Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Two Thirds of Obama's Followers Are Fake or Inactive!

I needed a laugh today, and Andrea Shea King has delivered!  Please read her article over at WND which demonstrates exactly how she found out that Two-Thirds of Obama's "Followers" are Fake or Inactive!


Nearly two-thirds of Obama’s Twitter followers are either fake or inactive.

How do we know that? By using an app developed by Status People. It’s called “Fakers App,” and more than 150,000 people have already used it to find out what their follower quality is.

Status People also have developed a Fakers Dashboard you can use – for a nominal fee – that tells you how many of your Twitter followers and those of five other Twitter account holders are fake, inactive or good. For example, my Twitter account @RadioPatriot shows that 2 percent of my followers are fake, 12 percent are inactive, and 86 percent are good.

So I ran a test on Obama’s Twitter handle, @BarackObama. The result? Of his 20,014,187 followers, 32 percent are fake, 40 percent are inactive and only 28 percent are good.

So who’s really reading Obama’s tweets? His base? His campaign war room worker bees?

Go ahead and plug your Twitter handle into this handy app. Once you do, it’ll automatically save your details and update your account.

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Not only that, take a look at the truth regarding Obama's audience numbers:

 Media Lies by Over 360% on Size of Obama Audience

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steve said...

Hey Christine!
I tried the app and it works! I did get 100% real and active followers. Though I admit I have only about 86 followers and I follow 82.
Really though I still have no idea how to use Twitter.

GMpilot said...

I notice you haven't bothered to mention Rmoney's followers. Just wonderin'.

Christinewjc said...


Sounds like you have a loyal following! I'm not really interested in Twitter. And I am considering ending my FaceBook account. Too many privacy issues and I have had two attempted attacks via email (stopped by Norton) by nefarious people who used 2 FaceBook friends names.

Christinewjc said...


The whole "follower" thing in the political world doesn't really impress me. Why would I need to know Romney's? I just think it's funny that Obummer has so many fake and inactive followers.

GMpilot said...

I think it's funny if, 'The whole "follower" thing in the political world doesn't really impress [you]', why you bothered to make it a headline on your blog!
Can't have it both ways, hostess.

Christinewjc said...

The reason I put it on my blog was to demonstrate that the propaganda being spewed by the media of mass deception, the Obummer campaign, and the ObamaBORGBots about Obama's supposed "popularity" is a ruse.

Janice said...

Actually I think you posted this nonsense because you hate any and all things connected to President Obama.

I can just feel all of that good "christian" love

Christinewjc said...


If you don't like reading THE TRUTH about Obummer's followers list, then don't come here and read about it...K?

Steve said...

Well I hate any and all things connected to Barack ... what's to like about him? Oh okay ... uh ... he has a good jump shot? and even that is questionable.

Janice said...

"If you don't like reading THE TRUTH about Obummer's followers list, then don't come here and read about it...K?"

The Truth...that's a joke right?