Monday, March 01, 2010

OTP - One Term President

If the truth be told, I am not usually a fan of rap music. But this music video is just too good not to like! Enjoy "OTP - One Term President" by The Wolverines!

Youtube link: OTP - One Term President by the Wolverines


Good comments:

grester (1 hour ago) Hopefully we will still have a country to salvage after his one term. I think he just sits around at night thinking up ways to deconstruct our country. I mean seriously, he is either 1. totally ignorant or 2. He is doing this on purpose. Pick any item that has been proven to help an economy and he will enact the opposite. Makes you wonder.....

seanisagamer (1 hour ago) @BlackAndRight not at all. They dont like Obama because he isnt a good president and promised things that were unrealistic. Public healthcare? No thanks, pay for it yourself.

Vader21690 (14 hours ago) LOL Finally a rap video i can watch. OTP rules get this guy out of there in 2012 so the country and get moving again

jarnazzi1969 (7 hours ago) Great Video! Very smart & contemporary. DJ's will be spinning this one in the clubs, kids will listen & sing along at school dances. Libtards will hate it because there is no cursing or nudity. Parents will love it because there is no cursing or nudity.

CTSBeast (8 hours ago) Day 1: 400 views
Day 2: 2500 views
Today 3: 6500 views
Go Baby Go! Post it everywhere.
Email it everywhere

rockentk (10 hours ago) Good job. One thing that narcissistic people like Obama can't stand is being made fun of. Good going this really makes me laugh. Its just to bad its so true. Keep up the good work maybe some sheeple will get it.

DoctorVapor (10 hours ago) The generation that voted for Obama has awakened and realized theyve been had. I remember when it happened to me, it was Jimmy Carter. Its a rude awakening but its one we all go through at some time in our lives. All politicians are crooks, liars, and thieves. Welcome to the real world Obama generation. Im down with OTP !!

jilajig2 (12 hours ago) I love this video. Thank you Jesus that the current clown-in-chief is gonna have reality hit him on Judgment Day 11/02/2012 when the American people will see right through his shenanigans and sleight-of-hand tricks and put him out of Office for good!

ThreeNineLine (12 hours ago) I thank G-d for Molotov's courage to speak the truth.

Truth can never be debated...only accepted or denied!

Truth is it's own weapon and Molotov wields it perfectly! In this maddening universe of youtube garbage-shock video, it's nice to see some HQ video with a positive eternal meaning!

Keep rockin the truth man.

Caution! There are several curse-filled comments from the Libs at the Youtube site. They are livid about this excellent music video that exposes ObamaFRAUD!

Hat Tip:

WorldNetDaily: That's a rap! Obama a 'One Term President'
America's angst against White House becomes sensational YouTube video


Teresa said...

I am not a fan of rap, but I loved this rap song. We must stop Obama before he destroys our country. He is a radical that is surrounded by radicals. He said, judge me by who I have that surrounds me. Well, I am judging, and its obvious that he is trying to rip our Constitution to shreds. He must be stopped! This is going to be one mega-cleanup after we boot Obama out in 2012.

Christinewjc said...

I think that the Dems will lose their majority in both the House and the Senate on November 2, 2010. Obama will be a lame duck during the last two years of his fraudulent Residency. Thank God!

Al said...

Interesting video/post. Encouraged that folks are beginning to discern the truth about the state of affairs in our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

I like truth in rap. I first saw the bumper stickers on the California freeway but when you search for OTP the search engines take you no where fast. I found what OTP really meant by searching and searching. When the search engines avoid it and YouTube shows only 100,000 hits you have to believe that figures don't lie but liars figure.