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The Case of Obama’s Ambiguous Birth Narrative

I have been writing about Obama's ineligibility issues for years. But with the release of the so-called "long form birth certificate," in April, 2011, Obama and his cronies probably had hoped to put the issue to rest. Well guess what? The release of that document has only heightened the interest in solving the true story of Obama's birth narrative.

The alleged "Certificate of Live Birth" has been shown to be a forgery - by many experts in the field of determining the authenticity of birth documents!

Perhaps SOMETHING will be finally be done about this after Sheriff Joe Arpaio [read details at first link above] releases the findings tomorrow that he and his Cold Case Posse have accumulated over the course of several months' worth of investigation into Obama's mysterious records. Two important blog posts to read before tomorrow:

1. Cry and Howl: Sheriff Joe to Release Findings About Barack Obama March 1, 2012. Be sure to click on and read the two links provided at the Cry and Howl blog!

2. The Daily Pen Blog spot: Vital Records Indicate Obama Not Born IN HAWAII HOSPITAL (PART 2)

Even though I have been following this issue for some time now, the following important information was brand new to me:


Many have wondered why the left margin of the image of Obama’s alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” is curling away under a digital “clipping mask”. An obvious explanation used by Obama’s defenders is that it was copied from a book of bound certificates in the main office of the Hawaiian department of Health.

However, this explanation does not explain two very significant facts about the image which, when considering vital statistics reporting methodology, render the certificate image a fraudulent document unqualified to determine the eligibility of Barack Obama to be President.

First, the overlay of what appears to be security paper was used around the visible part of the document image to conceal the lower portion of the document which contains birth metrics, health information and coding guidelines about the specific circumstances of the birth and the child’s biography after birth. For example, the author of this story has an original birth certificate which contains notations in this portion of the document indicating a change in paternity five years after his birth.

More importantly, however, the left margin of the document is not visible because the forgers wanted to conceal the codes scribed in that area. A few of these numbers are visible. However, the ones that are only partially visible or concealed are the ones which reveal the codes reported about the location and circumstances of paternity of the birth.

The numbers 6, 2 and what looks to be the flourish of a 5 appear next to the entry boxes for parental information.

The possibility of the presence of a “5” in this location has foreboding implication with regard to Obama’s birth. According to the Vital Statistics Instruction manual, this code means “Other” with regard to “Type of Location of Birth” – Code Outline shown here:

Essentially the presence of this code in any case is an indication of a Place of Birth other than a Hawaii Hospital and other than by a Hawaiian Medical Doctor.

The presence of the “6” next to the “Place of Birth” item is most troubling. As the second digit of the number 56, the 1961 VSIM uses the number 56 to code the location of births which occur outside of the United States but which are processed “in conjunction with” the county of registration. The states and the District of Columbia are numbered in alphabetical order from 01 to 51 while Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the Panama Canal were 52 through 55, respectively. This left the number 56 as the code for classifying “Remainder of the World”. This can be found in the 1961, 1962, 1968, 1977, 1993 and 1999 versions of the VSIM. In 1993, number 55 became the code for New York City because of its large birth volume it was classified as its own major birth rate statistical reporting area.

Essentially, this means the code tape file contains two spaces for the state to record a geographic code for the foreign location of the occurrence of the birth without showing that location on the certificate for a resident mother.

The presence of a “2” is probably the second digit of “12” which is the indication of the VSIM geographic code for Hawaii as the state of the Mother’s “Usual place of Residence”.


Note this portion:

WHAT THE EXPERTS SAYUpon analysis of Obama’s alleged “Certificate of Live Birth” image by former Social Security Administration record investigators consulted for this report, artifacts appearing on the document indicate this document is not a reliable source of identity verification. They provided this assessment for our report:


Thank you for inquiry regarding the contents of the document image you submitted on February 8th, 2012. We are familiar with the controversy surrounding this particular document and have included our best possible evaluation without access to the corroborating information.

ITEM 1: The image of Obama’s alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” posted to the internet in April, 2011, contains handwritten (penciled) numeric and alphanumeric characters which confirm that preliminary coding marks were applied to the document.

On authentic certificates filed by the Health Department, these penciled notations were used on the original, paper version of the record kept by the State-level office of the Department of Health after a photo static copy was provided for medical record archives to the facility shown on the certificate. Moreover, they were applied to even-numbered certificates in 1961, which were those from which statistics were reported to the National Center for Health Statistics. Typically, they are not found on an original certificate which was prepared by an attending medical authority present at the live birth event because the medical personnel do not report natal statistics, the state registrar’s office does.

Therefore, an official copy of the hospital version of this same document in coordination with the code file tape created by the National Vital Statistics office will confirm whether the birth information is accurate between the four agencies who processed it, including the local registrar office, the state registrar, the hospital and the U.S. Vital Statistics office in the appropriate reporting region. All should have copies of this record.

If Obama’s birth occurred in 1961, it would be subject to the NCHS reporting methods and coding for that year. Therefore, his birth statistics would have been tabulated in the State office but not necessarily recorded and published by the NCHS statistics report. However, if the tape file record of his birth were discovered in the NCHS tape file archive, this would be contradictory to what we have been told about his birth.

Therefore, according the SSA panel, it is unlikely the certificate would not have been coded with preliminary notations in 1961, since vital statistics were coded from microfilmed images and translated to punch cards which contained approximately 150+ digit spaces for each birth registration. These cards were tediously completed, in blocks of 20 birth records, with a majority of the records being required, by contract with the NCHS, to be completed by July 31st of the following year.

Beginning in 1960, punch cards were hand-fed into a scan machine and the resulting data was then stored on a magnetic tape reel by the NCHS. According to the official U.S. Vital Statistics System Development handbook, this procedure required several hours for each record and was in effect under Hawaii’s contract with the NCHS until 1971.

ITEM 2: It is important to remember that births are just one of four types of more than 40,000 vital records which required processing, copying and filing in Hawaii. State vital records registration officials simply could not afford to spend time applying preliminary handwritten codes to vital records which were not going to be included in the annual reporting block.

Adding to the challenge, unlike today’s electronic system, the initial coding process was manually performed in 1961. With more than 40,000 records in need of processing and microfilming, why would a municipality waste resources to do unnecessary accounting? The resources were simply not available to do this for all the births, deaths, marriages and divorces in the time frame required, so the even-numbered reporting method was introduced. Besides, the NCHS contract with the states paid only a few cents per record to the (state) Health Department. If these penciled numbers appear on a vital record, the content of that record was reported as part of the even-numbered certificates to the NCHS as required.

Based on this, it is conclusive that Obama’s certificate number is either fraudulently assigned by forgers, or it was changed to an odd number after the original contents of the document were entered in order to prevent inquiries into Obama’s record file tape. Under either circumstance, information about Obama’s birth is being intentionally obscured in order to hide his actual natal history and the negative impact it would have on his eligibility to be president.

It is our recommendation that the identity of this individual, including his natal history, as well as all major forms of primary identification including social security number, education records, licenses and travel records be formally and thoroughly investigated.

Best Regards,

Records and Claims Investigations office
Social Security Administration

Based merely on the fact that Obama’s stated father, as shown in the image of this alleged 1961 Certificate of Live Birth was not an American citizen, Obama is not eligible to president of the United States. However, the NCHS coding and vital statistics reporting methods have left more than ample artifacts to formally investigate the truth about this most ambiguous shell of a man.

Perhaps it’s time for America to embrace the truth, engage the consequences of this deception and lies and, then…move on.

GO Read it all at The Daily Pen Blogspot.

Hat tips to all links.


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P.S. In case my little ole' blog isn't enough to convince you of Obama's fraudulent B.C., please see the The Obama Fraud page at

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The following could be deemed a bit off topic; but is it really?

First, I want to express my sincere condolences towards the family of Conservative Media leader, Andrew Breitbart who died sometime shortly after midnight last night. My prayers go out to them and may God's promises and comfort be with them during this tragic time of loss.

The media (at least Fox News) has reported that Andrew died of "natural causes." Several people who knew Andrew have appeared on Fox News, expressing their grief over Andrew's sudden passing. Sean Hannity did say that Andrew had "heart issues" about a year ago. But what bothers me about that is that if he did die of a heart attack, why would the media report that he died of "natural causes???" That doesn't make sense!

When I first heard about this shocking news, the alarm bells went off in my mind and I wondered if he was targeted by leftist murderers in some way?

Recall Breitbart's speech at CPAC just a week ago?

Mediaite: Watch Andrew Breitbart's Fiery CPAC Speech: I Have College Days Obama Videos

The question is, what will become of those videos? This is all VERY SUSPICIOUS.

If Sheriff Joe Arpaio comes out with a conclusion that rules against the obvious ineligibility of Obama, we will then know for certain that America has been taken over by Communists, Islamists, Fascists, and far leftist crazies.

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"Ernesto" over at Mediate wrote:

Ernesto 9 comments collapsed
Collapse Expand For those who have been paying attention to the political climate in the last 5 years the obvious is this: THE ELITES: the news media, the Democrat party leadership, some key Republican leaders as well, with the majority of the Congress and the President, have turned towards socialism and therefore sought to gain more power over the people. The majority of the people don"t agree with this agenda but there are still too many who are half asleep to see the change happening. The conservatives are awake and more are now joining their ranks. You will hear about more conversions to conservative circles than to liberal ones. You will come to understand that there are more Independents than either Democrats or Republicans due to disillusionment with those parties.
There has been a political coupe against the constitutional powers and it is almost a free for all in that the ones in power will do whatever they can get away with, which is a lot, as they set themselves up as some kind of elitist political coalition to try to manipulate the people to their agendas without consequences. This is the time for the people who are awake to whole heartedly resist the current direction of the elites or else there will probably be a end to the separation of powers as we have had and a consolidation of a more central government from which there will be no way to change with elections. The last resort will be a civil war. Do you think the "Arab spring" is only for Arab countries against dictators? What if our federal government graduates in totalitarianism, do you think everyone will just bow their knee and accept it?

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Gateway Pundit: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Obama’s Birth Certificate Is a Forgery (Video)