Friday, April 16, 2010

Rush's Reply to ObaMAO is Priceless!

While driving on the freeway tonight, I was listening to Greta Van Sustern's show on satellite radio and heard Rush Limbaugh's response to ObaMAO's stupid comment that those in the TEA party movement should be "thanking" him for tax cuts. What an arrogant ******* and liar Obama is!!! Does this creepy Resident in chief have no shame? He certainly doesn't have any humility. And he wins the prize for being the biggest liar ever to set foot in the White House! He is the biggest raiser of taxes ON EVERYBODY (another promise broken to the American people) to come along since clueless Jimmie Carter!

Rush's reply is priceless!

YouTube Video link: Rush: Thank you Mr. President

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P.S. The following post contains an interesting video clip of Justice Clarence Thomas along with an interesting comment thread that follows:

Above Top Secret: Justice Thomas: "We are evading that one, the eligibility issue"


spud tooley said...

hi - happy spring Sunday. beautiful here in georgia, though pollen is ridiculous.

let's be clear: in the clip, rush did not mention anything about what obama said. nothing new there.

christine, you could really do the country and your readers a favor if you start digging out and examining wall street and the financial sector. without reform there, everything else is p-ssing in the wind for us, regardless of the side to which you are beholden. republicans and democrats have both reached their hands into the pot up to their shoulders.

you can rile people up like rush does. it solves nothing, addresses few questions, makes good theatre, ensures continued advertiser support, and appears to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity. but in the end, rest assured it's all a clever facade that hides the real crimes and (no) punishment.

one can be shocked that the contract from America mentions neither banking reform nor campaign finance reform.

or one can determine that those truly behind the contract are playing everyone else as puppets, achieving through others' naivete what is in THEIR best interest.

thanks for still being around. step up to the plate and holler about what really deserves an outcry from Americans.


Christinewjc said...

Oh Mike - you really need some help. For you to still be defending Obama and his awful policies is just delusional and ludicrous! To each his own - I suppose.

Rush mentioned what Obama has done, Mike. C'mon! You used to be more honest than that!

Um...wasn't the campaign finance reform corrected by the Supreme Court recently? I haven't been following it too closely, but I thought I heard that.

The banking reform does not need government takeover. After all, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were the worst causes of the financial crisis in 2008. Federal Government control of just about everything ends up in the red. Can't even run the Post Office! But Fed Ex and United Parcel Service can earn profits via the private sector. What does that tell you?

Back to the financial crisis. President Bush and some in Congress were screaming about the need to fix those organizations which were giving home loans to people who could not afford to pay the money back.

What's more, many of the banks have paid back the TARP money - which was supposed to go towards paying down the deficit - but ObaMAO and his cohorts in Congress want to spend it.

What else is new?

Tax. Spend. Tax more. Spend more. - ObaMARXIST Doctrine

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
You said: "But Fed Ex and United Parcel Service can earn profits via the private sector." Yes, but Fed Ex and UPS charge pretty high rates for what they do, especially for international shipping. A good example: an Australian friend of mine bought 6 outdoor chairs from Home Depot and had them delivered to my house. He wanted me to ship them UPS. The cost for those 6 boxes (they were pretty big boxes) was $6,000! Of course he didn't do it.
I say let UPS and Fed Ex deliver the mail to millions of households 6 days a week and we'll see how they feel then...