Friday, September 14, 2012

Hillary Asks: How Could This Happen?

My blogging friend Steve over at Cry and Howl has a post up that is entitled, “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?” That is what Hillary Clinton said during one of her public speaking events on television after the utterly tragic killings by Islamic jihad terrorists on the 11th anniversary of 9/11/01.


Here we go again. Four more senseless deaths. Team Obama had warnings of the attack far ahead of time and did nothing. Not a word of it on any main news outlets. The media focuses on Romney’s just criticism of Barack Obama’s lame a$$ response. Liberals don’t have a word to say about it except I did read where one liberal said something like the United States received a “bloody nose” as a result of another humanitarian effort in Libya, then goes back to how great the massive, bankrupted social programs are. Four deaths … a “bloody nose”. My post the other day, Mitt Romney: “If you can’t beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party”, drew out of the woodwork some liberals defending Obama, and their defense consisted only and solely of calling me and some of my regular readers ‘racists’. If you get the chance click on the link and check out the comments section.

After the murder of the four Americans can’t figure out whether Egypt is an ally. But he knows for sure Egypt is not an enemy, in spite of the murders. All we have from Obama is denial and speeches. Hillary Clinton is supposed to be in charge of the security for government officials serving abroad, feigned astonishment asking, “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?”

Go over to Cry and Howl and read it all!

My comment there (may still be in moderation):

Your analysis is well stated, Steve.  When Hillary came out and gave what I thought was a "heartfelt" speech regarding the terribly sad deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and four of his staff, I thought that she was honestly grieving over this latest terrorist attack.  She even stated something like, "no movie could ever justify" such an attack. But later, she was filmed condemning the movie and blaming it for the attacks.  What's wrong with this picture??

Her so-called bewilderment about “How could this happen in a country we helped liberate, in a city we helped save from destruction?” speaks volumes about the crazy minds of liberals who refuse to see Islam for what it is - an evil, conquering POLITICAL "faith" that hates Israel and America, and Christians and Jews across the globe.  Their goal is total dominance so they can impose Sharia law across the world as they bow to their crescent moon god Allah and their pedophile, woman-beating/hating "prophet" Muhammad.
Now, a liberal may come along here and read your post and my comment; objecting profusely about the content.  TOO BAD!  I'm NOT standing down on this!

When I first saw that photo of the Islamic man holding that sign amidst an anti-Israel protest in San Francisco, it really puzzled me. I thought, why would anyone "give away" their true intentions with such a blatant and bizarre sign? It took a while for me to understand it.

When I learned of the Al Taquiya technique of feigning "friendship" to non-Muslims in order to gain their trust so that they could eventually destroy us, my opinion of the "moderate" Muslim ceased to exist.

There is a great blog called Answering Muslims that is the "everything you ever wanted to know about Islam, but were afraid to ask" type of blog. It has posts and videos that explain exactly why Islam is a dangerous, vile, hateful, murdering, political movement disguised as a faith in order to achieve dominance over Christians and Jews around the world. They would use ANYTHING to achieve their goals and cannot be trusted!

Liberals refuse to smell the violent Islamic jihad - even when it is right before their eyes!

Obambi's Muslim world apology tour, foreign policy of appeasement, and using excuses (like blaming Romney's much more presidential response!!) for the horrible results of the Arab Spring uprisings shows just how dangerous it is to have a pResident who sympathizes with Muslim terrorists and puts the lives of Americans here and abroad in grave danger each and every day.

Hat Tips:
Cry and Howl
Answering Muslims
Daniel Pipes


steve said...

Hey Christine!
I did find your comment in spam. Don't know how it got there but thanks for pointing that out.
You know, I watched a little of Barack and Hillary just a little while ago as they "welcoomed" home the murdered Americans from Libya. I couldn't help but think, and especially about Hillary, 'these people lie so well.' Of course Hillary has over a decade more experience than Obama, but I just can't get over the absolute lack of conscience with these people.
It's an insult to have them as representatives of America, and I'd be insulted if they met the "remains" of one of my loved ones after facilitating their death. Makes me sick.
You stand your ground little lady and I'm standing mine as well.
Bunch of damn freaks, cowards, and perverts!

Christinewjc said...

Thanks for "rescuing" my comment from the spam box. It probably ended up there due to the links I included.

The spin that is being spread about some video causing all the chaos would be just laughable...if it weren't so very tragic!

I think it was disgusting that Obama left for Vegas for a fund raiser right after blurbing just a few unemotional words about the deaths of the four murdered Americans in Libya. He said so little after Hillary spoke the other day. It is obvious that he just doesn't care.

If the media of mass deception was doing it's job, they should have been outraged about Obummer's behavior!

As I watch the news reports, there are some conservative standouts who are DEAD ON in their analysis. Paul Wolfowitz was on Megan Kelly's show and told the truth about how Obumbling's appeasement and weakness in national security. Charles Krauthammer is a very smart man who sees through all the bull***t by other pundits and even the White House weasels (like that LIAR Jay Carney!)

I watched Paul Ryan speak so intelligently at a rally this morning. He's going to absolutely CRUSH Joe Biden in the VP debate!

I can't wait for this national nightmare known as the OBummer Admin. to be OVER!!!