Tuesday, April 27, 2010

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I've been busy with family lately so I apologize for not keeping up with my blogging! I have a great post coming up so stay tuned. Meanwhile, visit the following wonderfully informative blogs that have covered the important topics over the last few days!
Admittedly, I have a lot of blog reading to do! But here are a few of the latest and greatest blog posts.



Leading Economist Peter Schiff: US in Worse Shape Than in 2008; We Are In As Bad or Worse Shape Than Greece (Video)
posted by Jim Hoft at
Gateway Pundit - 17 minutes ago
Doug Ross posted this earlier today– Peter Schiff, president of Euro Pacific Capital, announced today that the US economy is in worse shape than it was in 2008. Schiff said, “You can’t have an economy base...
Shocker. Obama Town Hall Stacked With Supporters- Man Behind Him Wears Community Organizer Shirt
posted by Jim Hoft at
Gateway Pundit - 1 hour ago
Obama was in Ottumwa, Iowa today to promote his disastrous economic record. Of course, he had to stack the town hall meeting before he arrived. Notice the “Obama community organizer” shirt in the backgroun...

Ha! Obama is so unpopular now that they wouldn't dare allow the general public into a town hall meeting. What a Farce in Chief this guy has turned out to be! LOL!!!

Anti-Obama Billboard Campaign Continues: Embarrassed Yet?
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 5 hours ago
Another one in Texas… “Embarrassed Yet?”

My answer:


posted by noreply@blogger.com (Arlen Williams) at Investigating Obama - 6 hours ago
Both of these videos are from yesterday evening. The Financial Times article is from this Sunday. They are elements of the most extensive scandal perhaps, since original sin. While the Beck video is even ...

I wanted to blog about Beck's exposure of the connections and scandal of Goldman Sachs, Obama, the Joyce Foundation, Fannie and Freddie Mac, and the Crap and Tax farcical bill. Thankfully, Arlen at Investigating Obama has already done a fabulous job sharing all of it!

Health Care Cost Report Deliberately Held Back? Update: Denial.
posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 7 hours ago
I previously posted about a recent report by the Office of Medicare Actuary which found that Obamacare would increase costs, and that the final health care bill made numerous unrealistic cost assumptions.


Sen. Levin Drops S-Bomb 11 Times During Goldman Sachs Show Trial
posted by Jim Hoft at
Gateway Pundit - 8 hours ago
Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) dropped the s-bomb 11 times this morning during the Goldman Sachs show trial in the Senate Government Affairs Subcommittee Hearing. Via BreitbartTV: Goldman Sachs and its employees a...

Such potty-mouthed creeps in Congress. VOTE 'EM OUT AMERICA!!!

CODE RED ALERT: White House Withheld Information to Pass ObamaCare
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 9 hours ago
It looks like a certain scandal story is starting to pick up some steam… ** Code Red Alert ** The NRCC is reporting this latest Code Red Alert: Sources: White House Withheld Information to Pass ObamaCare O...

Seriously. Is anyone even a bit surprised to learn this???

Politico: Yeah, Barack Got Enemy

posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 11 hours ago
Politico has figured out that "Obama the uniter" never existed. Obama created momentum by identifying enemies against whom to campaign, and has continued that practice in office. The only change is that in...

Speaks for itself...

Blago Greta van Susteren: Blago There is a Smoking Gun Transcript and Video
posted by maggiesnotebook@cox.net (Maggie Thornton) at
Maggie's Notebook - 12 hours ago
The former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, better known as "Blago" was on Greta's On the Record last night. Blagojevich is asking a court to subpoena Barack Obama for his coming trial. It is alleged...

I hope they nail Obama. He's so corrupt that any one of the schemes he has been involved in should boot him out of office!

Voices of Hate

posted by William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion - 13 hours ago
There are many voices of hate, but the voices most ignored by the mainstream media come not from Tea Parties or maligned conservative groups, but from the intolerant left. After someone who did commercial...

Yep...but we conservatives already know the left's game. The good news is that its not working anymore! People have figured it out and they are not being duped by the Lamestream media anymore!


Benjamin Franklin in 1775 thanks Charles Dumas of the Netherlands for sending him 3 more copies of the newest 1775 edition of Vattel's Law of Nations

posted by cfkerchner at A Place to Ask Questions to Get the Right Answers - 21 hours ago
Another founder of our nation and framer of our Constitution, Benjamin Franklin, was also quite familiar and well versed with the writings of Vattel. He had his own personal copy prior to the advent of the...

Nationally 60% Favor Verifying Immigration Status
posted by maggiesnotebook@cox.net (Maggie Thornton) at
Maggie's Notebook - 22 hours ago
Message to Obama and Napolitano, you are definitely a minority. Nationally, 60% of Americans are in favor of stopping and verifying "immigration status." Immigration Status Voter support for empoweri...


Video: Extreme Content Warning

posted by nicedeb at Nice Deb » Obama To Speak On Importance OF Fiscal Responsibility, Today - 22 hours ago
Liberal hate speech ahead. And when it comes to hate speech…nobody does it better than liberal trolls. Freedomworks has released voicemails from enraged libs, in full freak-out mode over the Geico Lizard, ...

We already knew about the vile content of liberal hate speech. Proceed with caution.

Economists: Stimulus Didn't Help: No Joke!
posted by maggiesnotebook@cox.net (Maggie Thornton) at
Maggie's Notebook - 22 hours ago
We knew that. You and I knew the Stimulus didn't help the economy. We know it has not helped individual families. Stimulus In latest quarterly survey by the National Association for Business Economics,...

Another one of those "is anyone a bit surprised by this?" moments!

Obama trial, May 14, 2010, Dr. James David Manning, Columbia University Treason and Sedition Trial, Obama not natural born citizen, Obama did not attend Columbia University
posted by citizenwells at Citizen WElls - 4 hours ago
Obama trial, May 145, 2010, Dr. James David Manning, Columbia University In what could be a precursor to the indictment, impeachment and removal of Barack Obama from office, Dr. James David Manning is cond...

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