Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Link: World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy

Since I am feeling under the weather today, my time at the computer is limited. But I've been watching what's going on about the health care bill on T.V. I feel bad for Bart Stupak and his family. Apparently, they have been unmercifully verbally attacked and harassed because of his "no" vote on the health care bill.

What is this?

Stalin's Russia??? Geez....

The family was forced to disconnect all of their phones. I hope that they have FBI or police protection, too. ObaMAO's Chicago style Al Capone thuggery type of a gangster government is highly disturbing and absolutely disgusting!

I went to the doctor this morning. He and all the nurses I spoke with at the office are all against ObaMAO's disastrous bill!

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I also wanted to come online briefly today to call your attention to a new blog that I have discovered. It's excellent!

World and Church Trends and Bible Prophecy
The world is very unstable we have reached the unraveling point. - Have you noticed that the world is becoming extremely unstable on every front? The only nation that kept the world fairly stable since the Second World Wa...

The author of the blog, Don Koenig, is an expert in sharing Bible prophecy and applying it to how current world and church trends are being affected by the instability going on in the world today.
I am so impressed with his writings! When I get better, I plan to do a LOT of reading at that blog!

Have a good day, everyone.


P.S. Will check in throughout the day and evening to release comments.



GMpilot said...

I'm very sorry to hear that you're ill.
I hope it's nothing more than a minor annoyance, because if it's serious, you will require professional help, and I'm sure you would rather die than face that ObaMAO HELLcare that's lurking just down the road...

Anyway, while you're hors de combat, I may take a look at the links you've talked about. As for you, take this time to sit and write a thoughtful blogpost. Tell us the results of your “New Think” Week. Did you achieve your objectives? Did it generate many responses? Was the feedback interesting?
You have a little extra time now. It'll be something for all of us to look forward to.

Get well soon.

Christinewjc said...

Thanks for your concern, GM.

At least ObaMAO HELLcare nightmare we may one day face doesn't kick in until 2014. Still praying that it doesn't pass.

I will be laying down a lot over the next few days thinking about future blog posts. The study guide on heaven that I have been reading is quite interesting, comforting, wisdom filled and something that all believers can look forward to. Perhaps I will share some of it here at the blog.

Again, thanks for the good wishes. Appreciate it.