Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dem Congress Bullies Will Force Puerto Rico to Become a State

When Glenn Beck gets a front page headline at Fox, you better know that what is being presented is a serious subject! The continual, unending, and rapid manipulation, deceit, corruption, and damage that is being done by this gangster progressive majority in Congress is absolutely astounding!!!

Investigating Obama led me to the which has the full story.

Puerto Rico voted FOUR TIMES not to become a state! They want to remain a territory - so let them!! But NO! The corrupt Democrats in Congress will push this issue upon Puerto Rico - just like they rammed ObaMARXIST HELLcare down America's throat!

Every day, I just have to shake my head in disgust because of this corrupt, disastrous, gangster, Marxist government.

Take special note of the writer's conclusion:

We all know now from the outrageous experience of Obamacare that leftists could care less what the will of the people is. For those of you who traditionally vote Democrat this should serve as a warning: that includes you! Even if it’s those poor, downtrodden Puerto Ricans the Left claims to want to help so much. Ram Obamacare down Americas’ throat; ram statehood down Puerto Rico’s throat.

Do I detect a pattern here?

And in case you think Democrats have any intention of reining in spending, Puerto Rican statehood would mean big bucks too.

This information needs to go viral. Congress needs to hear from all of us big time. Congress needs to be shut down with phone calls and faxes starting first thing in the morning. That is today, April 29, 2010.

All this is going on while everyone is distracted by the monstrous financial bailout bill coming out of the Senate. The timing was deliberate! And we now hear that despite losing support from lone RINO Republican Lindsey Graham, the Democrats are going to go ahead with illegal immigrant amnesty.

So now we have a pretty comprehensive electoral strategy mapped out:

1. Naturalize 12 million illegal aliens
2. Universal voter registration
3. Do away with Electoral College using state-by-state approach
4. Force Puerto Rican statehood.
5. Soros-funded Secretary of State project to help steal close elections
6. Cap & Trade, and Stimulus monies as political slush fund.

If you’re not sufficiently angry and alarmed now, there is no hope for you. These people are demonstrating right to our faces their willingness to trample our rights and defy our will. If they are willing to do this now, what will they be willing to do if they get the permanent majorities they want?

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P.S. I wonder how Geraldo Rivera will respond to this. My guess? He will create some kind of liberal-progressive gobbledygook spin to make it sound like a good thing. I hope I am wrong about Geraldo siding with the out-of-control Democrats in Congress. But I'm skeptical that he will go against his own party on this issue. It is sad to note that what the Dems in Congress will be doing today is:

1. Going against the will of the American people by not allowing them to vote on the Puerto Rican statehood issue.

2. Going against the will of the majority of Puerto Rican people who have VOTED FOUR TIMES not to become a state in America.

What is wrong with this picture people???



In addition to this news, please don't miss viewing the Glenn Beck videos over at New Zeal blog which explains the FACT that Obama has ties to multi trillion dollar carbon trading scams, Goldman Sachs, the Joyce Foundation, Bill Ayers' brother, Al Gore, George Soros, Maurice Strong and a whole cast of villains.


Second update:

Be sure to read Investigating Obama: Greatest Scandal in Modern History and view the video of Senator Jim DeMint with Greta Van Sustern on the Financial Regulation Debate.

Please spread all of today's post and link information around to your relatives, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, and all online community forums. An educated public is our greatest weapon against the treasonous acts that this Marxo-Fascist gangster government is doing!!


Kevin said...

Hi Christine,
It is unlikely that Puerto Rico would become the 51st state.
Also, you state: "Going against the will of the American people by not allowing them to vote on the Puerto Rican statehood issue." That isn't the process of becoming a state. People in other states don't get to vote on this type of issue.
Which Democrats are talking about making this a state?

Kevin said...

Hi Christine,Did Glenn Beck mention that the bill has 60 REPUBLICAN sponsors (out of a total of 181). It is unlikely that these Republicans want to get Puerto Rico to be a state so that there can be more Democratic votes...
This isn't just a Democratic party movement (besides, a vote was also taken when Gingrich was in power).

Christinewjc said...


Thank you for correcting my error re: Americans voting on whether Puerto Rico could become a state.

What has happened is that many Republicans were duped into believing that this was a benign bill that would not force statehood (either now or in the future). They have since discovered that they have been lied to by those who didn't tell the entire truth. You know. A partial truth means that there are lies included, which ultimately makes what is being presented a lie.

I know that you don't believe any of what Glenn has been sharing, but apparently the White House does. They haven't phoned in any corrections (except for a slight mistake about Van Jones being a convicted felon - it was a misdemeanor [if I recall correctly] that he was previously involved with.)

Did you see Glenn's show today? Please tape it tonight (usually on at 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. PT), view it tomorrow, and then tell me what you think of what was presented. We shall see if BO or anyone else at the White House corrects any of what Glenn revealed today.

I think that what Obama, the Apollo Alliance, and all the rest of the cohorts (to numerous to name, but Glenn has them on his chalk board) are doing is sleazy and criminal!

They lied about the cost of the health care bill. They lie about everything! If I were a liberal supporting this administration - I would be deeply ashamed!