Monday, January 30, 2012

Obama Ineligibility Hearing Video Links

Here is your opportunity to view what happened at the hearing in the Atlanta, Georgia.  This evening, I found four links via of new and enhanced videos of the trial that was held on January 26, 2012 in Atlanta Georgia.

Video 1 LINK

Barack Obama, alleged President, was A.W.O.L. and his atty. too, decided to snub the Judicial ORDER and the Judicial branch of Government, since they did not get it dismissed as hoped. Now EVIDENCE that Barack Obama is NOT a Natural Born Citizen is ON the Court Record. Taped exclusively for On Second Thought.TV by Lydia Swain


Video 2 LINK
Part 2 of Actual Court Footage, NOT available on Nutwork Nat. TV. Obama is being Disqualified. All evidence was that he is NOT QUALIFIED. Judge must rule with the evidence.... Attys have only until Feb 1, 2012 to get their final motions before the court.


Video 3 LINK

Orly TAITZ, the Fact checker gets to bring her case.


Video 4 LINK

Part 4 , OBAMA Disqualification Trial. Atty. Orly Taitz Presents Witnesses, that show Barack Obama uses someone else's social Security number and the White House published Birth Certificate put out is a Fraud. Ms. Linda Jordan, Mr. Bogt, and others testify


Video 5 LINK

Atty & Dr. Orly TAITZ bring devastating testimony from CSI Investigator J. Sampson to prove that Barack Obama is using the Social Security number of a person born in 1890 and assigned the number in 1977 in state of Conn. where Obama never EVER lived. Obama was A.W.O.L. and snubbed the Court, and was Joy Riding in Air Force 1 on this day, Jan. 26, 2012. This is Copyrighted video from William Wagener, but links to the Video are permitted or up to 7 seconds Fair USE.


Video 6 LINK [Final video]

Atty. Orly Taitz takes the witness stand, which is unusal but not improper, and closes her case asking for CONTEMPT charges against Mr. Obama for snubbing the court.

Hat Tips to all links.

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