Sunday, March 14, 2010

What On Earth is the Millennium?

Last week, I introduced readers of this blog to Dr. David Jeremiah's new series, "Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven." Today's broadcast certainly doesn't disappoint! In fact, it brings much greater clarity to what is meant by what the Bible calls, "The Millennium."

A brief background:

The 1,000 years (Revelation 20:2-4) are often referred to as the Millennnium (Latin for 1,000). Just how and when this 1,000 years takes place is understood differently among Christian scholars. The three major positions on this issue are called postmillennialism, premillennialism, and amillennialism.

Today's broadcast, "What On Earth is the Millennium?" is covered in great detail, using Bible verses from the Old Testament to support the premillennialism view that Dr. Jeremiah reveals in his sermon.

Last week, I ordered the DVD set, book, and five study guides. This series is so good that I want to share it again with a group of five friends in my home! A few days ago, I got an email that told me the "Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven" DVD, book, and study guide set is on backorder! It's THAT popular!

I was planning on viewing all of the lessons that I had previously missed in the series when I got my set. But now, I find that since I will have to wait until mid-April to get the entire set, I want to view the previous sermons available online at LightSource. com: Turning Point.

Briefly, I want to point out that some Christians may believe in "Postmillennialism" or "Amillennialism." These are different views about the Millennium, but they need not cause division and controversy in the church because each view acknowledges what is most crucial to Christianity - Christ will return, defeat Satan, and reign forever! Despite what an individual Christian believes regarding the Millennium, Jesus Christ will unite all believers. Therefore, we should not let this issue divide us.

I once got into an argument...make that a "discussion" regarding the differing ideas about "whatever and whenever" the Millennium will be. Neither one of us ended up convincing the other of our views regarding this issue. Sometimes that's the way it goes!

However, the way that Dr. Jeremiah covers it in this series, the Premillennialism view fits with Scripture (IMHO) MUCH better than the other views do.

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Teresa said...

As a Catholic, I have never really encountered or pondered the questions regarding millenialism. Both the topic and the varying views of millenialism is very interesting. I do agree that Christians shouldn't let different beliefs on this issue divide them.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Teresa,

For decades, I felt the same way. But when I started studying the Bible over 23 years ago, I realized how important the book of Revelation is.

If you haven't ever done an in-depth study before, I highly recommend "The Book of Revelation: Unlocking the Future" by Edward Hindson. The book is set up in a way that makes it easier to understand.

The title of the last book of the Bible (Revelation) means "book of the unveiling." It is meant to be understood. Thus, the promise, "Blessed is he who reads, and those who hear the words of the prophecy, and heed the things which are written in it" (Rev. 1:3).

Did you watch the video sermon? What did you think of it?