Sunday, February 19, 2012

Slaying The Giant of Failure

FAILURE. That awful dreaded word! Who hasn't felt the impact of failure in his or her life? Can you recall many of the instances of failure that you have experienced in your own life? I can. Some have been big - and others small, but the feeling of having failed at something often lingers with us throughout our lives - if we allow it to continue to plague us. Why is that?

Well, I think that Dr. David Jeremiah absolutely NAILS IT in his study series called Slaying The Giants In Your Life

Today's television broadcast is the final one of this series and can be accessed here:

Slaying the Giant of Failure

There is a world of difference between, "You're a failure!" and "You failed." The former speaks to our character, the latter to one specific event in life. Just because we fail one or many times, it does not mean we have been disqualified from the race to succeed.

Outline and Scripture Verses for the Study:

“Slaying the Giant of Failure”

2 Corinthians 4:7-18

February 19, 2012

I. Facing the Giant of Failure

A. Facing the Reality of Failure

2 Corinthians 4:7-10
James 3:2
Psalm 103:13-14
Matthew 26:41

B. Facing the Reason for Failure

2 Corinthians 4:17-18

1. We fail now so that we might succeed later.
2. We fail in the incidental so that we might succeed in the important.
3. We fail in the temporary so that we might succeed in the eternal.
4. We fail outwardly so that we might succeed inwardly.

2 Corinthians 4:18

C. Facing the Result of Failure

2 Corinthians 4:16

II. Fighting the Giant of Failure

A. Acknowledge Your Failure

B. Accept God’s Forgiveness
Psalm 103:10

C. Apply the Lessons of Failure Toward Success

D. Accept Failure as a Fact of Life, Not a Way of Life

E. Arise from Failure and Start Again
Jonah 3:1-2

F. Avoid Judging Failure in Others
1. The Rich Man and the Beggar
Luke 16:25

2. A Pharisee and a Tax Collector
Luke 18:10
Luke 18:14

I highly recommend the entire series! It is the kind of study that we need to be reminded of over and over again in order to slay those "giants" that want to hold us back from stepping out and doing great things!

Dr. Jeremiah's site tells us:

Slaying the Giants in Your Life


Are you riddled with guilt? Does loneliness have hold of your heart? Are you falling prey to temptations? If we let our guard down spiritually for just a second, Satan is quick to attack. Sin and doubt slowly seep in to our hearts until one day we realize their overwhelming weight. But God gives us the strength and grace we need to claim victory!

In Slaying the Giants in Your Life, Dr. Jeremiah teaches how we can overcome 12 specific giants of adversity that are most common today. Learn from King David and his encounters with fear, guilt, and resentment. Be encouraged by the prophet Nehemiah and his fight with discouragement. Discover how the apostle Paul stood strong against the giants of loneliness and failure. And learn from Jesus Christ how to battle worry and anger.

Tune in to Turning Point Television this month as Dr. Jeremiah teaches from the lives of these biblical truth warriors and shares personal stories from his own life and others today who have overcome these common but crippling adversities. God’s Word arms us with all the weapons we need to defeat attacking foes. Are you ready to stand against the giants that seek to terrorize you?

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