Saturday, October 02, 2010

One (Socialist) Nation Rally

Had a very busy day today, so I was unable to watch any coverage of the Washington D.C. Communist/Socialist/Islamo-Fascist/Union Thuggery rally. However, I found a blog that has dozens of photographs which display what type of people attended the rally. Talk Wisdom reports - You Decide:

Marooned In Marin Blogspot: "One Nation" (Of Commies, Unions, & Other Leftist Extremists)...Trashing The Mall.

Today was the day that an assortment of Left-wing groups, labor unions, Democrats and the NAACCP rallied on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to "counter" the genuine grassroots Tea Party movement.

Judging from the results, the astroturfers, many of whom offered free bus rides and box lunches, couldn't come close to Glenn Beck's August 28th rally, held in the same area.

See all photos and commentary HERE.

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Marooned In Marin Blogspot

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