Saturday, January 13, 2007

Great News For Two Worried Families!

What a blessing it is to have such great news for two families who had their boys abducted by that vile predator!! So often, these situations do not end in good news. But as in the Elizabeth Smart case, the families did not give up hope that their children would be found alive.

I watched the news interview of Hornbeck's dad on Fox News Channel. How ecstatic they all were to be back together as a family! Four years lost on this boy...without his family. No schooling, either. I'm sure that Shawn had been through an awful lot.

The gory details about the two boys' kidnapper are sure to come out later. But it is great that the reporters are allowing the family to rejoice during this precious time of reunion.

Several TV news psychiatrists and psychologists speculate that the Hornbeck boy will probably have much more of a problem psychologically than the Ownby boy. After all, he was gone (and probably abused and imprisoned in some way) for over 4 years by this scumbag!

There are probably dozens of links about this good news, but here are a few that I have read:

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Update: Bloggers discuss this case.

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Jaded said...

I read that and just said "Thank God!!" out loud. My prayers are with those boys and their families.

Faultline USA said...

Let's rejoice and keep the Hornbeck boy and his family in our prayers!

Christinewjc said...


Atlas Shrugs has a post about an alleged association with the predator and NAMBLA. I wouldn't doubt it for a minute!

In my original post, I was tempted to predict that the kidnapper would be found to have had child porn on his computer, but I just wanted to celebrate the two boys being rescued and mention the happy reunions with their families.

Now, all the terrible details will be coming out about their awful ordeal with this creep!

One thing that I heard on Fox News this morning made my jaw drop. I don't know why I'm surprised, but apparently some people would stoop so low as to actually partially blame the boys who were kidnapped for the ordeal that they had endured! WHAT???!!!

Some people are truly crazy nutballs!!!


Yes! We can rejoice for both boys, both families; and we must continue to keep all of them in our prayers! As more information comes's going to be tough for all.