Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sarah's Speech at CPAC Was Awesome! [Update - Video!]

Hat tip: The Right Scoop

I'm sure that C-Span will broadcast her speech again over the weekend, so get your DVR ready! Hopefully, her speech will appear on her page over at C-Span.

Also check the Events/CPAC holds Three Day Convention in Washington D.C.

When a transcript of Sarah's speech is available, I will post a copy here at Talk Wisdom.


Some posts in anticipation of her speech today:

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News OK: Palin and CPAC Crowd Shout Down Occupy Hecklers


When the Occupy hecklers interrupted her, Palin joined the crowd in shouting "U-S-A! U-S-A!" -- a litany that quickly gave way to chants of "SAR-AH! SAR-AH!" as the occupiers were ushered from the room. "See, you just won!" Palin told the audience. "You see how easy that is?"

Palin attacked President Obama for the Senate Democrats failure to pass a budget. "Going on a 1000 and some days and still no budget -- he mucked it up," Palin said. Obama, directing a remark to Congress while speaking about economic recovery, recently said "don't muck it up."


International Business Times: Sarah Palin News CPAC 2012


"I thought Sarah Palin was the perfect end to the conference," Al Cardenas, chairman of the American Conservative Union, said after the speech. "She added the right touch and frankly it was one of the best speeches I've heard her give."

Those outside of the conservative bubble might not understand her appeal, but if CPAC 2012 taught us anything it is that Sarah Palin is still a force to be reckoned with and will likely have a big impact within the base for years to come.

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