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Painting of Obama Trampling Constitution Resurfaces, Artist‘s New Work Tells ’Enslaved‘ Americans to ’Wake Up!’ [Update]

Wow! This blog post over at The Blaze contains some powerful political statements drawn into paintings done by Jon McNaughton!

Some may already be familiar with the image featured above. For those who aren’t, it is painting titled “The Forgotten Man” which features President Obama trampling on the Constitution while an astonished James Madison pleads with him to stop. To the side, a man sits on a park bench in the throes of depression while 43 presidents look on. The painting, which uses discarded dollar bills and scraps of paper with individual constitutional amendments scrawled onto them.

He explained that the man on the park bench “represents every man, woman, and child who is an American“ and who ”hopes to find the American dream of happiness and prosperity.” The artist added, “But now because of unconstitutional acts imposed on the American people by our government we stand on the precipice of disasters.”
A blogger asks a question:

Posted on February 4, 2012 at 12:16am
Two questions… who are the 3 presidents to Obama’s right who seem to be applauding? Why are they applauding?

Another blogger answers:

A Conservatarian
Posted on February 4, 2012 at 12:43am
Chrison, left to right it’s
-Bill Clinton – famous for Project Echelon, illegally bombing kosovo, lewinski, being impeached etc.
-Lyndon B. Johnson – didn’t keep pursuing printing silver certificates through the treasury like Kennedy started and was assassinated for most likely (who stands near center, behind Madison bending over at Obama’s feet) platforms including medacare, medicaid, government teaching, the unconstitutional jump into Vietnam… NEXT
-Teddy Roosevelt – this president… he was used to split the republican vote away from President Taft, when he formed the bull-moose party that helped usher in THE FEDERAL RESERVE!… when a nobody from Princeton named Woodrow Wilson got elected instead of the landslide it would have been with Taft alone. He is famous in my eyes for only starting the national parks system, that’s it.
Another blogger adds:
Posted on February 4, 2012 at 12:46am
That would be Obama’s “left” as in far left commie. Bill Clinton, FDR, Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt

Closeup of Obama stomping on the U.S. Constitution.

 In a completely unrelated matter....what is this???

[Hint:  Click on the "impatient" icon at the link to see it!]

We are enslaved to our debt. Wake up, America! Before it is too late…
Every man, woman and child in America is enslaved to the national debt. As an artist, I have painted my vision of the dire circumstances that surround us. Now, more than ever, each American must make a choice: we must unlock the shackles that enslave us, or will we lose our freedom. It is my hope and prayer that America will “wake up” before it is too late.

Watch this video! Look at the video again and notice certain people in the painting behind Obama - who are clapping!

From The Blaze:

Posted on February 3, 2012 at 10:52pm
Look who’s clapping and who is not….

Below is a painting titled “Peace Is Coming”:

Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

Hat tip to The Blaze


A perfect example of trashing the U.S. Constitution just happened in the Georgia eligibility case. American Thinker has one of the best analyses of the case:

American Thinker: Obama Wins Georgia Ballot Challenge

Read the comments, too. It's a sad day in America! But we are NOT giving up! Other states are also challenging Obama's ineligible status (because his father was never a U.S. Citizen and in order for Obama to be a "natural born citizen," he would have needed TWO U.S. CITIZEN PARENTS!

I think that there is a lot of fear and intimidation going on against any judge who gets a case against the ObaMARXIST dictator.

Note this portion of the American Thinker post:

Judge Malihi's denial to the motion to dismiss also emphasized the rule of statutory construction: 
Statutory provisions must be read as they are written...When the Court construes a constitutional or statutory provision, "the first to examine the plain statutory language."..."Where the language of a statute is plain and unambiguous, judicial construction is not only unnecessary but forbidden." ... [T]his Court is not "authorized either to read into or read out that which would add to or change its meaning."
In his sweeping denial of the Plaintiff's challenges, however, Judge Malihi did not mention the principle, and instead relied on the 2009 case of Ankeny v Governor, stating that "[t]he Indiana Court determined that a person qualifies as a natural born citizen if he was born in the United States because he became a United States citizen at birth."

Interestingly, Judge Malihi footnoted that particular statement with the assertion:  "This Court recognizes that the Wong Kim Ark case was not deciding the meaning of 'natural born citizen' for the purposes of determining presidential qualifications; however, this Court finds the Indiana Court's analysis and reliance on these cases to be persuasive."

It must also be noted that the Indiana decision contains another similar and interesting footnote:  "We note the fact that the Court in Wong Kim Ark did not actually pronounce the plaintiff a 'natural born Citizen' using the Constitution's Article II language is immaterial."

In other words, Judge Malihi found more persuasive than the long-established principle of statutory construction, a State's Court of Appeals opinion and its unsupported contention that the Constitution's language "is immaterial."

[And] according to the principle of statutory construction, the phrase "and subject to the jurisdiction thereof" would not be superfluous to the preceding phrase in the amendment's citizenship clause: "born or naturalized in the United States."
It was Obama's dual citizenship, the result of his having a non-citizen father temporarily resident in the U.S., that the plaintiffs in the Georgia challenges asserted precluded his "natural born" eligibility. Obama may have been born in the country, but he was not born completely subject to its jurisdiction, or in the words of one of the framers of the 14th amendment, "not owing allegiance to anybody else."

[And] the fact that Judge Malihi took note of and relied upon on the established rule of statutory construction in his earlier order, but then made assertions contrary to that principle in his final decision, should not go unnoticed by those versed in constitutional law

Somewhere in the text or comments, it was written that the case of Ankeny vs. Governor was only decided recently - in 2009.  What would have been the decision before that particular case?

Before ObaMAO came into office, there was at least some semblance of law and order, judicial honesty, and adherence to what the Framers meant by Article II Section 1 Clause 5 for the position of POTUS. 

I agree with the author's last comment:

Obama may have won the Georgia ballot challenge, but the rule of law and the Constitution suffered a crippling blow.

Hat tip: American Thinker

Also see for a detailed analysis:

Natural Born Citizen - A Place to Ask Questions and Get the Right Answers: All That Is Wrong with Georgia State Judge Michael M. Malihi’s Decision that Putative President Obama Is a “Natural Born Citizen”


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This post is powerful. Simply and purely powerful.

Shabbat Shalom with much love to you and all your worldwide readers from the east to the west. (ss)

Christinewjc said...

It certainly is, Susan! A picture is worth 1,000 words. This artist depicts what millions of Americans are feeling about Obama trampling on the Constitution.

There is so much to see within each painting, however the final painting is the ultimate because the Eternal Son of God wins in the end!

Have a blessed Sunday!