Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pulpit Freedom Sunday - Coming October 7, 2012

In the comment section of my previous post, Last Ounce of Courage, GMpilot asked some questions regarding the freedom of Christians to speak out about their faith. You can read his comment here, as well as my response which is included below:

There are dozens of examples where an atheist/secularist etc. "complained" about any type of Christian display. Yet, the "free speech" of so-called "artists" who create a crucifix dipped in urine are protected by the ACLU and their ilk. What is wrong with that picture?

The creeping secularism started long ago, but was accelerated by a particular law signed by Lyndon Johnson that threatened to take away the tax exemption status of churches if pastors, preachers, and/or priests discuss political issues from the pulpit. THAT is a DIRECT offense against the 1st Amendment! But the churches didn't want to lose their tax exempt status, so they let the creeping secularism dictate to them what they could and could not do (or say).

There is a growing movement that has been happening over the past 3 (?) years (I think) where clergy ignore the "risk" and preach biblical principles - even if it involves political issues - from the pulpit. It is like they are proclaiming, "come and get us" to the IRS. You can read about Pulpit Freedom Sunday which is coming up on October 7, 2012. Each year, hundreds more (perhaps thousands by now) pastors are participating.  [Also see Pulpit Freedom Sunday on Speak Up]

I chuckled when your [GM's] comment reminded me about the school play scene in the movie. What the school play director wanted the students to do in the play was absolutely hilarious! In fact, it was even mockingly funny. Don't want to give away too much information here because what ends up happening is one of the greatest moments in the movie.

People in the theatre cried, laughed, and cheered this movie. But knowing how you think, GM, you probably would not like it.

P.S. Christmas is not only a religious holiday, it is also a national holiday. Look up the facts. Hat tips to all links.

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GMpilot said...

Challenge accepted.

The protagonist is well named: Revere. Not only the name of a famous patriot, but a subtle reminder of what, or rather who, should be revered. Grieving over a son who died in Iraq, he ignores his obligations to the living in the town that elected him, until the enemy comes.

That enemy is called the American Civil Liberties Organization, and their 'creeping secularism' has removed all references to Christmas, all over town. Taking down the town's Xmas tree, canceling all celebrations. And there just happens to be a scary-looking black man leading that organization. But this bears no resemblance whatever to that guy in Washington you despise so much, and the philosophy you claim he has. No, it doesn't. Not at all.

(Of course, this film is a work of fiction. In the real world, 350 years ago, Oliver Cromwell abolished Christmas in England for nearly a decade. He wanted to return it to a religious celebration, which he believed it no longer was. His soldiers were ordered to seize any food being cooked for a Christmas celebration. He also banned Catholicism and expelled priests from the country. Americans, of course, know little about that bit of Christian history, and care even less. Yet it was memories and records of such times that led to the founding of the USA as a secular nation. As you said: look up the facts.)

I don't mind if the secularism is removed from a Christmas play—it is a religious holiday after all—but I'm pretty sure there wasn't originally an American flag in the manger. (Shouldn't it have been an Israeli one instead?) evil secular black man, working to destroy America, who is challenged by a white Christian. Nah, that doesn't refer to anyone we know. Who'd 'a' thunk it? All that glory, all that patriotism, and Bill O'Reilly too, as the cherry on top.

BTW, why should churches be exempt from taxes in the first place? They pay no taxes that support police of fire services; fortunately for them, firefighters don't ask who owns a burning building. They simply put the fire out. Did your hero not say something about giving unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar?
If you're going to involve yourself with government, don't be surprised if government involves itself with you. Especially if you accept government money, for whatever reason.
Oh, I'd probably like this movie, but not for the reasons you do.