Monday, October 04, 2010

One Trashy Event

When certain events are reported incorrectly by the media of mass deception, one has to wonder whether or not such errors were simply due to laziness on the part of the organization. Or, was it more likely done because of someones stupid attempt at spreading pro-progressive/liberal/Marxist/pro-union bosses/Communist/Socialist/Global warming propaganda? Nice Deb reports: When Is C-Span Going To Apologize For Using An 8/28 Crowd Shot For Its One Nation Promo?

Wow! Glenn Beck should have a field day on both his radio and T.V. shows. He will most likely do a lengthy report on the event and reveal to the public the very low turnout of the One Communist Nation Rally in Washington, D.C. which was held this past Saturday. How ironic it is to see the trash return to the mall - just like it did during the Obama inauguration.

Neil, over at Eternity Matters has a great roundup posted at his blog, including a photo morph of the difference between the crowd that showed up at Glenn Beck's 8/28 Rally and the sparse crowd that was mostly bussed in by union leaders to attend the One Socialist Nation litter fest. [H/T Eternity Matters for still pic - I couldn't get the "morphing" to work here.]

I don't get it. Aren't these people supposed to be the "green" crowd? Ironic Surrealism has the photos to show how trashy the event was. If these people are so worried about the planet, then why do they throw their trash around our nation's capital? Are they so brazen that they think they are too "elite" to pick up after themselves and so just leave it there for someone else to discard? Says a lot about their character - or, more accurately - their lack of character, decency and respect - as it were.

Oh my...while viewing the photos of the trash event, be sure to read the comments over at Ironic Surrealism!

Even though the grounds were so disrespectfully trashed, what was even worse in my mind were all of the anti-American trashy messages given at that garbage fest!

Hat Tips:

Nice Deb

Eternity Matters

Ironic Surrealism


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Matt W. said...

I didn't read all of the links, so maybe this was mentioned somewhere, but I heard someone on the radio around here who attended the event and said that despite the fact that the 8/28 rally had one of the largest turnouts of any rally on the mall in history, the area was actually cleaner when they left than it was when they got there. And isn't that one of the huge differences between conservatives and liberals? Liberals spend a lot of time giving lip service to things like keeping the environment clean. Conservatives keep their mouths shut and just get it done.

Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt,

Yes! Ironic Surrealism has comparison photos up.

You are exactly right, Matt. The liberals give lip service about the environment, but when an event is held, their filthy habits demonstrate the exact opposite of concern for cleanliness. The disrespect shown is just awful! What pigs...