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The Evil Soros Circus Continues

The first post that I am linking to today is posted over at The The content actually surprised me at first. But as I read the comments (some agreed with Pastor Broden, others did not), I realized that Broden was actually speaking of peace through strength. This is the type of leadership that Ronald Reagan possessed and inspired!

It is important to remember that he isn't calling for an immediate act of violence against our current Mao-Marxist-Islamo-Fascist sympathizing government. No! Of course not! What he IS saying is that such aggression and possible overthrow of our current tyrannical "leaders" in Washington D.C. should STILL BE ON THE TABLE! If and when it ever becomes necessary such an option must be available to us. Freedom isn't free. We must always remind ourselves of that fact.

Many people in the United States electorate are deeply worried that massive voting fraud may occur in order to skew the results to go back in favor of the Democrats in the upcoming November 2nd mid-term election. We have already heard of the military absentee ballots from Illinois not being sent out in time for the combat forces to mark and return them in time. Now THAT is TOTALLY DISGRACEFUL!

Anyway, go read the story and comments over at The Blaze and share your own thoughts here on this one.

The Blaze - Stories
Repub: Violent Overthrow of the Gov‘t is ’On the Table’ - In an interview Thursday Republican congressional candidate Stephen Broden said he would not rule out violent overthrow of the government if America contin...

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What is with all of the military secrets leaks? Why are they happening at such a rapid and continual rate? Who is responsible for this? How awful, treasonous, and tragic!! This has got to be coming from the liberal progressive leftists who outwardly protest against the military. They would do all that they can to destroy our security and take away our freedoms. They are traitors to the core!

Big Journalism
Defense Department Finding Leaked to New York Times Reporter - In April, I reported that the New York Times was about to publish a list of covert American operatives providing force protection for our troops in Afghani...


If you haven't been watching the Glenn Beck program this past week, then you may not know what a danger that evil progressive billionaire - George Soros - is to our Republic!

Catch up on that news here:

Daily Thought Pad
Soros: Putting It All In Perspective with Some Facts… and Reactions (part II)


But Beck on Tuesday pointed out that Soros has been attempting to influence American elections for years. He also offered Soros to come on his show and debate, “mano-a-mano, no minions, no spin doctors, no NPR journalists, just you and me.”

Glenn Beck has said on air that Soros funds Media Matters 14 times this year so far, according to Media Matters. But his main problem with Soros is how he manipulates world currency at the expense of the U.S. dollar, and how he is influencing journalism through huge donations to National Public Radio and other left-leaning media.
“He's been expanding his influence through groups such as the Tides Foundation,” Beck said on his show Tuesday. “And if you think it's too much to call him the evil emperor from "Star Wars" episode, really more of the "Episode Six" emperor.

“If you think it's too much, well, he is the guy who's called for the managed decline of the U.S. dollar. Gee, George, thank you so much. I can't wait for my money to be worth less. Thank you....”
“See, what he does is buys up everything he can. He buys gold, like, right now, he's buying gold in huge sums, and then he just — he waits for the right time and then he says, I don't know, I think maybe currency is not going to go so well, I'm not sure if I'm going to stay, and he sells and everybody panics, and they collapse. Four times. You're going to go for number five?”

After explaining this, Beck launched into an explanation of how Soros is trying to manipulate U.S. public opinion similar to the ways in which he manipulates currencies.

“And now, here's what he's doing....” Beck said. “He's buying up journalists. Soros' Open Society Institute just announced for you $1.8 million to add 100 journalists at NPR radio stations across the country. The only good thing here is at least George Soros is now just buying the reporters out in the open. So, that's great.

“So, the Huffington Post is going to be funded by George Soros and the Tides Foundation and their investigative arm. Yes. And then Soros Open Society Institute is helping fund NPR. That is great.”

© Newsmax. All rights reserved.

That's what it is all about gang - this ugly, Mr. Potter-like frustrated old man with WAY too much money (see It's a Wonderful Life movie) whose evil intentions are on steroids. A pitiful man whose soul is poor, blind and naked and therefore wreaks havoc upon our nation like it is some kind of sport. This is the type of man who is evil enough in his intent to sway elections through fraud, destroy economies, squelch freedom of speech, and destroy the way of life of every person in his path who doesn't agree with his sick-brained madness! UGH!!!!

This is EXACTLY why I think that Pastor Broden (see first link here) is correct in his opinion that we need to keep vigilant. A violent overthrow must remain on the table. Puppeteers like Soros have our government by the throat and his evildoer minions are choking the very life out of our Constitutional Republic!

If the November election turns out to be so fraudulent that the Dems keep both houses of Congress, then the American people will KNOW - FOR A FACT - that we have been (and are continually being) held in a hostage takeover by Marxist revolutionaries who are pulling the strings of the marionette players in our government.

The Post & Email
November 2010: Will Humans Finally Begin Retaking Their Country from the Marxists? - ARE THE POLLSTERS TELLING THE TRUTH? by Sher Zieve, ©2010 (Oct. 21, 2010) — With all of the anti-American and anti-human legislation that they have recentl...

Of course, I would rather utilize the non-violent correction (voting them all out!!!) that our Founders created for us to protect our freedom, liberty, and justice. But the last two years have shown that all three are in jeopardy right now. As Glenn Beck illustrated on his show, will we be Pottersville or Bedford Falls?

I PRAY that it doesn't come to the need for a violent overthrow!! I PRAY that this will be resolved peacefully. However, when a man as rich and powerful as Darth Vader George Soros and his evil minions are running the show, there is no telling how far they would go to destroy America. We need to be ready!


And, about Juan Williams' firing at NPR. The best blog headline:

VotingFemale Speaks!
bigoted NPR fires bigoted Juan over bigoted statement about religious bigots who wants world domination by bigoted religion - Did the White House make a phone call to NPR demanding action? Hey Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar? Still proud of yourselves for throwing a hissy fit during...

Ha ha haaa!!

Hey! Since Juan was fired from George Soros' funded NPR [a.k.a Nincompoop and Pitiful Reporters], has anyone noticed that those ANNOYING COMMERCIALS for Progressive Insurance aren't being broadcast on the Fox News Channel anymore?? YAY!!! Thank you Juan! The firestorm controversy over your comments and subsequent firing over at the Nincompoop organization has irritated the George Soros owned Progressive Insurance company to pull their ads! THANKS AGAIN JUAN!!!

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Media Matters, which just received a large cash infusion from George Soros, has been trying to get Juan Williams for years, and now it accomplished its goal of getting Williams off NPR. But Media Matters'...


God bless people like Glenn Beck who is willing to stick out his neck and expose a cockroach like George Soros. Soros used to operate under the cover of darkness...scurrying around the kitchen floor at night wreaking havoc upon America, but hiding in the crevices during the daytime so that not many Americans knew who he was, what he has been doing, and what damage he is causing to our beloved nation. But now, Beck is exposing him for all to see and when dangerous people are exposed to the light - all of those who would oppose him and his evil ways will do so ever so fervently! Spread the word! Let's make Soros end up just like old Mr. Potter in the film It's A Wonderful Life - an old, rich, evil, bitter...yet unsuccessful man at the takeover of Bedford Falls!

Well, that's it for now. Will add more as the day goes on!


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Christinewjc said...

The following is a copy of an email I received today from Act! For America about the firing of Juan Williams. Makes an important connection!

NPR, Juan Williams, and
sharia law

Contact NPR today!

Dear Christine,

Our email yesterday focused on how sharia law’s prohibition against any critique or criticism of Islam or Mohammed is negatively impacting our nation’s ability to publicly discuss and debate the issue of radical Islam.

Almost as if on cue, National Public Radio sacked commentator Juan Williams because of remarks he made on The O’Reilly Factor Monday.

This goes beyond political correctness. This is a media company, partially financed with our tax dollars, in effect doing the bidding of sharia law. American newspapers that refused to publish the satirical Mohammed cartoons did the same thing.

With these actions they betrayed the first amendment while capitulating to the demands of sharia law.

Particularly disturbing is that there is the appearance that NPR was kowtowing to CAIR, the Council-on American Islamic Relations, which quickly organized a public relations effort demanding NPR “address” Juan Williams’ remarks. (To see the CAIR media release, click here.)

CAIR is the organization whose co-founder, Omar Ahmad, is on record declaring “the Qur’an should be the highest authority in America,” and whose chief spokesman, Ibrahim Hooper, has said he would like the government of America to be Islamic sometime in the future.

We urge you to contact NPR and express your outrage, in a firm but civil tone, at this politically correct assault on freedom of speech.

• NPR “Listener Care” phone number: 202.513.3232.

• Or, click here to send an email.

Let NPR know the American people will not sit idly by while a taxpayer-funded media company runs roughshod over the First Amendment.

And watch for our email on Monday, when we will announce our next action step!