Saturday, September 22, 2012

G. Beck: American People Are Being Set Up

Unfortunately, I have been very busy the past two months and haven't taken the time to see The Blaze program online (formerly GBTV) in order to see what Glenn Beck has had to say about the horrible consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya, that resulted in the murder of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, two Navy SEALS, and another American on the 11th anniversary of the dreadful 9/11/01 attacks.

See for yourself what the media of mass deception is keeping from the American people!

Hat Tip:  Before It's Glenn Beck: Suggesting Libya Embassy Attack Was Planned — American People Being Set Up!


After viewing Glenn's analysis, I thought about an interview of Paul Wolfowitz that I had seen on Fox News back on September 21st.  At the time I heard Mr. Wolfowitz share information that was not widely known (or even covered by the media of mass deception)  I felt the alarm bells ring in my mind regarding the mistakes made by the Obama administration amidst the Arab Spring uprisings.

Please see the interview on Megyn Kelly's Fox News show where former U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz reacts and answers the question: "Where does US foreign policy stand in the Middle East?"

The video at the link (above) is 8:30 minutes long and I recommend seeing it in its entirety.  But notice what Mr. Wolfowitz says starting at @ 4:00 minutes into the video regarding what happened during the Arab Spring:

"The people fighting for the most part were people who were fighting for freedom.  But the freedom has, unfortunately, been for the bad actors to try and take over as well.  In Libya, it's very important to emphasize that the viewers may not know because this doesn't get covered.  Back in July, they had an election.  The Libyan people voted for the first time in over 40 years, and the Muslim Brotherhood came in a distant second.  These extremists who seem to be behind these attacks, the so-called Solophies* (sp?) didn't even show.  But they have the guns and one of the reasons why they have the guns and not people with any more reasonable outlook is because the United States, having rescued Benghazi with our air attacks and then decided to leave the weapons supply with other people who don't share our interests or our values.  Same thing is happening in Syria today."

Let's read the very important portion again -
Weapons were left in Libya for people who don't share our interests or our values. The same thing is happening in Syria today.
The rest of the interview is excellent as well!  However, the portion of the Wolfowitz interview that I have highlighted here gives credence and credibility to what Glenn Beck said about possibly why Ambassador Stevens, the Navy Seals, and the other American civilian were sent there - to try and create a CIA operation to get the weapons back from the Islamic terrorists what were armed during the botched "Arab Spring" events.

Talk Wisdom Reports - You Decide.

Hat tips to all links.

*Not sure of the spelling of the radical Islamic group that Mr. Wolfowitz mentioned during the interview. I tried to find it at the Wikipedia list of Designated Terrorist Organizations but could not find it listed there. If anyone can help find the correct spelling of the name, please post it in comments. Thanks.


Susan Smith said...

Christine, Beck said "Faith in God trumps money"... that is a blazing hot statement!

I appreciate the work you do. Shabbat Shalom ~ ss

steve said...

Sigh ...
Beck did a good job. Now what? I don't know what Mr. Stevens was doing. I do know Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are directly responsible for his death. Perhaps Mr. Stevens was a weasel and his death is what you get when you associate yourself with Clinton and Obama.
This runs far deeper than the Youtube video. Mr. Beck knows that ... but like I said, now what? Do we actually think anything is going to be done about it? No damn way. Obama is in for re-election and if Romney and company doesn't get serious and start exposing Obama for what he is ... he will lose and lose big. We have to defeat Obama ... we have to get votes and then compensate for probably 10% voter fraud. Can we?

Christinewjc said...

Hi Susan,

Thank you! I appreciate you for visiting and commenting here!

Glenn Beck often has great quotes to share. It's too bad that many people live lives the complete opposite of the reality that "Faith in God trumps money!"

Christinewjc said...

Good question. I'm afraid that just like the Fast and Furious criminal - Eric Holder - Obama and Clinton will get away with the consulate scandal and the deaths of Stevens, the SEALS, and the other man will be swept under the carpet into the growing amount of graves being dug by these evil idiots!!

Argghhh!!! I can't stand the sight of them all anymore!

Take heart Steve! My stats show that my little ole' blog gets many new visitors each day who are searching for the truth. Many reach here looking for information about Stevens, ObamaFraud, and all of the deception that surrounds Obama and his ilk! Minds are being changed against Obama each and every day. I still think that he will lose in a landslide and I continue to pray to God that this fraud will be booted out of office! I recently read somewhere that a "retirement" home is already being planned at an expensive villa in Hawaii. Looks like they may be expecting to lose? Hope so!!!