Monday, September 17, 2012

More Lies From Obama via S. Rice & Lapdog Media

As I watched U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice appeared on Fox News Sunday and blatantly spewed lies in her interview with Chris Wallace, I couldn't help coming up with some choice words to describe these arrogant, consummate LIARS! It's unconscionable how easily and constantly THEY ALL LIE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!

While attempting to protect the lousy foreign policies of the Obummer Administration, Rice was guilty of spinning like a top the TRUTH about the attacks and killings of 4 Americans at the consulate in Benghazi, Libya on the 11TH ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11/01! Several descriptions about this this clueless leftie tool of the ObamaBorg brigade came to my mind. However, Congressman (and retired, decorated Lt. Colonel), Allen West, had some accurate adjectives to share about Rice on Judge Jeanine Pirro's show:

How unfortunate that this seemingly nice woman was probably forced to go out there and make an absolute fool of herself in order to keep criticism about Obama's failed policies from additional scrutiny!

When the Libyan leader tells Obambi that it was a planned attack, you know that the administration is totally guilty of LYING - ONCE AGAIN - TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

See: Obama administration, Libyan president clash over explanation on consulate strike.

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P.S.  Regarding the video that made fun of Muslims.  Think about this.  How many protesters (who are all mostly very poor and don't have computer access!!) do you think even viewed that video???  In actuality, the LYING PRONOUNCEMENT by the BHO regime probably gave more publicity (and thus stirred up more violence!!) about the video than before the attack and tragically planned killings that happened in Benghazi!


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