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FYI - New List at Talk Wisdom

I have created a website/blog list of sites (in the right sidebar) that cover the Obama/Soetoro ineligibility for POTUS question. It can be a great resource when you need to counter those who think that Obama's ineligibility for POTUS is a frivolous complaint. The sites are listed in alphabetical order.

If you know of any additional sites that belong on this list, please share a link in the comment section and I will add it on.

Obama POTUS Ineligibility Websites:


In addition, I would like to call every one's attention to a sidebar listing that I had previously created which shares exactly why this issue is of utmost importance.

Why Natural Born Citizen for POTUS Matters:

YouTube Video Link: Exactly What IS A Natural Born Citizen?

Additional articles to read:

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Officer to Obama: Burden of proof must rest with you
Flight surgeon refusing orders releases text of challenge to president--WND

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
3rd Circuit picks June 29 for eligibility case
Argument alleges Obama probably not even American citizen--WND

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
Officer questioning eligibility faces new threats from Army
'You could be sentenced to dismissal, confinement'--WND

WorldNetDaily ExclusiveIs Obama constitutionally eligible to serve?
WND's complete archive of news reports on the issue--WND

WorldNetDaily Exclusive
New strategy unveiled to force Obama on eligibility
Petition calls on state election officials to verify qualifications in 2012--WND

Interesting Letters to the Editor at WorldNetDaily:

Thursday April 08, 2010

Calling the pretender's bluff

I am loving this! ["Officer questioning eligibility faces new threats from Army"]
If Lakin is court-martialed, he gets discovery and should be able to demand proof of Obama's eligibility. If he is not court-martialed, that fact alone lends great weight to the suspicion that Obama is not constitutionally qualified to be president.

Lakin is calling the "great" pretender/pathological liar's bluff!

I flat out do not believe that Obama is legit. If that proves out, that he is not legit, I hope he spends the rest of his life in federal prison.

Way to go, Terry Lakin. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Wednesday April 07, 2010

Joint Chiefs are responsible

The case of Lt. Col. Lakin begs a question that is becoming ever more disturbing over time: Why, exactly, have our military leaders, specifically the Joint Chiefs, failed to force the "Impostor in Chief" to substantiate that he is a "natural born citizen"?

Ultimately, it is not Lt. Col. Lakin who is responsible for insuring that the U.S. military as a whole is following legal orders. It is the responsibility of the Joint Chiefs, each of whom, just as Lt. Col. Lakin, took an oath to uphold the Constitution. The U.S. armed forces place men and women in battle, kill enemy soldiers under presidential orders and would release weapons of mass destruction under those same orders.

We Americans need to begin asking ourselves whether it is only Barry Soetero we need to worry about. We give our military leaders incredible power, and yet they seem to have abdicated the responsibility of insuring that power is used lawfully. Indeed, their silence may be enabling and furthering a terrible fraud against the American people.

If Soetero is ever found to be a usurper, not only should he go – and be tried, punished and made an example of, by the way – but so should the Joint Chiefs who have abjectly failed in their duty to protect the United States of America from ALL ENEMIES, both foreign and domestic. And we must create safeguards to insure that no one who does not hold ultimate loyalty to the Constitution of the United States ever holds any of these positions again.

God bless America.

Dale Howell


Determining truth via polls?

As a longtime WND reader, I was once again offended by Glenn Beck's latest extended rail against the "nut jobs" who want to see proof that our commander in chief is constitutionally eligible to be the president. This latest rail against the "birthers" was on his radio show this week.

He again equated "birthers" to those that say "Bush blew up the World Trade Center" and the "moon landing people." The phrase "nut jobs" was repeated more than once.

In his latest "words of wisdom" on the issue, he said that the truth comes though majority consensus, and he used recent poll results to prove it. Since when does Beck, on any other issue, believe that the majority opinion defines the truth? He does with this issue!

Beck is doing serious damage to the effort of people who only want to find out the truth on the issue. If you listened to his latest "speeches" on the eligibility issue, he is trying to make people believe that if they want answers on this issue, they are labeling themselves as "nut jobs," and they are losing credibility on all other issues.

Glenn's saying a lot of good things about a lot of other issues, but he's losing credibility (in my book) by taking an irrational and inconsistent stand on this issue. WND needs to contact Glenn behind the scenes and educate him on this issue. And if you have and he is ignoring the information, and arrogantly increasing and intensifying his attacks on those questioning the prez's eligibility, then maybe it's time Glenn gets a little negative press from the conservative news sources.


The Army's 'presumption'

In Bob Unruh's article "Officer questioning eligibility faces new threats from Army," he quotes from an Army "counseling form" issued to Lt. Col. Terry Lakin, which reads in part, "… deployment orders are presumed to be valid and lawful ..." Presumed to be valid and lawful?

According to Princeton's WordNet, "presumed" is defined as meaning to "accept without verification or proof." If Obama's eligibility had been proven, there would be no need to "presume" that the colonels orders are lawful. It seems that the Army has very carefully chosen its words – or perhaps had its words chosen for them – to avoid making any direct (and therefor challengeable) assertion that the orders are fully lawful based on proven eligibility of Barack Obama. Instead, by "presuming" that the orders are valid and lawful, the Army is attempting to relieve themselves of any responsibility to prove the legality of the order and instead shift the burden of proof to Col. Lakin. Hopefully, Lakin can get the case in front of a judge who will require the Army to prove the validity and legality of the orders.

Leslie D. Martin


That's using your noggin

Great idea Joseph Farah has about the states refusing to put Ovomit on the ballot! How do we help get a movement going in our individual states?

About time somebody used their bean and used our Constitution to fight our battles at the state level!

God bless and sustain Joseph – a real American patriot!

Jerry & Bonnie Gallimore


The Soviets are back

I love it. A brain scan for Lt. Col. Lakin. This is what Soviet Russia used to do to dissidents. They would lock them up in mental hospitals. Man, the truth is really dangerous to some people.

J. Morrison


Expose the impostor

I have wondered for some time now if the U.S. military would be the final "backstop" against an Obama coup established through the declaration of martial law. If in fact our military still believes in their oath to "defend this country against enemies foreign and domestic," Lt. Col Lakin has presented the Joint Chiefs with the exact means by which to dispense of our "pretender-in-chief."

Instead of carrying water for Obama, allow the process to go forward through court martial, and get to the "discovery phase," which heretofore has been thwarted. All it would take is the light of truth illuminating the "dark past" of the current office holder of the presidency to save our nation.

Pray to God that our military still has the male accoutrements needed to expose this impostor.

Richard McGowen


Friday April 02, 2010

God speed, Lt. Col. Lakin

While I commend Lt. Col. Terry Lakin for his bravery in challenging the Barack Hussein Obama on the obfuscation regarding his eligibility to be president of the United States ["Army 'showdown' at eligibility corral"], I also pray that God be with him. I'm sure he realizes that the full force of personal destruction by the left will be unleashed on him. Indeed, I even pray for his safety.

His service to the country, as demonstrated by the myriad decorations he has received, will mean nothing as the left, foaming at the mouth, will demonize him, trash him, brand him as a nut-job extremist and call for him to be thrown in jail. In fact, with the level of raw, unmitigated hatred on the left, I'll wager that you'll even see left-wingers calling for a firing squad. I really, really doubt that ordinary people can truly comprehend the level of hatred the left has for the right. It literally rivals the hatred radical Islam teaches against the Jews.

The truly sad part is that the conservative "establishment" will not come to his defense. Talk radio, Fox News and all the conservative talking heads have conceded this issue to the liberals. While they challenge Obama on everything else, on this issue they are wholly spineless. Again, I pray that God be with Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and give him the strength to endure what is undoubtedly coming his way. Other than that, and the support of WorldNetDaily, he is essentially on his own.

God speed, Lt. Col. Lakin. Your service to this country and defense of the Constitution makes you a true patriot.

Mike Michaelian

Barry and his cabal

It is amazing that the controlled "lame stream media" will not cover your story about a top Army doctor basically telling Barry to take his orders and "shove it" until he can prove that he should be in that job! This should be the breaking lead story in every news organization in the world!

Just like dozens of other stories like it, it, too, will be buried and put to rest and nobody will care except the so-called "fringe wacky birthers," as portrayed in the controlled media. Most of America will not even hear about this story nor care.
It is a shame, more people know about some guy crawling through a drive-thru window and slapping a McDonald's employee for a fish sandwich, posted on the Drudge Report, than this story! Who cares except for the people involved!
That courageous highly decorated Army officer may be throwing his career away for nothing and may end up in prison because the controlled "lame stream media" agenda, rather than reporting the "real" news, is to keep Barry Soetoro and his corrupt socialist cabal in power and to fulfill their socialist dream for America by any means necessary.

They will never let his secret high treasonous fraud on America out and treat it as a serious story, because it could be the one thing, among many others, that could land Barry and his cabal in prison for life!



Watching his tongue

I find it interesting that whenever Obama mentions "birthers" and the questioning of his eligibility to be president, as well as the questioning of him being a socialist or a Muslim, he never says he is not any of these things, nor has ever actually used the language "I am a natural born American citizen" to rebuff the concerns. It's like he is intentionally not addressing the concerns directly with answers because he knows legally down the road his words will be used against him in a court of law. I also find it interesting that Michelle Obama has never defended her husband over these concerns in the media – as if she knows or has been told not to for legal reasons possibly. 

Can you, Mr. Farah, ever recall him addressing these concerns with direct answers? Interesting, I thought.

Keep up the good work!
Charles Lisman


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