Friday, April 30, 2010

Please Share This Information with EVERYONE You Know!

All of the sleazy connections that Glenn Beck exposed on his show yesterday - about this corrupt government currently in power here in America - is absolutely astounding! If you didn't see it, please watch the videos over at Watch Glenn video

New Zeal blog has some clips of a former Glenn Beck show - which was recorded as Glenn and his team worked to uncover the evil web being weaved. Last night, Glenn revealed the "wizard" of the Emerald city of Crime, Inc.!

In a nutshell, New Zeal sums it up when the author of the blog writes:

"Big story here. Glenn Beck ties Obama to multi trillion dollar carbon trading scams, Goldman Sachs, the Joyce Foundation, Bill Ayers' brother, Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong and a whole cast of villains."

This has to be shared with EVERYONE - so that the American people will see the truth of the schemes and scams that ObaMARXIST & his evil cohorts (especially the progressive groups and union leaders) are weaving through a web of high crimes and deceit!!


I want our Constitutional Republic back! I want our liberty and freedom back!

Down with Marxo-Fascism that is this current, corrupt-to-the-core climate at the White House and in Congress! Ugh!!!

God, please help us!

Hat Tips to all links.

Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America is nothing more than a criminal enterprise and money laundering scheme! Trouble is, this big, corrupt government is using YOUR MONEY, MY MONEY, the taxes of WE THE PEOPLE to conduct this massive ponzi scheme!!

Wake up, America!

Vote all of these bums OUT!! All of those who have gone along with, and/or supported ANYTHING ObaMARXIST, PeLIARsi, and ReiDUNCE proposed and passed! We need to make Obama a lame duck until 2012 so that he cannot continue this insane madness of spending, taxing, and corrupt government takeover of the private sector!


GMpilot said...

Give the precision of his past record, why should I or anyone give credence to what BeckERHEAD says?

Christinewjc said...

Please share what is not factual about the connections he pieced together. Even the White House can't refute them.

If what he revealed is not fact, then why would Rupert Murdock keep his show on?

Glenn's past record is like everyone else's. Filled with sin and regret. However, his faith turned him around and now he works hard to tell the public what the Media of Mass Deception refuses to share.

This evil administration only found one thing wrong in a year's full of reporting. And that was that Van Jones wasn't a felon. He went to jail, but it wasn't due to a felony charge.

Keep your head in the sand, GM, like all of the typical tools who label themselves as liberals and progressives. Be foolish and let these radical Marxo-fascists trample our country. There are enough people who choose to be patriots and face the truth - even though you don't want to.