Saturday, January 27, 2007

Your Mom Gave You a Chance, Give Your Baby One

During Pro-life month, I have decided to share a link to photos of the Pro-Life parade that took place in San Francisco on January 20, 2007.

There are many great photos and signs that urge women to choose life for their unborn child. The messages are presented in a positive way, while also demonstrating the indisputable truth that abortion is murder!

One of the best, is the photo and caption where little Haley and her mother, Dori, display their powerful message for all who will see it (many of them viewing it right now). Haley, not too many years out of the womb, is another "survivor" in the era of Roe v. Wade.

Your Mother Gave You a Chance, Give Your Baby One!

Another pro-life event:

Sacramento -- Nearly 500 pro-life Californians rallied for unborn babies' rights outside the State Capitol on January 23, 2007. They stood against California's Democrat-controlled Legislature and liberal Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who, together, are forcing taxpayers to fund nearly 100,000 abortions a year, for any and all reasons.

The rally was sponsored by the California ProLife Council.

At this rally, one of the best photos was the one where two teenaged girls hold signs that say:

It's a Child Not a Choice! and Would You Abort Them ?
(pic of two children)

Why Me?
(pic of a baby in utero)

The caption underneath the photo informs us of the scientific fact that life begins at conception, and is not just a "bunch of cells or protoplasm" that should be disgarded through abortion. Much of this technology was not available, and thus, not as evident back in 1973:

Modern technology's 3-D and 4-D images of babies in the womb have convinced these girls that abortion is akin to murder. They're not buying the "choice" argument!

Another poignant photo is the one of a boy and young girl holding a sign that says:

Abortion Stops a Beating Heart.

The caption below that photo:

Aren't these signs great? The Rally for Life was covered by three TV crews, as children and their parents proclaimed the sanctity of life and prayed for change in California!

HT: Campaign for Children and Families

P.S. If you go to the Campaign website, you will see the latest news. How ridiculous is it that a California Democratic Legislator named Sally Lieber wants to outlaw spanking (and punish parents with jail time!) but supports killing a baby in the womb???

Moral Relativism....anyone??


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Whether moral or epistemological, relativism constitutes a denial of the capacity of the human mind and reason to arrive at truth.

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Kingdom Advancer said...

This is something I say:

"I'm all for choice. Where's the baby's?"

The baby doesn't choose to be created--the man and woman (or girl and boy) decide that. (Another good one: "You have your choice the night before, not the morning, month, or half a year after.") And the baby doesn't choose to be slaughtered--the mother does. Even if it were rape or incest, since when do we enact the death penalty on innocent by-standers (in this case, the conceived baby) of a crime?

There's a website I just found called It has graphic videos that show what abortion does to unborn children, and it presents a full-case against abortion.

Kingdom Advancer said...

By the way,
I thought I'd let you and your readers know that I posted an extensive and comprehensive update on the Dakota Fanning, "Hounddog" situation. (Actually, I've been posting updates. But this is the first since Tuesday, and the longest.) Prayer is still needed, and the outrage needs to continue, but there's some encouraging news in the article. Plus, I linked to other articles and reviews on the movie.

Here's the article: