Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Unbelievable! Soros & Ilk: Israel’s Creation “An Act That Was Wrong”

Well now, isn't THIS new revelation quite a disturbing one?! But, why am I not surprised? Because years ago, Bill O'Reilly, in his book "Culture Warrior" revealed just how dangerous George Soros (ironically, a Jew by birth!) and his ilk are to Israel, America, and many nations all around the world!

Here is just a segment of what is written at above link:


And if all this weren't disturbing enough, George Soros then took it a step further by actually helping and aforementioned terrorist enabler. On February 10, 2005, radical New York City lawyer Lynne Stewart was convicted of conspiracy, providing material support to terrorists, defrauding the United States, and making false statements.

A jury found that Ms. Stewart had smuggled message from her jailed client - Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman - to his Islamic terrorist supporters in Egypt. As you may remember, Rahman is the blind Muslim cleric who was convicted of plotting to blow up the United Nations and planning the first bombing of the World Trade Center, among other things. He had also urged his followers to kill all Jews. Rahman is serving a life sentence in a federal prison in Colorado.

Anyway, the sixty-six-year-old Stewart, who had openly advocated violence in the past, is now a convicted felon essentially for helping her pal Rahman. And guess who paid some of her legal bill: George Soros's Open Society Institute. Nice. One footnote: Both Soros and Stewart come from Jewish backgrounds, which is peculiar in light of their support for radical Islamists who want to re-create the Holocaust.

Is this information nightmarish or what??

Now, much more is being exposed (see link below to Gateway Pundit blog) about Soros and his evil cohorts who are anti-Semitic (and do not hide it any longer) and pro-terrorist!!!

Supposed Pro-Israel Co-Founder of Soros-Funded J-Street Calls Israel’s Creation “An Act That Was Wrong”
posted by Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit - 1 hour ago
J-Street calls itself the organization that “gives political voice to mainstream American Jews and other supporters of Israel” but it is far from a pro-Israel group. Last week it was discovered that radica...

Note these comments from Gateway Pundit:

jomojava the infidel
October 6th, 2010 8:49 am #2
And I should be surprised about this? Leftists are Leftists first.

Is there any Leftist, Progressive, USA-hating, Israel-hating, Democrat group that is NOT connected to Mr. Nexus, George Soros?

donhOctober 6th, 2010 9:09 am #4
The J in J street stands for Judenrat . These were the administrative bodies Germans required Jews to form in the occupied territories for identifying and rounding up Jews. George Soros prospered under Hitler by working in the Judenrat. He remains unrepentant to his mortal sins… The worst antisemitism comes from within the Jewish family itself. Those who reject the God of Abraham .Those who do not honor and respect the many signs and wonders by which God lead the Jewish people out of the house of bondage and slavery in Egypt.

George Soros and his evil cohorts - all that is bad, ugly and evil in this world!

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Gateway Pundit


Christinewjc said...

To Anonymous -

I am posting your comment minus the link because I do not support or endorse your views on this issue.


Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Unbelievable! Soros & Ilk: Israel’s Creation “An...":

I just arrived to this blog and particular post. I find it amateurish. The author does not even attempt to distinguish anti zionism with anti semitism. This is a tired and worn out party line that has lost its momentum and effect. Thank G-d for the internet and open communication which is serving to diminish the one sided voice of zionism that has duped honest, caring, good christians for decades. I recommend that the author henceforth familiarize her or himself with zionism and how it is making life hard on jewry the world over.

[website link deleted]

this is a good place to start. Truth does not hurt. Coming to terms with being duped may, though.

Christinewjc said...

To Anonymous -

First of all, I think that it is very impolite to make your very first comment on a blog and label the owner as "amateurish."

Second, the fact that you are anti-zionist speaks volumes about your fake, anti-Christian (or, liberal leftist Marxo-Commie-Islamo[possibly]-Fascist supporting) viewpoint against the Jews who still abide by the God of the Old Testament Bible.

Liberal Jews are (unfortunately) the ones being "duped" by people like you.

Go read a book - especially one on prophecy. I would suggest a few but I'm sure my recommendations would fall on your deaf ears (spiritually speaking).

Gary Baker said...

Hi Christine,

Not a lot to talk about as far as anonymous. His reasoning echoes a line that I've heard increasingly over the past few months. No, they're not against the Jews, they just want them to stand still as Hamas and whoever else sends thousands of rockets into their territory. I have no doubt that if the Jews in Israel would simply lie down and die quietly then world opinion of them would improve dramatically. But frankly, I think they have the right idea. If the US adopted a similar approach, then I don't think the drug dealers would be inclined to come within a hundred miles of our Southern border. It may actually come to that. Who knows?