Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mark Levin's Best Selling Book "Ameritopia"

I have just started reading Mark Levin's new book Ameritopia - The Unmaking of America.  I have only gotten through the introduction and first chapter, but just those first 26 pages are power packed with information that makes the book very hard to put down! I want to read it all TODAY!

I recommend this book to EVERYONE who rejects the intrusion of a radical government into our personal lives that is hell-bent on forcing policies that are anathema to our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution!  Levin has masterfully shown, in a general sense, what the Obama Admin is trying to do to ruin America without even referring to him or his administration!  Unless you are blinded by ObamaBorgBotism, you will see the destruction going by Obama on every page of book!  Levin utilizes strong warnings against utopianism from our Founders and many others (including the critical works of John Locke, Charles Montesquieu, Alexis de Tocqueville) all the way up to and including Ronald Reagan.

As I read through just the first 26 pages, I kept seeing evidence of why, what, where, and how the Obama puppet is being led by billionaire puppeteers like evil George Soros to create an "Ameritopia" against the will of WE THE PEOPLE! Those of us who have been paying attention will see Levin's book as the exposure of all the corruption and destruction that is going on in Washington D.C. today! The book is a blueprint about everything that is WRONG with utopianism (which includes the terrible political errors of National Socialism, Communism, Islamism, social "justice," etc.); everything that the sane world and America have fought against throughout history! I think that EVERY American who cares about our nation returning to our Founders vision of a Constitutional Republic needs to read this book!  Buy several copies and give them out to your neighbors, friends, and ESPECIALLY your adult children!  Our children have been subjected to so much socialism in public school, college, and via the media of mass deception that many of them are not understanding of the dangers that utopianism leads to.  But ask anyone still alive from The Greatests Generation....THEY KNOW!  And they pledged their lives, their fortunes and sacred honor to defeat the enemies when they reared their ugly heads!

This morning, another comment trickled in at a post I did way back in July of 2010 regarding the harassment of the "American Community Survey" people.  It is only one small (but very annoying) example of what the Leftist Statists currently demand of WE THE PEOPLE (against our will, our Declaration, and our Constitutional rights, of course)  There are hundreds, if not thousands of examples of what ObaMARXIST wants to do (and, unfortunately IS DOING)  to "change" our Constitutional Republic! And it is NOT GOOD!

Levin admits that this shift to socialism/utopianism didn't start with Obama, but it has been greatly accelerated through his abominable and evil machine of an administration. We cannot survive four more years of this accelerated form of government tyranny!

My thanks go to "Anonymous" at the American Community Survey harassment link (above), for his/her willingness to fight against such intrusion into our personal lives.

My undying thanks must go to Conservative radio talk show host, author and PATRIOT - Mark Levin! Thank you for your efforts to fight against the Utopian machine here in America. If enough people WAKE UP - we can slow the monster's progress and hopefully, beat it down so that it will once again, end up in the failed government(s) dustbin of history!

Hat Tips to all links.

I plan to add many links to this post and will be presenting additional posts as I read through the book. Comments, questions, reviews, analyses are welcome in the comment section.

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Matt W. said...

I just finished this book yesterday. What a fantastic book! Levin does a tremendous job of laying out the philosophical basis of the opposing political theories. This book is packed with great information, and thoughtful annalisys. I think everyone needs to read this book, so they can understand the differences, and what is really going on. You can also see that these Utopian ideas are not new or cutting egde, but can be clearly seen as far back as Plato's Republic. In section 3 you will also clearly see how Obama is building on a foundation laid by Utopians that have come before him. Levin is trying to explain the Utopian fantasy as over against ordered liberty, and while he succeeds brilliantly even if Ameritopia is read as a stand alone book, when read in conjunction with his other 2 political books, Men in Black and Liberty & Tyrany, he is unequalled in his feild.

Pascal Fervor said...

Hmm. A comment I left earlier should have posted before Matt's. Is it in your spam folder?

Christinewjc said...

Hi Matt!

Nice to see you back here! Since I posted your comment, I have read the section on Plato's Republic. It is amazing how utopian-driven "thinkers" fail over and over again...yet never learn from history.

I liked "Liberty & Tyranny," but haven't read "Men in Black" yet. I must put it on my reading list. Mark Levin is a fantastic author!

Christinewjc said...

Hi Pascal,

I checked my spam box and didn't see a comment written by you there. Did you save a copy of it? I hope so. Please post it again.

When I checked my email, I saw two identical comments (like the one I just posted here by you) in the "waiting to be posted" stage in my email inbox, but when I checked the Talk Wisdom queue, only one comment was there. Strange...

Pascal Fervor said...

Q: Since Utopia is allegedly the place where everybody is happy, what provision is made for practical jokers and misanthropes?

A: Not to worry silly. They're its architects and salesmen.

Christinewjc said...

Ha ha ha! That's a good one Pascal!

Unfortunately, these jokers and misanthropes are dead serious about their "Utopia" ambitions. No matter what you call it..."spreading the wealth around," "socialism," "Marxism,"
"Communism," "Radical Egalitarianism" etc....they all fail miserably in the end.