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Breaking News From Obama Eligibility Court Case!!

Give Us Liberty blogspot has LOTS of information, partial transcripts, and BREAKING NEWS LIKE THIS:


I just got off the phone with Dean Haskins who was in the courtroom this morning assisting with the Art 2Pac live stream. Judge Malihi talked to the attorneys in chambers before the hearing this morning and told them that he was going to enter a DEFAULT JUDGMENT against Obama and recommend that Obama's name not be on the Georgia ballot! All of the attorneys expressed a desire to put an abbreviated streamlined case on the record and the judge agreed.

How does the mainstream media spin this?

The Georgia SOS has already indicated that he will follow the judge's recommendation. That means that Obama will not get any popular vote or electors from the great state of Georgia!
Congratulations to all freedom-loving Americans!

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Doug Vogt just called and said that the judge offered Orly a summary judgement and the hearing would not be necessary ... but of course she wanted to present it anyway to get this evidence before the public.

Now lets see what the CIA allows the mainstream media to publish. In other words the good news is that the judge will recommend that Obama not be permitted on the Georgia primary ballot in March.

More than 15,000 concerned citizens were online watching and listening to the hearing!

It has been difficult for people to get onto the Post & Email website.


 Via the Give Us Liberty blog, here is what is posted:

Judge Michael Malihi is presiding over the Obama ballot challenges being heard today in Atlanta, GA
(Jan. 26, 2012) — The court convened at approximately 9:30 a.m.  Judge Michael Malihi began by asking those present to stand and reading the last paragraph of Atty. Michael Jablonski’s letter to Brian Kemp, Georgia Secretary of State, “into the record,” commenting that Jablonski was not present at the hearing.
The judge called plaintiff David Welden to stand and asked where he resided and if he were a registered voter in the state of Georgia.  Then his attorney, Van Irion, stood and stated that there were three types of citizenship in the United States.  He then provided argument on the definition of “natural born Citizen,” referring to Minor v. Happersett.
“The court should recognize that the term ‘citizen” is not ‘natural born Citizen,’ Irion said. “The Minor court’s definition of ‘natural born Citizen’ says ‘parents.’
“In closing, this case is about the Constitution,” Irion said. We’ve shown that Barack Obama’s father was never a citizen…and that means he is not constitutionally qualified…Finally, the defendant was ordered to be here, and I wish to state on the record that that shows not just a contempt for this court…”
Then Irion was interrupted and stopped speaking.
9:54 a.m.:  Atty. J. Mark Hatfield stood and stating that he represents Kevin Richard Powell and Carl Swensson.  Hatfield mentioned the White House schedule as he saw that it related to Obama’s lack of attendance at the hearing.
Carl Swensson was sworn in at 9:56 a.m. and stated his residence and county.  Then Kevin Powell was asked the same.  Both were asked if they were able to vote for President of the United States.
Swensson and Powell explained their challenges filed with the Secretary of State’s office to the judge.
Hatfield held up the Certification of Nomination which Nancy Pelosi signed in 2008 to place Obama’s name on the ballot.  The judge asked if it was a “certified copy,” and Hatfield answered that it was.  He then read from it, stating that it did not affirm that the candidates met constitutional requirements to serve, while the wording from the Republican National Committee for its candidates did contain that wording.
The judge asked if the documents were from a “United States government source,” and Hatfield answered “Yes, sir, they were.”
Hatfield cited Jablonski’s January 25 letter “indicating that they did not want the proceedings to go forward and did not want to participate.”  Hatfield also entered into evidence Obama’s book, Dreams From My Father.
Ken Allen, a resident of Arizona, stood to present the documentation he had received from the State Department after submitting a FOIA request early in 2009, which The Post & Email reported on here.  He stated that “Barack Obama Sr.” was “never a citizen.”
At 10:09 a.m. someone said, “Let’s take a short break,” and people stood up and began moving around and talking with one another.
At 10:17 a.m., the court was called back in to order.
Atty. Orly Taitz was called upon to speak.  The Georgia registered voter whom she represents, David Farrar, stood and identified himself.
Taitz utilized a projector on the wall to the right of the judge as an aid in her presentation.  She then stated that evidence existed that Obama possessed Indonesian citizenship, to which the judge was heard by this writer to say, “That’s not relevant.”  Taitz then discussed the court’s decision in Minor v. Happersett and was interrupted by the judge, who said, “Counselor, can you save your argument for the closing?”  She then stopped speaking.
Mr. Christopher Strunk of New York then went up to the front of the courtroom to testify, and Taitz began to ask him questions about the passport records of Stanley Ann Dunham, one of which contains the name “Soebarkah.”  Strunk stated, “She wanted that expunged from her record, but we never got that.”
Susan Daniels, Private Investigator from Ohio, then took the stand, and spoke about her investigation which revealed that Obama had reportedly been using a social security number which she contended had not been assigned to him.
Taitz asked Daniels, “What was the social security number attached to your request?” and Daniels read off “042-68-4425.”  Daniels said, “In all my years, I’ve never seen anything like this.”  She stated that the person who had originally owned the number had been born in 1890.
“First I ran the social security number to check the address, and the same number came up for him in Massachusetts, Illinois, and Washington, DC.  It showed a phone number, and it was always the same number…It would show intermittently ‘August 4, 1961′ and ’1890.’”

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