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Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey – Living in Times that Try Men’s Souls

My blogging friend Zach Jones has written an absolutely excellent article which has been published in News. Lt. Col. Lakin’s Journey – Living in Times that Try Men’s Souls

It is difficult to choose a brief excerpt to highlight. The entire article is a must read! However, one of the most important points can be summed up here:

When those who are supposed to lead shirk their responsibilities, those who follow, those who have based their lives upon principles are left with few options other than to walk bravely into the batons of the oppressors as Gandhi and his followers. I’m sure Lt. Col. Lakin is aware of the obstacles and challenges that await him. With 18 years of exemplary service behind him, how can he not?

“…anything that does not stand the test when it is brought to the anvil of truth and hammered with non-violence, REJECT IT.” In light of the above statements and suggestions of a Kenyan birth, what do you think? Can anyone really reject out of hand Lt. Col. Lakin’s assertions and doubts?

Just a reminder, even if Obama were born in Hawaii, he still fails to meet the test for being a ‘natural born citizen’ because of the citizenship of his father. This is why Obama does not want the issue to be addressed on the merits. It’s why courts are falling over themselves to avoid addressing this political hot potato. This is why he continues to let military men and women sacrifice their careers and why Obama allows doubts to persist throughout the ranks. He knows he might not meet the test for being a ‘natural born citizen’.

“Use truth as your anvil…” Ms. Kelly seemed to want to leave viewers with the impression that Lt. Col. Lakin could not possibly present a valid defense in a court martial for refusing to obey orders of a superior officer. Admittedly it is a hard row to hoe but Lt. Col. Lakin does in fact have defenses. One defense is that given the known facts, every ‘reasonable serviceman’ or woman in the military could in fact have reasonable doubts about Obama’s Constitutional eligibility to serve as President and Commander In Chief.

Using the same logic present in Rule 916 (d).

“Obedience to orders. It is a defense to any offense that the accused was acting pursuant to orders unless the accused knew the orders to be unlawful or a person of ordinary sense and understanding would have known the orders to be unlawful.”

According to The Rules for Courts-Martial (R.C.M.) (2008 Edition), Lt. Col. Lakin will have the ability to use civilian defense counsel as long as it is at no expense to the military. Therefore, I urge people to support Lt. Col. Lakin’s legal defense fund.

Even though Lt. Col. Lakin’s chances of success at his court martial are not great. It is vitally important for Lt. Col. Lakin to have a highly experienced civilian attorney well versed Constitutional law, the UCMJ, and preserving rights on appeal. Preserving Lt. Col. Lakin’s appellate rights is critical, takes experience and is not inexpensive.

In addition, Zach Jones writes about what I, and many other WE THE PEOPLE TEA Party supporting bloggers have lamented:

As I write this article, I have just learned that Supreme Court Justice Thomas has admitted that the nation’s highest court is “evading” the eligibility issue. What? It seems everyone involved is/was waiting for someone else to take the lead!

I think America needs a lot more anvils of truth being hammered with many, many more hammers of non-violence! Avoidance is not truth. Omission is not truth.

Honor is the one thing that makes our military special and right now it is in jeopardy from the top down through the Chain of Command. Like truth, honor in all matters must be maintained.

Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters. Albert Einstein

My original intent this morning was to write about Sean Hannity's new book Conservative Victory: Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda.

So far, I have read the Introduction, Obama's History of Radicalism, and Obama's New Radical Friends. I thought I knew most of what there is to know about Obama and his evil cohorts, but even I was shocked by what I read in those chapters! What Sean shares about Obama, his radical history and radical associations influencing him at the White House is so stunningly heartbreaking and disastrous. I have been tempted many times to skip over to the good stuff in Part III: Moving Forward: Reclaiming the Future.

I plan to include excerpts in a future post that will most likely make you even more angry (if that is even possible!) about Obama and the Democrats ramming legislation (especially the Hellcare bill) down our throats.

I tell ya - November, 2010 can't get here soon enough! These people are guilty of so much corruption it is astounding! These people will undo themselves, and already have done so in the eyes of the American people. November will be a tsunami wave sweep-out of liberal progressive Dems from both the House and the Senate.

I can't wait!

Currently, we have to suffer through such a time as this - that try men's souls. However, we can look to the future and reclaim our beloved nation - just as Sean Hannity suggests and instructs in his book.

Keep doing what Jesus told us to do. Wait, work and watch! Bathe our nation in prayer! Think of these times as just a prelude to victory - and all the glory goes to God.

Hat Tips: News

Additional Hat Tip to Citizen Wells for leading me to the article.

Citizen Wells

I just went back to that blog and read a very interesting comment:

Pete // April 19, 2010 at 7:58 am


I posted to you a news article from Fox news. That article talked about a library fine for George Washington, that was 220 years old.

The importance of the article, and the fine, is that it mentioned which books were overdue. The key to understanding the Natural Born Citizen issue is to understand what the Founding Fathers felt that it meant. Once we understand what the context of Natural Born Citizen, as it was placed into the Constitution, then we will all be able to judge for ourselves.

John Jay wrote George Washington, before the Constitution was finished, that it would be prudent to ensure that the CIC was a Natural Born Citizen. The debate now centers on how that was defined. The dems, have stated that it meant someone born on U.S. soil. Others, have claimed it was intended as a higher level than just citizenship and refer to British Common Law. Others have pointed to Vattel and a book called the Law of Nations, period correct, for an understanding.

George Washington, our founding father, just reached out from a grave of over 200 years to attempt to save this republic. How? He never turned in a book that he checked out as POTUS, and now we know which definition he and John Jay were discussing. You see, a book that President George Washington NEVER returned was Vattel’s- Law of Nations.

This my friend is how I define a sign from heaven, George Washington just reached out across centuries to say that Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen (two citizen parents born on Native Soil). Time for the SCOTUS to listen.

That is truly awesome! A sign from heaven indeed!!!


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