us through it all. Amen! Have a great day on the West coast, Christine. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan,

It's unusually chilly this morning here in CA! Only 48 degrees! But the sun is out and it will warm up to about 60 later. We have had so much rain these past few weeks that it looks like Ireland when I walk up and down the block and look up at the hills filled with beautiful homes surrounded by greenery! Our state really needed the rain, so thank God that He provides!

Hope all is well with you and have a great day on the East coast!

At-The-Water-Cooler said...

I've place the video on the front page at At The Water Cooler under the bible study category. He is the answer and solution to the issues we face in our country.

Christinewjc said...

Thank you! SO TRUE that Jesus is the answer and the solution to everything we are currently facing in this country.

Through the efforts of His own, we are waking up the slumbering people in America to the fact that ObaMAO was an error of choice on the part of the electorate.

God has a plan - and it always involves redemption. We must trust Him and be patient.

I pray for the redemption of our current gangster government every day.